Fred (playing the servant) accidentally tells Myolie that Raymond is going to propose to her and that he went all over the city just to buy a ring her a ring. Myolie starts to get worried because she doesn’t like him that way but doesn’t want to hurt him because she knows he is really nice to her.

Myolie starts avoiding him and told him that she has something important to do, but Raymond said he’ll wait for her return.


Myolie ends up going to find Vincent where she interrupts the two who were sharing a sweet moment together. Myolie talks to Melissa and starts putting the act on again, pretending she hasn’t got her memories, and doesn’t remember anything, but “feels something special when she sees Vincent”. She starts asking Melissa why it was so and what kind of relationship did she have before her memory loss, hinting that she may regain her memories if she could spend more time with him. Melissa decides to help her out and asks Vincent to spend some time with her. Of course, Vincent agree (he’ll do anything for Melissa), and Vincent and Myolie went for a walk along the streets. Vincent seems a lot nicer to Myolie now, I think he has changed into a nicer person. A carriage almost runs Myolie over and Vincent saves her, making Myolie fall for him even more. Vincent figured that it was enough for one day and that he should go back, and that he’ll go out with her again some other time. Boy, can you imagine how happy Myolie was to hear that..

She finally returns to find Raymond who has been waiting for her so anxiously. When Raymond starts getting into the topic, like how she’s always been there for him since his fathers’ death etc, Myolie tells him its because they’re friends. She indirectly rejects him, saying that he should focus on being the leader of the Sect…

I really really feel sorry for Raymond >_< He was so nervous, excited ..and argh..such disappointment..he din’t even know it was coming…he held onto the ring tightly behind his back and didn’t end up giving it to her.


Raymond thought that perhaps  it was because Myolie just wasn’t ready for it yet..

On the other hand, Vincent has established his Taichi Sect and Kenneth wants to be his first disciple. Derek encourages Vincent to join the Committee “Wah Chong Wui”, even though a lot of the other parties do not like him. Melissa decided to ash her father for help, whether he can help assit and back up Vincent for a place in the committee. He had many considerations and excuses, but seeing that Melissa was disappointed in him, he changes his mind and agrees to help her. That’s the way to go..especially how he said he’ll make it up for her..and if he doesn’t help her with her first request? What would that show..?

With the help of Melissa’s father, Vincent is “accepted” so Vincent decides to thank him by inviting him to their place for dinner. Melissa didn’t forgive him yet but Vincent tells him that he understands Melissa. Even though she is still angry at him now, somewhere in her heart she is happy to have a father and encourages him not to give up on Melissa. I think Melissa’s father is somehow quite liking Vincent and believes what Lau-Dai Sok had said to him previously.

While Kenneth was proudly advertising for more members to join Vincent’s Taichi Sect at his restuarant, some other Sects who hated Vincent overheard and started beating him up and damaging the place. Luckily Vincent arrives shortly after. However, after this incidence, Melissa believes she has made the wrong decision in encouraging Vincent to start a Sect because it would only cause more fighting and hatred. Melissa reminds Vincent of Master Kwan’s words, how he wanted him to self-advance and not always thinking about competing and becoming #1. He should take it slowly, a step at a time so it wouldn’t cause too much problems.

By following their plan, Derek tries to persuade Vincent to keep fighting so they could use him to create chaos in the committee and city. Luckily, Vincent was influenced by Melissa’s words and decides to take things slowly. Upon hearing this, the Police Captain tells Derek to find a way to get rid of Melissa!!! >_< awww..slack!

After another day that Vincent had spent with Myolie, Myolie stays for dinner and cooks for them. Derek arrives and tells Vincent about a Tai Chi Master in Shanghai, so the two decide to go and meet this man the next day. Derek notices that Myolie has feelings for Vincent, so as Derek and Myolie leave together, Derek decides to use Myolie and manipulates her into thinking she is the more appropriate women for Vincent than Melissa(which is not hard for her to believe so at all). He tells her that Melissa is discouraging Vincent and getting in his way in achieving status in the martial arts world. He asks Myolie to travel to Shanghai with them: for one she could spend more time with him, while two, she could help encourage him to” fight and prove himself worthy “…

Myolie tells Selena her plans to going to Shanghai with Vincent. She tells her that Vincent is starting to treat her differently and that he can finally see the other side of her. She believes she should take this opportunity to be with him =_=

The next day, Myolie leaves to Shanghai, leaving behind a letter to Raymond telling him that if he really loved her, to go chase after her.

= = =

 Extra side plot with a bit about Yoyo’s background. Yoyo used to be a rich girl in another city with a powerful martial artist father. However he was killed in a fight and she ended up working at a brothel. The Police Captain reminds Derek that he was actually the one who killed Yoyo’s father..

5 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 15”

  • FaNNy says:

    its really sad that derek is yoyo’s father’s killer because he loves yoyo a lot and it seems that she loves him too =]

  • kat says:

    I was thinking this series was getting boring, but with ep 15 everything changed! Hate it so much how Myolie is using Ray, it’s like revenge for what he did to her in “The Drive of Life” looool. Anyway, that side plot about Derek and YoYo is getting interesting too, woud love to see more of them.

  • KTVB says:

    To FaNNy: yea, even though there isn’t much focus on this small side plot, i liked seeing how Derek cares so much for Yoyo, and always protecting her. It feels like a mini tragic story. Looks like his character is going to have it hard, I’m sure she’ll find out someday. I have a feeling her character may die, but I cross my fingers and hope she won’t.

    To kat: LOL! Your comment about the “Drive of Life ” thing is quite funny XD

  • chibi says:

    Oh poor Ray once again… It’s a difficult thing though cause although he’s always nice to Myolie- it doesn’t mean Myolie would love him back and life is just like that. Love is blind- and these feelings are uncontrollable, which is the reason why Myolise is obsessed with Vincent. But then.. if she doesn’t like Ray, why did she leave a letter telling him to chase her if he loves her? lol… That is just plain mean.

    It’s also nice seeing the “villain”- Melissa’s dad help Vincent… wonder if he will ‘turn good’ for the sake of his daughter though…

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi: That’s what I felt about the letter too! There would definitely be some sort of confrontation coming up!

    I hope he’ll turn good, even though he said that if “Chong Long Pai” is threatened, he won’t just sit and let that happen…

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