Some screenies to intro the series =) Yes! All three main characters are introduced in the first episode with Linda being the happy-go-lucky one, Benny being the mighty strong (and somewhat aggressive and kinda arrogant) and Sunny being the cute one who gets tired very easily and falls sleep almost anywhere XD lol that’s hilarious..and he simply dunks himself in the water with his clothes on, claiming he is taking a bath and washing his clothes at the same time XD

Some other demigods are introduced in the story, including Linda’s ‘mother’ but she keeps this a secret from her. When Linda and her ‘ugly’ best friend adventure on, in hope to find a “Sun Sin” to change her friend’s ugly appearance, they get lost in the forest by dark and encounter a mysterious figure in a hood. The figure leads them to some ‘spiritual’ land where a “Sun Sin” offers to turn her beautiful; but in return, losing something precious to her like health, or family, friendship etc. Linda started getting suspicious about the ‘Sun Sin’ but her friend was so desperate for beauty that she was willing to give up her friendship with Linda. Her wish was granted and the spell was put on Linda, turning her ugly. Indeed everything was just an illusion and the “Sun Sin” was actually a “Yiu Jing”. Luckily with the help of the DemiGod, Linda was able to help defeat her! They helped change her face back to normal and put a bug into her body so she would lose her memories of what had happened. But chance, Linda latter regains her memories, but her friend has already changed…

At the end of the episode when Linda went to save Sunny in the lake, she gets pulled down by some figure and drowns! When Benny gets her out of the water, Linda has already stopped breathing!

The computer graphics are quite cheesy ^^; but I’m going to try enjoy it and not take it very seriously. I don’t have high expectations for it and somehow it feel like it’s a series for kids haha…I might not be making constant posts on this series but I guess it just all depends. We’ll see.

6 Responses to “[Legend of the Demigods] Episode 1”

  • kammi says:

    hi.. i was did you get to watch the legend of the demi gods??.. is it only on HD???.. im from syd as well =)

  • KTVB says:

    Hi kammi 🙂
    How do you usually watch it? Rent tapes, download or TVBJ satellite? I downloaded ‘Legend of Demigods’ because I think it’ll take a while before it’ll be released on TVBJ Satelite.

  • kammi says:

    TVBJ satellite… my wireless is abit slow.. because i downloaded 2 many songs.. but thank you 4 replyin =).. i hope tvbj release it soon !!~

  • KTVB says:

    If it’s going to be released on the same time slot/order as in HongKong, it might be after “Best Selling Secrets”..and I believe we’re really behind in Australia (though honestly I have no idea what episode it’s up to now since it doesn’t show the episode number). And I haven’t been watching it ^;

    yay for another TVBJ Satelite viewer 😀

  • nich says:

    I didn’t realise that this series has started! MY… I’m hopelessly lost… so it’ll be a half hour slot? Hmmm…

  • Kenboy1236 says:

    i have downloaded up to Episode 5 already on D-addicts

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