• *Contains spoilers from the Ending*
  • The 25 episodes of Hippocratic Crush has finally come to an end. While I thought this series had a lot of slow moments and I felt they could have cut parts out to get the story to a faster pace, the series ended well with some really emotional scenes leading to the end (especially Kenneth’s proposal scenes- in episode 24- It was so moving!!).The first half of the series largely focussed on operational side and patients, with the second half on couples and relationships.
  • I thought that the ending was surprisingly a happy one. It left a very optimistic outlook to their future and they cherish each day together :3 I thought it would be depressing one, but they didn’t show Tavia undergo the treatment. It was a happy, positive open ending which I’ve learned to appreciate!
  • Some screenies on the final episode!
  • Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

Kenneth and Tavia’s first date as a couple.

  • Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

Tavia undergoes surgery, with Kennth and her father doing the operation for her

  • Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

Kenneth gets down on his knee and proposes again- this time with the ring. “Through sickness and health” 🙂

  • Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

The family spend some qualtiy time together

  • Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

The family head back to the dance studio and have a dance 🙂

  • Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

The End 🙂

21 Responses to “[The Hippocratic Crush] Ending”

  • Michael says:

    I thought the dance scene was hilarious because everyone was doing a different dance. Especially Yue Jai’s dad who was doing something really lame with Yiu Jeh xDD

  • Ri says:

    Just finished the last ep! I too have learned to appreciate positive open endings. at least they’re better than bad-for-no-reason endings haha! Though to be fair this was only semi-opened because everyone else’s story was tied up in a neat little bow 🙂

    this show was more of a group effort sorta thing, where no one really outshone anyone. While I like Yat Kin, I don’t think this is one of Kenneth’s most outstanding roles. Don’t know why but he still has a fair bit to go when it comes to emoting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I did enjoy his character though! And the proposal scene at Wing/Bong’s wedding was one of the moments that did work! 🙂 Tho i was laughing at how sad it must be for Wing/Bong that they’re wedding got hijacked. Haha, only in TVB land would that work out well!

    I do think that Him Law was pretty good here. His character probably had the most growth, and while he was fun when he was joking around, i actually found his serious and emotional scenes really believable. Like the last scene with Jing Jing before she left for the US was pretty well carried by the two rookie actors. Definitely one to look out for in the future!

    Have to admit, the Yeung Chung/Jing Jing and Ben/Mei Suet relationship was pretty thrown together last minute haha but it worked out I guess. I like how Ben was the one who knocked some sense into Mei Suet so she finally became a likeable character!

    Oh and I fastforwarded thru a lot of the slow parts haha. I particularly didn’t like scenes with Ben’s wife/Yat Kin’s ex gf and any scene with Kei Kei in it -.-

    All in all a good series. Not epic but certainly one of the more watchable ones 🙂

    • Ri says:

      Oh, forgot to mention: Tavia’s scenes where she loses her cool were really good too! Random but yea. haha! The part where Yat Kin confronts Yue Jai about her fears and her sickness was really well played on Tavia’s part. Tavia is somehow super pro at crying at the pier haha i remember she did that really well in Mysteries of Love too!

    • olivia says:

      Somehow I don’t think Kenneth is really good at playing good roles. I thought he did really well playing evil in Grace Under Fire and in The Other Truth.

      I thought the yeung chung/jing jing and ben/mei suet relationships were pretty last minute too. Yeung chung was right that they experienced a lot of important things together during their friendship and never really thought that maybe they were meant for each other. I loved how ben/mei suet fell in love with each other towards the ending….hope to see them as an on-screen couple again in the future cuz, imo, I thought they had great chemistry. 🙂

      • deniset88 says:

        kinda hard for Many and Ben to be onscreen couple at tvb I think.. because Ben sign up with another tv station…

        • olivia says:

          I didn’t hear about Ben signing with another tv station. Where did you hear about this?

      • Ri says:

        I think I like Kenneth more as a person (as if i know him personally, hahaha) than as an actor. I wouldn’t say he’s a great actor, though he’s really popular. I only really liked him in A Fistful of Stances where he really should have won a Fave Male Character award imo!

        • karened says:

          Yes, I think A Fistful of Stances was one of his best performance. But, to be fair, he had a great script with interesting fellow characters to work with. I hope TVB continues to give his opportunities to shine!

  • iciel says:

    I actually really like the ending here ^_^
    I love how they didn’t miraculously cure Yu Chai or kill her, but leave some cancer cells left in her which may resurface again. It’s more realistic… Although I do wanna see Yu Chai going under chemo and whatnot, but that would be too sad for the ending.

    What I didn’t like was how everyone was paired up perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I love many of the couples in there, but since there weren’t much development between them, it just seems really rushed to put them together. Like Many and Ben, too rushed!!! But they were really cute though ^_^ I thought Candy and Him’s pair was quite forced and quite unnecessary. I mean, she was paired with Nathan so they should just leave it at that. Although she should move on, but pairing her with Him at the end makes her relationship with Nathan feels so unimportant.

    Despite the complaints, I enjoyed this series a lot. Tavia was different than how I expected her to be. She was really cute in here. I guess that after so many series with the same personality (rippling blossom, the other truth etc) I started to get bored of her acting, but this series reminded me how much I loved Tavia before ^_^

    • karened says:

      Actually, I felt glad that they hinted at Candy and Him’s pair at the end. I really liked Nathan and Candy’s relationship development, but all along I had felt that Him and Candy would make a good pair. That feeling grew stronger after Nathan’s character passed away. The two sought comfort in each other, everytime one faced a setback. To me it wasn’t rushed, because like how Yeung Cong put it, the two had grown up together and might have failed to realise their feelings for each other due to their familarity with each other. Of course, he may see her as very important in a family member kind of sense, but I think there is an equally fair chance that it could be romantic love as well.

  • deniset88 says:

    Oh.. I don’t remember the last time I cry for a tvb series.. maybe the last time was during no regrets. But this series made me cry at a few scene. The ep 24 scene where they had the memorial service for Kenneth brother death made me cry (not that kind of wailing but more of those drop of tears falling down slowly on your cheeks). How I hope Nathan didn’t die but it was his death that bought Kenneth to realise the people he need to cherish.

    And also the scene where Kenneth drag Tavia up th wedding stage and propose to her (in the middle of another colleague wedding.. nice timing bro) I think Tavia acted really well when Kenneth read the wedding vows to her. Her tears and emotions are so well conveyed. And she say Yes!! YES!!!

    Well, the Mandy/Ben couple and Him/Candy were pretty much fussed really quick together at the last episode. But the loose ends were tied up really neat and this is probably the best “tied-up-loose-end” TVB had done in a long time.

    And I like the ending too. Those scenes where the couples: Kenneth/Tavia, Mandy/Ben and their family playing and dancing together and also Him/Candy possible relationship hint.

    Overall this is a good series and I would like to watch a sequel to it. But the sequel must have the 3 main couples especially Kenneth/Tavia because each relationship leaves many open questions and many direction to be developed.

  • Ri says:

    Oh, just read that they’ll be filming a sequel! wow

  • haiziwang says:

    Recently, THC is the only tvb show I actually had the urge to watch and I would say it’s been a fun ride.

    Regarding the pace, I would say Yat Kin’s mum and Kei Kei took up a lot more time than I would prefer. Not that they weren’t good, but I feel more time can be used to develop Mei Suet/Ben’s r/s, or even Jing Jing’s character as a whole.

    On the whole, I like how this script quite evenly spreads out the plot amongst the cast. Everyone had their 15 min of fame. While emphasis was given to the leads over the others, everyone’s story interweave to form one big picture, which I feel fits the theme of the medical scene real well.

    If I had to pick one fav char, it has to be Tavia’s Yu Zai. It was a very lovable char in the first place, being a talented doctor with a heart. Initially I tot this char has v limited space to grow, but things actually worked out and Yu Zai got to a level which surprised me.
    Yat Kin’s char and growth was more predictable IMO.
    I never thought much about Him Law previously (from Your Class or Mine), but he surprised me in THC. I hope he gets out of playing (talented but) playful char though.
    Mandy caught my eye, despite Mei Suet being quite irritating haha. I think she can play those very cool char, without the irritating part.

    Best part about THC is the show gets progressively better, and climax towards the end. The ending is also one of the better tvb ones, with everything turning out Juuuust fine. No fairy tale, no so-unfortunate-you-could-cringe stuff. It is by far the most believable ending in such “group cast” shows.

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear the sequel is coming up. Looking so much forward to that, provided they keep most of the original cast?

  • j00ky says:

    TV is just TV…. but the least these actors could do was do the CPR techniques more realistically…

  • chaman1 says:

    I find that whenever TVB tries to do a career-related drama (medical drama in this case), they always make it very “educational”. As a medical student, I have to say this series did quite well in portraying the medical field with 25 episodes. My thoughts on the their portrayal:

    Good messages:
    -Doctors are not gods. We are human and cannot save everybody
    -The best clinical outcome might not be what the patient wants
    -We face ethical decisions every day.
    -At the end of the day, we are treating a person, not a disease.
    -I really appreciated the fact that they included the cleaning ladies. They are a very important part of the hospital environment!

    Not so good examples/odd points:
    -Constant gossiping
    -Constant breach of confidentiality. I guess this is a drama after all!
    -Kenneth Ma is in neurosurgery, but he seems to be involved in all the ward activities of the other characters -__-
    -Everyone wants to do neurosurgery
    -Surgeons are not better than physicians. The way Kenneth Ma was portrayed while he worked at outpatients as a “punishment” was slightly demeaning in my opinion.
    -The doctors operating/treating someone they know very personally, especially family members. That is usually a no-no in medical ethics.
    -Yeung Chung not tucking in his shirt or Mei Suet wearing jeans to work (seriously TVB???)
    -All their robes and uniforms are so clean -__-

  • DB says:

    This was one of the better series TVB has produced this year!

  • ABC says:

    Haha I was looking forward to this Kenneth and Tavia getting together but when they actually did it looked as though they were so awkward

  • h.k says:

    this was one of my favourite series of the year.Kenneth put in a really good performance in this series and stepped up to the plate.tavia yeung performance was so so, have seen her act better in other series.Candy put in a good job as a newbie.i really liked the theme song sung ny joey yung as well.looking forward to on call 2!

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