Vincent rejects the challenge because he didn’t want to fight Raymond. However, after Derek went to visit Master Kwan’s grave to realise he has passed away and had a talk with Vincent, Vincent decides to accept the challenge. Derek makes Vincent feel bad, saying he is unable to save his master’s reputation.

Melissa asks Myolie (who still thinks she has not yet regained her memories) to try and persuade Raymond to delay their match because Master Kwan had just passed away, it was impossible for him to fight. She hinted to Myolie that his death wasn’t just an accident and Vincent is feeling very guilty over it. Oh man..why did Melissa trust Myolie and tell her??

When Raymond heard the news about Master Kwan’s death, he thought about delaying it as well because it wouldn’t be a fair match otherwise. However, Myolie desperately wanted him to beat Vincent now, so Myolie deliberately tells Raymond what Melissa had told her, implying that Vincent had most possibly be the one who killed his own master. She lies and starts to imply that Vincent was someone who was power-hungry, untamed and didn’t have a ‘heart’. Raymond is really angry that such a man exists so decides to teach him a lesson.

On the day of the match when Raymond was certain that Master Kwan’s death was to do with Vincent, he beats up Vincent very badly and Vincent loses in the fight.

Half way through the fight, Myolie couldn’t stand watching Vincent getting beat up so runs away to find Selena. She thought that taking her revenge on Vincent would make her feel so happy but instead it hurt her a lot as well. Selena realises its because Myolie still loved him.

Raymond’s glamorous victory has made everyone proud, proven that the rightful leader position belonged to him. However, this angers Power because he realises that his 2nd Si-Sok had lied to him the whole time and confronts Raymond about the truth. Raymond was really angry when he found out, and wanted a fair match with Power to prove he was one most worthy. Raymond ends up winning Power quite easily=) He ended up using some technique that Power has never been taught, ie from Paul’s Sect. After concluding that it was possibly a technique Paul had secretly left for his own son, Power realises that perhaps, Paul really wanted Raymond to take his position and that it was already predetermined.

It turns out that Raymond actually learned that attack from his Japanese friend, Ellesmere when he was studying from Shanghai and mixed it together to form something new.

Vincents gets into a depression and keeps blaming himself, thinking he is a disgrace to his master because he lost to Raymond. Luckily, with the help of Melissa’s words, Vincent is able to get back up and live to be a good person, not one that learns Taichi just for power. Melissa tried to convince Vincent not to fight anymore and that Master Kwan would be happy for him as long as he took the path that was  right for him.

The Police Captain finds Derek to come back and work for him. Derek agreed but when he found out what the scheme was, he refused. However, at the end Derek was pressured into it and reluctantly agreed because he had to repay him.

Their goal was to cause chaos in the city by using Vincent to stir up the problem. Since the Political leader is always looking out for Vincent (because he was friends with Master Kwan) , they want all the citizens to lose repect for the leader, so they could overrule and become the new leaders .

They didn’t spefically say what Derek was actually doing, but he tries to make Vincent fight again and not leave the martial arts world. Derek captures Melissa and forces Vincent to fight again…

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  • chibi says:

    aww..poor Vincent..he seems to keep losing.. and Ray is being used big time. Myolie is so manipulative too.. wonder where the story is heading..?

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