Another awesome episode! Lots of hugs and confessions <3

Myolie rolls down a hill and she remembers everything …

Vincent wants to try to poison Master Kwan because he knows he isn’t good enough to fight him. Melissa desperately tries to stop him where he pushes her away. Vincent becomes a softy and Melissa starts to cry. She hugs onto him and tells him not to because Master Kwan would find out and have him killed.

“I stayed because I love you, I can’t go back to the ‘Mai’-family, I don’t have anyone, if something happens to you, I won’t have a family anymore . Give yourself some time and patience, you can do it, just a bit of time. No matter how long, I’ll always be by your side to support you and help you. I will.”

As Myolie regains her memories, she happily runs to find Vincent where she sees the two hugging each other and wishes that she never regained her memories. As she wonders through the forest aimlessly, Raymond finds her.

Raymond: See Kam, I was so scared that I couldn’t find you. I’m really scared that I’ll never see you again.”
Myolie: Bill Gor (Cousin).. *Raymond hugs onto Myolie*
Raymond: I’m here, it’s ok..
Myolie starts crying on his shoulders.
Myolie: Is it that I can never go back to the Sect?
Raymond: Of course not, I will take you back now.
Myolie: Why does he always make me leave? He said I would get in your way. Do you feel that I’m in your way?
Raymond: No, don’t worry. As long as I’m here, no one can make you leave. I want to keep you by my side.

Myolie finds Selena and tells her that she has regained her memories..


Myolie: Two days ago, I was still See Kam, Chong Long Pai‘s leader’s cousin. I have a cousin that really loves me. He plans everything for me. Even though I didn’t know anything, couldn’t remember anything, but I didn’t have to worry about anything. But now…I know everything. That carefree See Kam, is fake. I remember I am Ying Zi Kuai. I remember my own father, mother and little brother. I also remember the reason why I left in the start. I am not that carefree See Kam.”

Selena: I understand.. if you forget everything in the past, it’s like all the unhappy things never happened.

Myolie: Unfortunately I remember everything. I’m still that Ying Zi Kuai that has nothing. But no matter how many sad things have happened, no matter how many things I don’t want to face, the only thing I can’t forget is having a sister like you. I really wanted that I am See Kam from the start, but only Ying Zi Kuai has you as her sister.

//I thought this part was very sweet

Selena tells her to continue to be ‘Raymond’s cousin’ because she would be safer that way.

The Police Captain finds Myolie again! and this time he captures her and forces her into the man’s son’s room whether she was Myolie or not! That part looked quite a dark room with red curtains, the light shone through and we can see some shadow of a man there reaching towards her. When Raymond got the news, he immediately gathered all the men to go to get her back!

Luckily we find out that the man’s son was a nice guy and had no intentions towards Myolie. He does not agree with his fathers’ doing, whether she was his fiancee or not..and decides to set her free =) Myolie and the guy become friends and the guy was happy that she wasn’t scared of him, like everyone else because of the illness.


Just when Raymond’s Sect and the Police etc were about to fight, Myolie comes out with the man’s son, and the man’s son apologises and announces that his wedding arrangement/contract is canceled. Myolie realises that Raymond will always be there to protect her and in a way, it seems like she has returned his feelings. I wish Myolie loves Raymond..and not just using him as a substitute because she can’t get Vincent’s heart..

Raymond knows that Myolie is actually Yin Zi Kuai but doesn’t know that Myolie has already regained her memories.

“I know that no matter what will happen, you’ll always be by my side and protect me.”

On the other hand, Master Kwan and Vincent go on a training in the mountain, just the two alone. Master Kwan wanted to make an opportunity there for Vincent to kill him, but strongly believes in Vincent that he won’t take his revenge because he still cares about his master somewhere in his heart..I hope he is right..

Master Kwan faints from healing Vincent, and when Vincent notices Master Kwan is unconscious, he grabs a big rock and attempts to kill him..

6 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 10”

  • FaNNy says:

    i just loved the melissa and vincent moment so much! i loved how vincent was so frantic when melissa started crying and told her frantically not to cry =] hehez xD

  • joyce20176 says:

    Nice screencaps, thanks for sharing. Love this episode so much, I really like both hugging scenes between Ray and Myolie, so intense yet sweet, Myolie reunited with Selena, very sweet and touching. Vincent and Melissa were also sweet awww.

  • Nanna says:

    Aww I really want to start watching Tai Chi now!! Too bad I dont understand canto or mandarin ><
    I think I like the Rayolie moments more than the Vincent and Melissa ones even though I’m not really a fan of Rayolie.. I still think they’re cute (:

    Thanks for the nice episode summaries and nice screenaps ^^

  • chibi says:

    waa..Vincent…..errr… I don’t like him for attempting to kill his poor master- what a cheap move! He better be stopped!

    On the other hand, yes yes cute moments. Confessions are always somewhat of a turning point. Myolie should just quit being obsessed with Vincent and stay with Raymond who truly cares for her.. Whats good about Vincent anyway? He pretty much isn’t concerned about her at all.

  • KTVB says:

    I like how both relationships (Vincent + Melissa & Rayolie) just came out smoothly. They knew there were feelings between each other where they didn’t have to explicitly tell the other about their feelings. Melissa slips out her feelings for Vincent but I’m sure Vincent knew in his heart.
    Expressing the words are always nice to watch though XD

    To joyce20176: yeah, I also liked the music that went with the scenes as well. They were very sincere and touching.

    To Nanna: You’re welcome! Glad you like the Summaries and screencaps 😀 and thanks for your comments 🙂 Are you watching any other series at the moment?

    To chibi: In an interview with Myolie, Myolie said that her character fell in love with Vincent mainly because he saved her in the battle at the start after her whole family died in before her eyes~ love at first sight?

  • kat says:

    Watching Vincent is getting so frustrating because he’s so headstrong and doesn’t realise what’s going on. I can understand his hatred if Master Kwan really killed his father, but grrrr!

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