An episode focusing on relationship <3

In the fight, Vincent reveals Derek and Derek almost knocked him off a cliff! Derek hands him a bamboo stick and gives him a choice. If Vincent still felt that he owed his life to his master, then he should let go and just die. If he feels that he should repay his Master then he can grab onto the bamboo stick and “get back up”. After this, Vincent could finally get back up =)

It turns out that Melissa and Derek had initially planned it ~Derek wanted to prove to Melissa that Vincent’s destined path was Taichi and that he just had to get rid of “blame” in him.
While the two are growing crops together, something pricks Vincent’s finger and Melissa becomes very concern. Seeing Melissa caring for him makes Vincent smiles at her and Melissa becomes embarrassed ^^;

Kenneth arrives and Melissa offers him to stay for a meal As Melissa goes to prepare the food, Kenneth asks Vincent to help him convince Melissa to go back with him. I really don’t like Kenneth’s character, I thought they dealt with this situation already. His mother pushes him a little and he obeys her and actually likes the idea of wanting Melissa as well. I think it’s unfair to the girls that he wants both of them…what a selfish childish person…

During their meal, Kenneth asks Melissa if she could go back and help out at the restaurant. His mother is also “unwell” and wanted Melissa to look after her. Like before, Vincent doesn’t admit that he wants Melissa to stay, saying its got nothing to do with him so Melissa decides to leave with Kenneth. We later see Vincent quite upset and he didn’t even eat dinner because he didn’t like the monk’s food and wanted to wait for Melissa’s return. Melissa ends up staying over that night and seeing that she didn’t return, Vincent couldn’t even sleep properly ^^;

Lau Dai Sok knows how Vincent is feeling hehe..

On the other hand, Selena becomes quite upset that Melissa has returned and Kenneth’s mother makes Selena feel bad too. I really felt sorry for Selena and sympathised with her. I felt that she deserves someone better and that Kenneth didn’t really care about Selena’s feelings. When Melissa was washing the dishes, Kenneth tells Melissa that he wants things to be like how they were before and that if she was tired, she could get Selena to finish off the dishes..Selena overhears and when Kenneth leaves, Selena confronts Melissa asking why she came back when she was the one who said she was willing to step out.

Melissa reassures Selena that she didn’t come back to be with Kenneth, but to repay Kenneth’s mum by taking care of her. Melissa gives Selena advise and encouragement in that Kenneth’s mother will accept her someday=)

Melissa returns home early in the morning and when Kenneth’s mother realised that Melissa had already gone, she accuses Selena that she must of said something to her. Kenneth immediately goes to find Melissa again when he encounters “Lau Dai Sok” who hints to him that Melissa may not go back with him because Melissa and Vincent have something for each other. Kenneth is in disbelief and goes to find Vincent to ask to an answer.

Kenneth: I have a question to ask you.
Vincent: What?
Kenneth: Did you fall in love with Melissa?
*Vincent tries avoiding eye contact with him.*
Kenneth: Why aren’t you answering me? Tell me it’s not true. Huh? Tell me, it’s not true, right? Vincent, tell me, it’s not.
Vincent: You were the one who didn’t want her first.
Kenneth: You’re saying that it’s true then! You fell in love with Melissa!? I never said I didn’t want her! Melissa is my fiancee! You’’re…”au yee-sow”!
Kenneth punches Vincent in the eye and angrily marches off.

Melissa starts teasing Vincent as she helps him treat his eyes. She kept questioning him why Kenneth would punch him and how it was possible for Kenneth to land a punch on him in the first place xD. Was it because Vincent deliberately let Kenneth punch him because of something he did? It obvious she knew the reason but wanted to hear the answer from him. Vincent tried avoiding the questions but eventually gave in with “It was because of you” XD When Vincent didn’t want to say anymore, she deliberately rubbed his eye harder XD

Vincent: Softer! It hurts!
Melissa: I thought you didn’t have any feelings, like you’re wooden.
Vincent: If I was wooden, I wouldn’t get bruised right away.
Melissa smiles and gently helps rubs it ^^
I thought it was really cute ^^.

Kenneth gets drunk and goes back home. He starts sulking that he lost Melissa and that Vincent was right because he gave up on her first. He ends up blaming Selena for making ‘a move on him’ first, or none of it would have turned out like this!! Kenneth is such a jerk!! I can’t believe those words even came out of his mouth. He blamed everything on Selena and took no responsibility at all. I really feel sorry for Selena, she must be heartbroken hearing those words. Selena slaps him hard across the face..poor Selena ><

As Selena runs away, she ends up fainting onto the ground. It turned out that Selena was actually pregnant with Kenneth’s child~ I’m glad that they realised, Kenneth’s mother finally accepts her and that Selena is happy =) She just forgave Kenneth after that (quite easily), but I’m glad they dealt with the issue nice and quickly. Selena and Kenneth get married in this episode and both Melissa and Vincent were invited to attend.

Later,it turns out that Derek wanted to gain Vincent’s trusts and encourages him to set up his own “Moon Pai”(Sect) to help taichi be spread and widely known. Raymond’s 2nd and 3rd Si-Sok find a piece of rock thing Vincent dropped and the suspects Vincent being John Chiang’s son. After investigating and confirming because they saw “Lau-Dai-Sok”, they wanted to get their hands on the Book again.

Raymond’s 2nd Si-Sok (Lau Kong) ends up capturing Melissa away as hostage…

3 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 13”

  • chibi says:

    Well! I’m glad Selena found happiness.. even though Kenneth is the biggest jerk!

    I liked seeing Melissa and Vincent together =) Hope they’ll ed up together.. would hate to see Myolie ruin it!

  • FaNNy says:

    this was such a cute episode!!!! so many melissa nd vincent moments =] hehez.

  • Mika says:

    hmm.. I think somehow they are making myolie a villain.
    As much as I hate it (because poor RAYMOND ^^) I still believe this is reality.
    Seriously…. Myolie started to liked Vincent (more like obsession) and he never liked her.
    Myolie lost her family and slmost everyting..
    To me.. Myolie is not a stable( is that the right word??) person. A person like that can easily walk the wrong path…..and to me it seems like she is!

    … geez… I hate myself..
    I want my theory not to be right.. because.. I like rRaymond and don’t want him to suffer… On the other hand… if everything is pure happiness.. this serie could easily get bored.

    someone… stop ME ^^

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