I really like this episode~~ Christine’s character has been slowly changing for the better but this episode is where we see the major change, and its when we learn about Sunny’s past. In episode 10 when Christine went up hiking in the mountains, she drops her mobile phone. She throws a tantrum and blames her father for ‘dragging’ her with them there. Because of this, Yuen Wah heads up to the mountains himself in attempt to find it back for her. Christine only realized he was missing when he didn’t come back at night and she and Sunny go out to find him. This is when all the people at the village offered to help, and she was really moved because they genuinely cared for her even though previously she was against everyone and didn’t appreciated anything they gave, blaming them for everything and never apologized when she was wrong.

While they split up and went searching Christine and Sunny get chased by a wild boar and the two fall down the hill where she injures her ankle. The two talk and Christine tells him that she feel bad for treating everyone like she did, including how poorly she treated him, yet he was still nice to her. Sunny starts telling her a story- a story about how a man who was way worse than her. I wonder how Christine realized the story was about himself? Was it that obvious? Or because he was really into the story ..? He told her that when he first saw her, he saw himself in the past, so he wanted to help her.  After hearing this, Sunny piggy-backs her up the mountain where they learn that Yuen Wah has been found.

Christine changes for the better ^^  She asks Sunny why he keeps the bag when its so old. she knows its something to do with Suki and constantly questioned him but he was able to escape from her when Natalie came and asked him to go up mountains with her.

Natalie continues to fall in love with Sunny and Sunny soon finds out from Chris that Natalie likes him, and not Chris and Sunny feels uneasy. At the end, upon hearing from Chris that Natalie was going to find him to confess her love, Sunny took on an act and pretended to confess his feelings for Christine to make Natalie give up on him, but he didn’t know that his mum and dad was there too watching them who thought it was real as well xD He even fooled Christine who you can tell had feelings for him too. Poor thing.

She accidentally wrecks the bag he gave Suki and he becomes upset. Sunny sits down and tells Christine his past with Suki, explaining that back then, he didn’t want Suki to stay with him and suffer with him, so he deliberately acted really mean to hurt her so she would hate and leave him. After the talk, Sunny and Christine realises that Suki was at the gate and had heard everything he had said..

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  • Luckimonkee33 says:

    Wow. Thanks! I’ve watched this movie (just finished it) and I love it!!! did you watched the Vetnamese version, because other translation are different from yors… I’m vietnamese and watched the Vietnamese Version. Everything happened the way you described it… so are all thee movies of the Viet Version? If so, it would be a lot of help for me!

  • KTVB says:

    I watched this in Cantonese (and all the other series)~ so I’ve based this off the original one, though I think the viet dubbing should be the same.

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