I quite liked the final episode, even though it wasn’t hard to predict. The series ended really nicely and there was this whole sense of completion and “family-theme” brought together.

There was also two touching scenes that made my eyes teary. The first one was when Jessica keeled onto the floor and beg her father to give her one more chance to try and change Joe back to a good person.

The other was definitely the scene where Damien confronts Joe, where Damien tells him that he is his son. The scene was very touching and emotional!! I just felt so moved T_T All the crying scenes were done really well and realistic!

There’s not much else I want to add about the ending, except everyone lives happily ever after ^^

-Ron wakes back up after being hospitalised for more than 6 months and ends up with Toby
-Charmaine’s secret of being the one who hit Damien in her car accident comes out, and Raymond forgives her (including the whole family)
-Damien recovers and is able to walk again
-Sheren and Michael get back together
-Jessica ‘betrays’ Joe holding evidence against him, hoping that he would give in to the police himself so that he won’t continue doing wrong things
-Joe’s evil doings are revealed by Daimen but Jessica begs her father to give her 3 hours to try cahnge him good before he reports it.
-Joe finds out and becomes so angry he strangles Jessica and ends up locking her in the house as he dashes off in attempt to sell off the Wah Jit shares so Damien can’t have it.
-Daimen, and his brothers confront Joe and Damien’s words move Joe
-Joe turns back into a good person and the family forgives him
-Jessica gives birth to their baby and she waits for Joe to come out of jail
-Damien and his brother are back at ‘Wah Jit’ and they pass on their positions to Raymond and Feng Shao Feng
-Their car company and their cars continues to expand all over the world..their Wah family dream has become a reality.

Series overall?

A grand series indeed! I enjoyed watching this series over the last 3 months. I loved all the character development in this series, its amazingly realistic and there was a smooth transition. All the characters changed so much, but at the end they all changed for the better which I really like. However, there were some episodes where not much had happened which was a bit disappointing, while some few episodes were exciting and fast paced. I wasn’t really interested in the car manufacturing stuff though which makes the story a bit slow paced I guess.


If you’re looking for a neat face-paced, exciting series, The Drive of Life isn’t for you. Its definitely not a funny series and picks up quite slowly. However, if you don’t mind a longer series, that is meaningful and explores into many characters and family themes then you should watch this series!

13 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] Episode 60- Final”

  • Mark says:

    Hahaha…it’s weird. My guy’s friend likes the car manufacturing story but dislike all the personal stories whereas some of my girl’s friend who watched it only likes the personal story part, the difference between male and female viewers…

  • alice says:

    yay for Joe 🙂

  • Shurlee says:

    i got the subtheme of this drama sang by ray! I got if off his album because it only just come out ages ago.
    Happy to share the link! :


  • lyna says:

    I really liked this series. I thought that this was the best series of 2007 and even though it’s long it’s very wroth the time. The characters are more the developed and almost all of the characters changes throughout the series. The pairing was good too.

  • Asian says:

    The series was good but a bit too long (60 episodes)

  • fanoffung says:

    An excellent series worth watching due to:
    1) Character development of most of the key artisties
    eg. LamFung from being a playful drifter to a determined industrialist; Michael from a casinova to a devoted husband and father
    2) How the 3 brothers eventually teamed up to put China-made cars into the choice car in China and beyond
    3) The family bonding and support given to one another
    4) How they integrate the outlook of people in HK and China
    It was indeed an apt series to broadcast in celebration of the 10yr anniversary of HK Integration back to China.
    5) Lovely theme and subtheme songs
    6) And of course.. hecause LamFung is in he series..

  • cici fu says:

    Want to give Joe ma a hand of support for his excellent display of criminal act. he got everyone to hate him in the end. I bet he will get more comments the other way around

  • DEMI says:

    Charmaine of course<3(:
    I wish Kevin Cheng played Ray though. Ray looks too young. Charvin forever.

  • Shien says:

    Hey, does anyone know the instrumental music played at the scene in the hospital where joe apologise to his father in law?

  • Jay says:

    I am glad Jessica Hsuan took on a different role in this show which is rather refreshing to watch as compared to her past roles which are predominately quite strong & independant woman. This role has indeed challenged Jessica Hsuan’s acting to a new level and I hope to see Jessica’s future roles will be even more challenging.

  • Shellie says:

    Does anyone know the title of the instrumental that ends each episode. Accordingly, it’s a Russian piece (??) – Classical? If you know the tile or download site, please help.

    Many Thanks

  • maya says:

    what happened to charray? did they get back together? hoow about myolie?

  • Zazel says:

    omg, i miss the last episode when it goes on air in my country… never even miss the other 59 episode.. anybody know where can i watch the final episode.. (with eng or mly sub is possible)

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