“Lau Dai -sok” knew it was Raymond’s 2nd Si-Sok who captured Melissa because of the type of attack he used, same as he did many years ago to kill Vincent’s father. “Lau Dai Sok” goes to find him and asks him to free Melissa because she is actually his long lost daughter. After confirming the fact from the Jade Melissa had, he decides to set up an act to free her, pretended that he came by and saved her -__- This made Melissa grateful to him instead.

Lau Dai Sok tells Melissa’s father that he didn’t tell, nor plan to tell that he was the one who killed Vincent’s parents, and hope to let the past generation’s matter as it is because he didn’t want it to affect Melissa and Vincent. Despite this, Melissa’s father ends up killing “Lau Dai Sok” because he didn’t want the possibility of the truth ever leaking out. Now that Melissa’s father knows Vincent is the man Melissa loves, he decided not to kill Vincent unless it is very necessary. Since the man died, no one else would know about the past.

Melissa: If you’re worried about my safety, always stay by my side and protect me.
Vincent: Don’t worry, I’ll always follow you and won’t let you worry.
Melissa: You said it.
Vincent smiles and nods.
Melissa’s father went to find Melissa and started making up that he recognised her because she looks familiar and that he actually met her when she was younger and is a friend to her uncle. Melissa was really happy when she found out that she in fact had a distant relative and he grabbed onto her hands in joy. Fred (Raymond’s servant) saw and thought that they had something for each other. When he went back, Fred told Raymond and Myolie what he saw and Myolie starts suggesting to help pair up the two together =___= Argh, Myolie is so annoying! She tries to encourage Raymond’s 2nd Si Sok to pursue Melissa and hope to separate Melissa and Vincent..I was relieved though, because I knew it wouldn’t happen since he is really her father, and he knew so.

When Melissa’s father tries to explain to Myolie etc that he didn’t have those types of intentions towards Melissa because she was actually his long lost daughter, Melissa overhears and she runs away. He tried chasing after her and explaining, but she didn’t recognise him as her father. The main reason he left her was because he chose his martial arts over her…

I really liked the following scene where Vincent was comforting Melissa. We finally see a ‘wooden’ Vincent comfort someone when it’s usually the other way around. He put his arms around her and let her hug onto him ^^, saying that he’ll always be there for her, so sweet.

I felt sorry for Melissa because she actually tried to come up with excuses for her father, or hoped that he left her because some reasons it was for the best for her and that he didn’t want to. However, the reasons he gave her disappointed her. it was mainly because she got in his way of pursuing his martial artist status.

On the other hand, Raymond’s Japaneses friend played by Ellesmere Choi whom he met while at school in Shanghai visits him. It turns out his life is destined like Raymond’s, one whom must carry on the martial arts from his father’s Sect. They have established a Dojo in the Capital. Because some other Sect saw that their disciples joined the Japanese Dojo, they got really pissed off and started a fight. The Chinese people (especially those in the Committee of “Wah Chong Wui”) didn’t want the Japanese establishing a spot in the Capital, so Raymond and his friend were forced to fight each other for the right to stay.

Raymond wins in the end, but with the help of the words of Derek, they manage to let them stay in the Captial.

I’m glad that Raymond and Ellesmore are still good friends because I liked what they shared when they were in Shanghai in episode 6. The two understand the circumstances they are under and the things they must deal with as leaders of their own Sect. I hope their friendship and trust for another won’t be affected in future episodes =)

At the end of the episode, Melissa’s father tells Raymond that he is starting to change his view towards Myolie now because Myolie has been encouraging him a lot about the Sect’s matters. He encourages Raymond to treasure every moment and not to live with any regrets by giving a title to Myolie by proposing to her…Raymond was so happy when he considered that idea.. I can’t bare to watch the next episode when he gets rejected >___< poor thing!

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  • chibi says:

    Nice summary =) Keep up the good work K!

  • mystique says:

    man, i really liked lau dai sok….. he’s way too nice and trusting

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