Currently watching The Gem of Life on a regular basis, I am up to episode 26 and I’m glad to say that despite the story picking up slowly at the beginning, it does eventually get better!

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My interest for the three different storyline have shifted through different stages. At first, watching all three sisters facing problems with their marriage didn’t really engage me. I was rather shocked who their partners (actors) were actually because they were all minor side actors (and not so pleasant Rocky..ewww.. lol)

I’m surprised I actually like watching Maggie (Sylvia)‘s story the most, as of the moment. I liked the relationship she had with Kenny. He was just so attentive and charming- a true gentlemen, especially the scene where Maggie got drunk and he didn’t take advantage of her. He was always by her side whenever she needed someone and I was sure she would have felt something for him. Maggie always had to put up with Bowie (Kenny’s friend), being her boss who always ‘played’ around with her and made things hard for her. Bowie would always tease Kenny and do little things to pair up him with Maggie because he reckons Kenny likes her (which is true despite the way he denies it).

I was shocked it turns out Maggie and Bowie had actually fallen for each other instead. The two have always been against each other, arguing all the time etc and Maggie got so angry because of him. I never really hated Bowie’s character in the story because he was a fun character but when we learn more about his past, the way he treats his friends and the other ‘soft’ side of him, his character becomes even more likable. Maggie and Bowie’s relationship may not have been so obvious on the surface but I guess they knew from the inside. When Maggie found out everything Bowie did behind the scene to keep her in the company, she was convinced he had feelings for her. She then took out her courage and took initiative-asking him out for dinner at his place.

She dared him XD It was quite entertaining haha..That scene was pretty funny too. Maggie was initially going to cook but she was having some trouble, and Bowie ended up taking over.  Watching Bowie putting so much effort and care to make a delicious feast for her was so sweet. And then, I guess their relationship started 🙂 I must say I do like this couple, but it was also heartbreaking seeing Kenny so sad downstairs as he watches…

So, I guess I like Maggie with either guys. Love watching this love triangle XD (especially since Bowie and Kenny are such good friends as well)

Kenny starts becoming very upset and jealous and it is starting to become obvious to the couple and even decides to quit his job. The two were feeling bad because they didn’t want to lose their friend. When confronted by Sylvia at the end of episode 25, it turns out that the one he loves is actually Bowie 0_0 and couldn’t bare watching the two together!!(omg..I don’t know whether to believe that or he is just saying that >< I’m completely shocked!!)

Onto middle sister- Gigi (Constance),

I thought her first encounter with Moses was quite romantic hehe.

She was feeling down because of her own marriage/Ada’s harsh words and tried on a wedding dress at the store. Moses was also there with his girlfriend, and when Gigi asked out loud to herself in front of the mirror if she looked ok in it, Moses standing her replied “Yes. Looks very nice. Person look is beautiful, dress is beautiful. Also wearing it with confidence, everything is about having confidence, isn’t it?” 🙂 When she went to change back and return the dress, it turns out Moses had paid for the dress as a gift before he left, saying because he felt she looked really nice in it ^^

Later however, I didn’t find Moses and Gigi’s relationship that interesting. Sure they spent time on the ship together but that’s about it. So far for Gigi’s love plot, I was interested when Eddie started chasing her and watching how clueless she was (I thought it was too obvious) I was once again shocked to see Gigi accept him xD I hadn’t expected it..he’s so aggressive and all…what a weird taste in guys! (but that’s

Now that their relationship is over, I feel Gigi’s love plot is rather dry again. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to go back with Eddie, but hopefully something exciting happens with her and Moses. So far she is the least interesting out of the three.

Finally, youngest sister Ada (Jessica).

I enjoyed watching her storyline ever since she declared bankruptcy and her relationship with Ngo Wah started to develop. I wanted to see how she was going to do it~ how she chases for fame and fortune.


I was so shocked when I found out she actually plotted so much to make him fall for her, especially the whole ‘trapped in a cave’ thing, to make him save her. I was also shocked in that scene where she was watching a music concert with him and suddenly a shot is shown with him holding her hands and that wide smile on her face and watery eyes, like “I’ve finally grabbed hold of all the fortune I ever wanted“. It’s kinda scary haha..Seriously, she may admire his intelligence and all but I still think a major factor is his money…

I love watching all the politics going on, especially with Rebbecca (Melissa) also being part of it 🙂 I always felt that she had a thing for Ngo Wah. Another factor was Moses. He hated Ada (because of her scheming character, betrayal of family, love for money etc) and didn’t want her anywhere near his father. I was so shocked (haha how many times have I used the word ‘shocked’?) to find out what Moses had done. He pretended to peruse Ada, deliberately leaking out to the press photos etc to mislead everyone in thinking Ada was his girlfriend, in hope to force his father to back off (to avoid negative press about Ngo Wah stealing his own son’s girlfriend). I wonder what he will do next..

Ada and Ngo Wah’s relationship also seems to be shaky now that Rebbecca (Melissa) told him the things Ada had been scheming back in Thailand..

P.s: Linda’s bitchy character has also appeared. More drama is bound to happen..

20 Responses to “[The Gem of Life] Love Storyline (1)”

  • rachel says:

    they’re all have such interesting lives, it’s so hard to choose my favorite! i like them all. so far gem of life is really really good, but then again i haven’t really watch that many episodes yet…only ten hahaha, i’m really looking forward to watch more of linda’s character, she’s doing an awesome job so far! 😀

  • Fionne says:

    ughh Lindas so mean!! I hate it! Hope more Drama between Moses and Gigi will happen!!!

  • Summer says:

    i vote for Sylvia.. up to now,i enjoyed more on Bowie, Maggie and Kenny relationship, to Moses and Gigi, start to like..cos, earlier, feel they don’t have much communicate..

    To Aida.. god, feel bored to see her in relationship wif Uncle Phillip lo..haha.. i prefer to watch Aida on business part more then relationship..

  • Karen says:

    i like the maggie/bowie line at the moment the most as well

  • rachael says:

    cant believe it linda act a bitchy character

  • chibi says:

    haha, wow, great summary you’ve written K! I don’t have to watch the 80 episodes anymore and just read ur commentary and summaries here. XD

    Sounds interesting so far, heheheee.

  • rachael says:

    I like Constane(gigi) & Terrace(Moses) but we have no more chance to see gigi filming again she retired from TVB d

  • i really like The Gem of LIfe, how the three sister have different personality and love life going on but my favorite on is always GiG and Moses he is a player but has fall in love with a cute.. they are so cute and great together, in this movie or any other ones. I just can’t believe that Ada is so lonely that she plan thing out to get Phil attention… Well guess what she got it!!! She is use to being rich and she will try everything to get her fame back.. WOW!! how scary. But on the other hand i like Maggie to and Bowie.. but i just don’t get how they started to like each other.. oh yea the mother is killing her kids with her selfish act


  • ßε Vεяоиіcαα says:

    You guys u knoe that Linda Chung is the same bitchy as
    A Journey Called Life up at the beginning then she became better as she met Steven Ma. So I hope someone would remember.I only watched 1 episode of A Gem Of Life but i hope i can finish it all n i also think whos gonna win linda chung or the 3 girls (Constance,Sylvia,Jessica). I also wish that Linda Chung can be like A Journey Called Life (change to a normal person not like a bitchy one n find someone to be with).

  • elaine says:

    hmm.. im a great fan of moses..but i do think moses looks v different in this show..has he lost weight?? or is it the hair??? i dunno! but somehow i do think he looks ‘wrecked’, tired etc…

  • keikei says:

    ^ reply to comment above. Moses is more of a serious character therefore he looks somewhat skinnier. In moonlight resonance and heart of greed he played the funny type.

  • sMaLL FisH says:

    yeah…I agree that Moses lost weight & totally fit & cool…Loooove him…love seeing him paired up with Gigi…very nice couple…so romantic…

  • Amalee says:

    I love the Bowie/Maggie storyline cause Bowie is by far my favourite TVB actor. may I ask which episode is the fourth screen capture from?

  • ziling says:

    What episode did linda first appear ???

  • Desmond says:

    Hi guys, i’m going to visit HongKng in the near future. Does anyonw knows the FINNZ restaurant they visit? The location, address?

  • beepbop says:

    lindas charater is soo bitchy, plus her attitude makes her look more like a slut. Shes makes me very ticked off, becasue shes always thinking she’s like the queen of the world and stuff like wtf! grr

  • Meemee says:

    i was wondering what episode linda starts appearing in?

  • GClub says:

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