Vincent was about to kill Master Kwan while he was asleep but when he remembers all the happy times he has been through with him when he was little, he just couldn’t do it. I was quite relieved when it happened and Master Kwan opened his eyes and got up when Vincent had left. Unfortunately his vengeful heart took over in the end and he went back to fight Master Kwan. He knelt down and thanked him for bringing him up when he was young, but believes that he should deal with the two cases separately. His Taichi skills boosted by a lot and managed to hit Master Kwan off the cliff! Vincent tried to catch him but the branch he was holding on was about to snap off. In order to save Vincent, Master Kwan sacrificed his life and hit Vincent back up before he fell as he smiled. He told Vincent to “let go”.. so sad!!..=( Vincent had taken his ‘revenge’ but he was so hurt…and it made me cry during the scene.

When Melissa told him the truth, Vincent was devastated…I hope that his heart will finally find peace, and understand what Master Kwan really wanted to teach him, which was to ‘let go’.

Melissa caring for Vincent after Master Kwan’s death. 

When Myolie learns about Master Kwan’s death, she was worried how Vincent might be feeling, but when Selena reminded her that Vincent already has Melissa to look after him and that she already has Raymond, Myolie’s inner heart was revealed.
“To me, he says that all he cares about is his martial arts, and not thinking about anything else. But to Song Ching(Melissa), it’s a different story….This person, I will remember him for life. He treated me like this, I will give him back double the amount. I want him to regret it for the rest of his life.”She said it so casually and calmly. So much for the sympathetic heart=_=

In order to make Raymond’s 2nd Si-Sok let her stay, she makes a deal with him that if she is able to make Raymond fight Vincent again and win, he would allow her to stay by Raymond’s side. Myolie’s character is starting to get on my nerves again~ she’s so manipulative and evil!! She is planning to use Raymond to get back at Vincent…and at a time like this? She twists the truth and puts on an act and manages to convinces Raymond to prove to everyone his ability, so she can stay. Poor Raymond, why does he have to fall for her? >__< Raymond will do anything for Myolie, he was even willing to give up his leader position ;_;

7 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 11”

  • KTVB says:

    There’s actually a part of this episode I didn’t put in the above summary because I felt it was kind of pointless and personally thought that scene could have been cut out, i.e the part where the police captain captured all the disciples of Raymond’s sect and Myolie went to ‘save’ them but threatening the Police Captain that she’ll kill herself if he didn’t free them..and then he does.
    I guess the only point with this I can see is something extra Myolie could add to give her more reasons to stay with them.

  • chibi says:

    oooo..the tragedy. Poor Vincent.. is revenge really that important to him? *sigh*

  • FaNNy says:

    melissa nd vincent so sweet. melissa lent a should/arm for him to cry on and she took care of him too!!! i just loved it when melissa was working in the fields and vincent suddenly came to work with her too =] hehez.

  • Jessica says:

    for this episode i really felt bad more was for Raymond. Out of the whole episodes with him and Myolie i find Myolie to be alittle more eviler and schemer now. Everytime i see Raymond it obviously can see that hes being used by his Si sok and Myolie. but yeah.

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi: I’m really glad that Vincent has Melissa to turn to =3

    To FaNNy: I found the part where she helped him wash his hair a bit weird ..the water just dripped onto the floor inside the house o_o

    To Jessica:I agree, I don’t like Myolie using Raymond =(

  • TkN says:

    I just finished watching this episode and absolutely loved it! Mo Ma’s storyline with Master Kwan and Song Ching is so very touching.

    On the other hand… Chi Kwai officially entered my dislike list. I used to be neutral towards her. No longer. I do not understand her vengeance against Mo Ma. For what?? He was clear on day one that he never had romantic feelings towards her. He didn’t hurt or harm her in anyway! And she could live a peacefully blissful life at Black Dragon. Her future isn’t bleak at all. What’s the point of “revenge”? And to use Hiu Sing’s affection as her game piece was so… low. Two words sum her: selfish brat. [Darn, I feel mean today! lol]

    It’s so sad that Hiu Sing likes (loves) her. I can’t imagine what future troubles she’ll cause him. 🙁

  • KTVB says:

    To TkN: Thanks for sharing your thoughts =)
    So sad to see Master Kwan die..I really thought Mo Ma could do it. You should be in for more Mo Ma and Song Ching moments~ they just get sweeter and sweeter XD Too bad there’s no more Master Kwan scenes.

    I think Ji Kwai is just..lost in her ways. (That’s the only ‘reason’ I can come up with her) She’s angry because Mo Ma didn’t return her feelings (ek! lol) So irrational! She can’t force someone to like her, geez. One of those people who are like “if I can’t have him, than no one else can!” sorta person =__=

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