In episode 30, Myolie and Raymond get stuck in the place they were staying and Raymond even breaks off the door knob! As Raymond was supposed to be picking Charmaine up at the airport, he decided to resort to the window. Myolie said she’ll go with him but he told her to stay, and that he’ll get someone to open the door when he gets down. Myolie tells him that she knows that once he gets down there, its more likely he’ll forget all about her and dash off to Charmaine XD (which is pretty true).

Raymond ends up slipping and pulls Myolie down with him. There Charmaine sees the two and gets angry, running off. Raymond pushes Myolie away and chases after her.

I feel sorry for Myolie~ (He shouldn’t push her away like that even if the one he loves is Charmaine..he should at least treat her like a friend) it also reminds me the part later where Raymond pushes Myolie out of the car and drives off. I bet Raymond would never do that to Charmaine. Its also kinda obvious though, that even later when Raymond and Myolie get-together, he doesn’t love her the way he loves Charmaine and often doesn’t care about her much, simply because Myolie lets him have his way most of the time and doesn’t complain yet Charmaine is more of the self-centered one.

Just to finish off thsi part, Raymond and Charmaine make up after this and they plan to get married…

7 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] A Raymond and Myolie Moment 2”

  • Mabel says:

    Ep 43. Spoiler>>>>>
    Bing Yee is like his emotional life jacket. In the scene Zhen Pong’s pain over whelms him after a heated exchange with Sau Fung and he runs to Bing Yee and suddenly proposes to her. He is running away from his pain and grasping hold of Bing Yee to save him from the pain or to forget his pain. I don’t think he proposed out of love.

  • aud says:

    i have to admit though, after reading what you wrote on DOL, i skipped immediately to epi 39 to watch them getting together! RAYNOLIE rocks man! and your banner is soooo nice!

  • TVBHugeFan says:

    i like very part when Charray together.
    i dont really like myolie with raymond cuz he the movie raymond love charmaine not myolie.
    and the sad part is that charmaine mom die.
    thats so sad when charmaine cry so hard.
    and raymond dad get a car accident and his dad is not able to walk.and raymond find out that his dad accident is by charmaine and raymond is madd at her.but the hole family forgive her.
    and also raymond forget her.

  • VWaterlily says:

    CharRay forever. I feel a bit bad for Myolie, but more-so for Charmaine. She still loves him!! <3 And him, her.

  • bluerainz says:

    Ray character here very annoying for me.. so childish and so weak as man… see him cry a lot for a matter of Charmaine.. Dunno why myo character will love him.. he dont worth it.. Charmaine is the most selfish character in this series… All about her her her and her pain.. hate her…

  • bluerainz says:

    btw.. this scenes got me a dejavu from survivor law… Ben n Ling Ling tried to escape from bad guy… anyone recall that?.. ray try to catch myo end up myo fall on ray top?

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