• The Hippocratic Crush
  • Note: This is the first TVB doctor series I’ve seen ( I haven’t watched Healing Hands or anything else) so the operation/hospital scenes were quite interesting for me. I heard this series may have plagiarised other series; but as I haven’t seen the other one, I am going to enjoy this series as a standalone one without comparing 🙂  )
  • The Hippocratic Crush
  • From episode 1, I really liked Kenneth’s “Yat Gin Tou”! I liked his overall character and he looks really good in this. So charming! haha From the start, we knew he wasn’t the type of guy Tavia thought he was. He saved the little boy with the bricks and didn’t claim credit for it while Tavia disliked him thinking he was only good at sucking up to her father who was a well known Neurosurgery specialist. Kenneth was her father’s top student. It was interesting watching his character unfold- the accident which caused his brother’s leg disability for life-it shaped who he was: the reason for not driving/owning car; the reasons he worked so hard, the real reason he chose his career. Tavia’s father saved his brother’s life.  He cares about his family a lot and is always busy working to earn enough money to support his brother in fulfilling his dream of studying overseas. As a result, he doesn’t focus on his own love life- his family were more important to him. Other than his own personal character, he is such talented doctor. He takes his work so seriously and I felt so sad for him when things (or people namely Ben) kept getting in his way; and he eventually gets penalised and could not step foot in an operation room for half a year. It was quite disheartening watching him pretend he was fine with it:  something he was so passionate about! However, from the bad, he learned a very valuable lesson- while working in clinical. Kenneth learns more about himself and his experience made him realise/care for the patience more than just saving their life. It makes him much more heroic XD
  • I can’t bare to watch what will happen if he was to lose his brother ><
  • I thought the actor who played young Kenneth suited him well.
  • The Hippocratic Crush
  • I quite like Tavia in this role- she is a sophisticated, mature type of woman who is clearly a talented doctor (much like “The Other Truth”). I think she and Kenneth are really compatible with each other and I enjoy watching their scenes, especially during the times when Kenneth is down or when Tavia is dealing with her family issues. Their common share of interest in building models is cute too! I wonder if he realises Tavia’s feelings for him yet..
  • The Hippocratic Crush
  • The series also explores some ethical dilemmas, like Tavia and Kenneth’s conflicting views on who to save- the guy who caused the car accident, or the victim. Although I can sympathise with Tavia feeling sorry for the victim, it was sad that both could not be saved when the chances were one could have been.
  • The Hippocratic Crush
  • This is my first proper Him Law series- he is an eye candy indeed!  Other than that, I didn’t think much for his character at the start though. He looks like such a kid- immature, born-smart without having to try hard type of guy who didn’t take his work very seriously. His attitude was poor too yet he kept blaming Kenneth for telling him off and saying Kenneth was being unreasonable and bias against him. He is a bit of a comic relief though – I liked watching his interactions with the old man  (whom he kept poking  due to numerous failed attempts of blood tests). They were cute! I like when Him is more serious though- much more of a man (if you can call him that) I find it amusing that he’s after Tavia. He tries so hard to impress her (it’s almost embarrassing to watch lol)- clearly she doesn’t feel that way towards him XD  I think the age gap is a bit big, but they’re also different in so many other levels lol I’m interested to watch his character mature 🙂
  • The Hippocratic Crush
  • I wonder if he’ll have any romantic relationship with Mandy- they’re about the same age but it doesn’t look like it as with where things are at now.
  • Mandy’s character is really hard working; but slightly gets of my nerves by the way she treats Tavia and their father. They are blood related afterall and they didn’t do anything wrong really..I guess it just takes time?
  • When Mandy realised Tavia was her step-sister; I had a feeling they were blood related considering how talented she was in Neurosurgery.
  • It seems like she might develop something for Kenneth considering she seems jealous when she sees him with Tavia (or maybe she dislikes Tavia).
  • Why does both Tavia and Mandy want to do the same thing? Is it because that’s what their father is? Tavia seems so excited when she’s working in Cardiothoracic with Raymond Cho though. Raymond also mentioned Kenneth was extremely talented when he worked for him as well, yet he insisted on Neurosurgery. Was this for Tavia’s father as well?
  • Derek’s “Lam Gu Leung” character is  uch a  girl- so sissy!! XD I enjoy watching him and Paisley bicker all the time. According to TVB theory, I reckon these two will get together in the end!
  • The Hippocratic Crush
  • I also like watching the “three brothers” (Derek, Kenneth and Benjamin) together. They share such a good friendship! (also with Derek’s son too) I wonder if Benjamin and Derek will play more of a role in the series; along with all the other trainees. Hopefully they make more use of the large cast! I keep thinking one of the female trainees there remind me of Bernice Liu XD
  • I think Kenneth’s brother looks quite cute too xD Hopefully we could see more scenes with him.
  • The Hippocratic Crush
  • I love Joey’s themesong <3 I like the melody, but the lyrics leave me a bit ? sometimes. Not quite sure what it’s about haha. I left the song playing on repeat as I am typing this up! hehe
  • I think Tavia’s dad looks cool too XD
  • A good 10 episode start! Hopefully the rest of the story can keep it up!!

34 Responses to “[The Hippocratic Crush] Episode 1-10 Thoughts”

  • zihwye says:

    yes ive been raving over this show since it started. its a really good drama (so far). unfortunately i ran into some spoilers online yesterday & that thre me off a little, but other than that, im definitely enjoying it. can’t wait to see whats gonna happen next.

    ps: yeah him law is AWESOME eye candy!!

    • KTVB says:

      I accidentally ran into some spoilers reently too (partially from trailers, paritally from the synopsis..) Ah well!! Still different watching it I guess.. (I hope!) 🙂

  • Ri says:

    oh wow I agree with EVERYTHING you said!! We def have the same taste in dramas 😛 Nowadays I somehow only really enjoy TVB dramas that have a procedural theme to it (law, medical, police) 😛

    I was watching an interview w Tavia and Kenneth and Tavia mentioned that her character is one who is talented but isn’t the best at neurosurgery i.e. she’s better at cardio. So maybe she might realise it later and join cardio? For awhile there I was wondering if Raymond would like Tavia as well.. i guess we’ll have to see!

    I think Kenneth looks really good in this show too!!! Tho this isn’t my favourite role (yet, because i LOVED him in A Fistful of Stances) he’s still so likeable. I like that while he’s such a hardass when it comes to his work, he can let loose around his 3 “brothers” who are 3 totally diff characters, which makes them so fun! I think Benjamin will be getting a bigger role later (fr I see in the theme video :P) and maybe he’ll have something with Mandy/that girl that looks like Bernice (SHE TOTALLY DOES)?

    My least fave character has to be Mandy. So self-righteous when really it wasn’t Tavia or her father’s fault! Him Law is likeable so far and it’s cute that he likes Tavia so much tho she clearly doesn’t like him that way (the cockroach/hand-grabbing incident was so funny)

    All in all, a good start to the show. Hopefully it keeps up! 🙂

    • karened says:

      I’m with you on Mandy. Yeah, like it’s Tavia/Tavia’s dad’s fault that the mom kept her presence from them. Like it’s their fault for not contacting a daughter whom they never knew existed.

    • KTVB says:

      *Hi 5 Ri* XD

      I wondered about Raymond Cho too haha.
      kenneth does look really good in this- by far this is probably the “most” serious Kenneth character we’ve seen which adds to the coolness in him XD

      I think Mandy’s character is very stubborn- wonder if she’ll become more likable later? (slightly doubt it lol)

  • EY says:

    Overall a good start, though I would prefer if the storyline is a bit tighter.

    I have this feeling Kenneth is doing so well in this drama precisely because he is Cheung Yat Kin type of person in reality!! Sometimes a bit serious, a bit boring, but is loyal, caring and playful only around certain people whom he had known for a long period of time.

    Tavia’s good, as usual. Nothing spectacular yet, but seeing her father being a top neurosurgeon, I half-expected her to ramble more medical jargon which she didnt.

    The good thing both Kenneth-Tavia pairing – I havent seen them pair up in ages!! They look sweet together! As if either doesnt have to open his/her mouth and the other knows what they are thinking.

    Him is childish. I know he likes to play, but everytime when I thought he has grown up and learnt his lesson after messing things up, he turns back to this nonchalant guy!!

    Seems like not many people like Mandy! I can sort of understand how she feels and the way she behaves. There’s just too many secrets kept from her. Honestly, I like Mandy’s portrayal – I seriously think she’s one of those whom can act, despite having relatively less experience. At least I dont see forced expressions on her face!

    And I know which Bernice Liu look-a-like u are referring to! I felt the exact same way!!!

    • KTVB says:

      hahaha I always imagined Kenneth to be like Cheung Yat Kin in real life too!! XD Well said about “bit serious, a bit boring, but is loyal, caring and playful only around certain people whom he had known for a long period of time.” While it has taken Kenneth awhile to rise up to his popularity today, I feel happy for him making it to lead roles ( rememebr the days where he kept playing supporting only)

  • tvwithrice says:

    Weirddd! I just wrote about this in my blog too! I googled “Hippocratic Crush” afterwards and it led me here…
    How come I’ve never come across this website before?!?
    I friggin adore Kenneth Ma’s “Yat Kin Tau”!

  • lowing says:


  • rainbow says:

    for some reason, kenneth’s face looks so much smoother than he used to be.

  • karened says:

    Is anyone with me in my dislike of 美雪? When she first found out about 鱼仔’s father, she just went on a 180 degrees change in attitude towards 鱼仔, as if the fact that 鱼仔’s father is Doctor Fan erased all the happy interactions they had. Although she had her reasons, I felt that it was too childish. From then one, everything went downhill…and I can’t see her in positive light anymore.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you. I haven’t really liked her since then lol I wonder if I’ll like her in future episodes..(at this point it doesn’t look like it)

  • jc says:

    i love to see all the tvb shows, and so afraid to go to website that might be virus. looks like yours seem safe.

    how do i go about viewing them. i click on the movie name, but nothing happens. Pls advise. thank you

  • karened says:

    The theme song didn’t make much sense at first, but on second listening, I think it’s quite moving…about how each life starts when the mom brings the child to the world, caring for it with tender love, but as life proceeds, it goes through ups and downs. Gradually, we forget what’s important, what we should cherish…and when we finally realise thawt, it’s too late for regrets…

    • KTVB says:

      Wow..maybe I should have a second listen tot he lyrics!

      • karened says:

        I’m on a high after watching 10 eps straight! Sharing a brief translation of the full song!

        《連續劇》 by Joey Yung
        《Drama serial》 by Joey Yung

        媽媽給寶寶奉上這一生 頭一吻

        The first chapter begins with someone’s birth
        Mummy dedicating her whole life to her precious one, a kiss on the forehead
        Brightness or darkness may follow after the opening
        No matter which road we walk, it’s like a drama serial
        Lacking stability

        或者 於某集我可抬頭欣賞到你
        或者 一轉念便要失去你
        或者 轉折漸太多 遺忘怎擁抱你
        或者 擁緊偏已斷氣

        Perhaps I’ll lift my gaze and appreciate you one episode
        Perhaps I’ll lose you with one changed decision
        Perhaps I’ll forget how to embrace you as changes gradually accumulate
        Perhaps life would have been cut short when we embrace

        仍想將你我這幕 演得更理想
        能修補即管修補 不要再想 
        熟悉的歌曲 等與你合唱

        Lovers love with each breath they take
        Even if it’ll end the same
        I still want to act out our scene more ideally
        Fix everything that can be fixed, don’t hesitate further
        One moment more and we’ll be out of breath
        Waiting to sing that familiar song with you

        傷感的下集仍然未播 我會修改

        How can the new chapter be our separation?
        Can it be rewritten like the beginning, when we were still in love?
        But it’s too difficult to salvage the previous episode
        The sorrowful episode which follows is yet unaired, I will amend it

        如果 當晚没有分神来緊張佈置
        如果 不必誤會再猜疑
        如果 將對白說得平和 不加諷刺
        如果 真的可有下次

        If we hadn’t got distracted trying to adorn our feelings nervously that night
        If we don’t misunderstand and suspect each other
        If we speak the dialogue calmly, without adding satire
        If there is really a ‘next time’

        仍然能拖緊彼此 走絕地雪霜
        如能重修好一雙 不要再想 
        明知可一起 不要再獨唱

        Lovers love with each breath they take
        Even if it’ll end the same
        Still, hold onto tightly to each other and walk through this snow-covered land
        If one pair can be fixed, don’t hesitate further
        One moment more and we’ll be out of breath
        Don’t sing alone anymore while knowing that you can be together

        仍想將你我这幕 演得更理想
        如能重修好一雙 不要再想 
        多得你在場 多得我在場 天空也在場
        演好這一章 呼吸太無常

        Lovers love with each breath they take
        Even if it’ll end the same
        I still want to act out our scene more ideally
        If one pair can be fixed, don’t hesitate further
        One moment more and someone will have to leave the stage
        Thankfully, you’re here, I’m here and the sky is here
        Act out this chapter well, breathing is too unpredictable

        • karened says:

          Transcribed and translated by me, please kindly not repost it! Thanks!! =)

        • Courtney says:

          Thanks for sharing the lyrics! Whenever I listen to Cantonese songs, I rarely take notice of the meaning becaue… it’s so different to the way we speak, so much more formal that a lot of the words don’t even register haha!

        • KTVB says:

          Wow!! Thanks for the translation karened! 🙂 Saves me a lot of time to even get some idea what this song was talking about (my chiense is very limited lol)

        • Ri says:

          Woohoo thanks for the translation! I really like this theme song because it’s very classic canto pop and somehow only the good hk singers can pull it off. case in point, Joey Yung here and Leo Ku in No Regrets.

        • 'muff says:

          Thanks for the translation =D
          Even though I speak Cantonese at home somehow understanding song lyrics takes a lot more time for me XD

  • Courtney says:

    Lately, TVB’s dramas have been spiraling downwards, with most of their biggest names leaving to mainland China for better career prospects and the dwindling number of good scriptwriters, among many other things.. I’m glad this drama has managed to shine! Healing Hands, another medical drama, in my opinion was hard to sit through, and I’m happy The Hippocratic Crush has been much more engaging and so so much more promising! Characters have been constructed well, very solid, and the potential for character development is enormous! I love the cast.. not one person I don’t like in this series (even though I usually don’t like Mandy or Kenneth’s mother in this series, but with the characters they play, I find them quite suited for their roles!)

    Tavia and Kenneth have such nice chemistry! 🙂 It’s so cute to watch, makes me giddy every time they appear on screen together~

  • WY says:

    I really like how Kenneth tries to protect Tavia by pushing her behind him – like when they were threatened by the old man in the hospital (the one who hit Kenneth in the eye), and when the husband of Tavia’s high school friend got angry and violent at them… ho man ar!

    • Elie says:

      Omg I have to agree on this!!! I especially loved how Kenneth pulled Tavia back when her high school friend’s husband came in with that whole threatening aura. So cute! ^^v

  • Annabelle says:

    *Spoiler alert*
    OH my gooosh. Ep 24 was so touching. Love how Yat Kin asked Zi Yu to marry him.LOL a little rude to the newlyweds? But loved that scene. 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Totally agree!!!! Such a touching scene!!!!!!!1 And yes, a little rude to the newly weds XD

      • karened says:

        Yup, would have enjoyed the scene more (as in, with nothing nagging at the back of my mind) if Kenneth had held back until the cocktail party or something…

  • Elie says:

    It’s ending tonight!!! >< Might have Kenneth withdrawals after this. 😛

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