..What a dramatic episode …

Vincent and Derek arrive at Shanghai and suddenly Myolie appears, running up to Vincent. She starts faking a story to come up with an excuse, saying that she suddenly remembered a bit of her past and she was scared that something was going to happen to him so she didn’t think about anything else and ran to find him =__=

At the same time, Raymond appears and got confused (and perhaps Jealous) when he saw her with Vincent. Myolie seemed shocked that Raymond was there too.

Myolie: Why are you here?
Raymond: Why are you with Vincent(“Mo Ma”)? I have something to talk to you about. *Raymond takes Myolie to a bridge to have their talk*

Raymond: Why did you just leave to Shanghai without saying anything? And with “Mo Ma”?
Myolie: Before I lost my memories, I already met “Mo Ma”.
Raymond: And so?
Myolie: Do you remember how every time I saw “Mo Ma”, including when you two were competing last time, I would have this special feeling? Before, I couldn’t describe this type of feeling, but every time I look at him..
Raymond: You love “Mo Ma”?
Myolie: He saved my life before, he’s my Saviour.

Raymond: I saved you too!
Myolie: I know! I know that you not only saved me, you were also really nice to me. You cared for me a lot which is why I’ve been very grateful to you the whole time. But that feeling, it’s different. The feeling Vincent gives me, is one that even though I’ve lost my memories, I don’t even know who he is, the feeling is still there, do you understand?
Raymond: But to me you don’t?
Myolie: I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to hurt you. At first I thought that we could really be together, but after I saw him again, I know that the feelings between us isn’t love.
Raymond: You’re just talking to me about feelings? How do you know that your feelings aren’t wrong? You only vaguely remember something, you only have a little relationship with him, doesn’t mean you love him!
Myolie: I know who I love!

Raymond: You don’t! You don’t even know who you are! You’re just temporarily attracted to him. Give me some time, I will let you know who you truly love.
Myolie: Just let it be, “Hiu Sing”. I don’t deserve you loving me so much. I’ve been lying to you the whole time. I know who I am, I know everything. I already previously remembered everything. I am “Yin Ji Kuai”, not your cousin. I also remember the one I love is “Mo Ma”..I’m sorry, I’ve been hiding it from you the whole time because I wanted to forget my own past. I wanted to start a new life, but that thought is silly. I am myself, not matter how hard I try to forget everything, some things I just can’t let go of. Before I met you, I already loved “Mo Ma”. I loved him then, I love him now, and I always will love him.
Raymond: Don’t say anymore..

Poor Raymond!!! T_T …

Myolie goes back to join Vincent and Derek and they have a meal together. Derek had lied to Vincent from the start about a Taichi Master in Shanghai, just to get him away from Melissa. He apologises to Vincent that it was his fault they couldn’t contact the Taichi master and went on a trip for no reason. He gets Vincent and Myolie to drink with him, getting them both very drunk! Omg..Derek..how could you..argh!! Derek deliberately carried Vincent and Myolie onto the same bed to ruin Melissa and Vincent’s relationship to force Melissa to leave him.

Raymond in depression and deep into thought. He suddenly gets up and runs off.

Half way, Vincent feels like throwing up so he gets up and stumbles his way out of the room where he collapses on the stairway. Just at that time, Raymond goes to find Myolie where he finds Myolie drunk on the bed.

Raymond: “See Kam..See Kam” *shakes her in hope to wake her up*
Myolie: “Mo Ma”..
Raymond: It’s me.
Myolie mistakes Raymond as Vincent and gets up and hugs onto him.

Myolie: I know it’s you. “Mo Ma”, did you know, that the first time I met you, I knew that you were the one I was looking for. No matter how you treated me before, even if you never put me in as your first priority, even if you already have “Song Ching” (Melissa), no mater what, I only have you in my heart, and only you are the man I love the most. “Mo Ma” I really love you, I really love you…

Raymond was completely heartbroken and shattered T_T and then Myolie started kissing him… He couldn’t control his feelings, even though he knew she had mistaken him for Vincent. The girl he loved forced herself onto him and he took advantage of her… *sigh* It’s wrong of him but I just can’t get myself to blame him though.

After sleeping with her, Raymond got up because he felt so guilty. As he leaves, Derek saw him and realised what had happened. He carried Vincent back onto the bed, so when Myolie woke up the next morning naked next to Vincent, she believed the man with her last night was Vincent..She gets up first and leaves so Vincent is left completely clueless.

The next morning at the breakfast table, Vincent acts like he normally does and Derek convinces her that its probably because Vincent is still unsure how to handle the situation.

Myolie goes back to Raymond’s Sect and prepares to leave.

Raymond: You really have to leave?
Myolie: I think I’ve said it very clearly in Shanghai.
Raymond: Why are you wearing this set of clothing? You’re dressed the same as when I first took you back from Shanghai.
Myolie: When I followed you to the Capital, I was wearing this set of clothing and only these clothes belong to me.
Raymond: So you’re saying, everything that I’ve given you, whether it is clothes or other things, you won’t take it away with you?
Myolie: Sorry “Hiu Sing”, I owe you too much.
Raymond: I know, I know in your heart I’ll never be better than “Mo Ma”, but I never guessed that you wouldn’t even leave a little place for me…You don’t want these things I’ll throw them away for you! *Raymond starts messing up the room and tossing things onto the floor*
Myolie: Don’t be like this!
Raymond: We’ve got nothing to do with each other! Ok I’ll help you throw away everything!!
Myolie: No! I-
Raymond: I know! You’re only using me. When you have nothing you treat me as your Saviour, when you couldn’t get the man you love, you used me as a substitute. And now that you found back the man you love, I’m like these things, you toss me aside! You yourself “Song Serng Moon”
Myolie slaps across Raymond’s face.
Raymond: Go. Go to the place where you need to go.

As Myolie was walking away bare-footed out of the Sect, Fred (the servant) chases after her and hands over a pair of shoes that Raymond had asked him to. It was the first pair of shoes he bought for her in Shanghai when he saved her. Myolie holds onto the shoes and starts crying.

After Myolie tells Selena what has happened, Selena reveals that she was the one who actually wrote that letter to Raymond telling him that Myolie went to Shanghai. She knew Raymond would chase after Myolie, and thought that if Myolie knew, she would be moved by Raymond and realise who was the one who cared for her. When Myolie tells Selena that Vincent doesn’t appear to take any responsibility, Selena decides to stick up for her and the two go find Vincent. When Vincent starts denying that it ever happened, Melissa slaps him across the face…

Later Vincent goes to find Derek in hope he can help prove himself innocent. However, Derek lies, saying he did spend the night with Myolie.

Myolie begs Melissa to leave Vincent.

Vincent: Where are you going?
Melissa: Myolie is inside.
Vincent: I’m not asking about Myolie. The one I’m asking about is you.
Melissa: Since Myolie is to stay, then of course I am the one to leave. *Melissa attempts to walk off*
Vincent: Melissa, don’t leave.

Melissa: If I don’t leave, what do you plan to do with Myolie? You’re not planning to take responsibility?
*Vincent slowly looks away*
Melissa: We’re both orphans. We both tried what it’s like to be abandoned. You should understand Myolie’s feelings now. You can’t leave her and not care about her. Take good care of her.
As Melissa walks passed Vincent, he grabs onto her hands and Melissa starts to cry.

Melissa: Vincent let go of me. Wake up a bit…our “Yuen Fan” has come to an end. It’s impossible.
Vincent: Melissa, we’ll try to think of something.
Melissa: There is no other way! There isn’t! If there was another way you think I really want to leave? I don’t want to leave. There isn’t…there’s isn’t..
Vincent: Melissa.. *hugs onto her*

Melissa backs off.
Melissa: Vincent, we can’t be like this. ..you’ll only make it more painful for me. *Melissa runs off and Vincent calls after her*

Melissa’s father goes to find Melissa as she leaves, and asks her to go back home with him. Melissa finally accepts and recognises her father…aww...poor thing..I’m glad that she has somewhere to go now..

That night, all four of them couldn’t sleep..

= = =

The dramatic things happened. When I saw the preview of this episode, I was so shocked because I thought Myolie actually slept with Vincent…there’ll definitely be no turning point there. I thought Myolie would have got him drunk but turned out to be Derek. At least it was just a misunderstanding…Everything that has happened has been an obstacle between Melissa and Vincent but I hope they will overcome it, and prove that their love is strong and won’t just fade away. What I hope now is that the truth will come out someday. It should come out, so I’m looking forward until that day will come…I just wish it would come sooner.. =(

13 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 16”

  • chibi says:

    woaaahh, what climax! I’m so glad Myolie didnt sleep with Vincent ^^;; Considering back in those days it’s pretty much ‘the end’ for them if it actually happened cause he’ll need to take responsibility. Only Derek and Raymond knows the truth! Hope it comes out =)

  • qing says:

    OMG! eps 16 is so intersting! cant really blame anyone for what has happened but i really pity all of them…it’s so messy…

  • FaNNy says:

    i loved this episode so much!! especially when vincent grabs melissa’s hand =] it was just so sweet….pure love =] hehez xDDDD

  • This is a really dramatic episode but I hope that Vincent and Melissa will overcome their obstacles and Raymond and Myolie get together.

  • Princess101 says:

    qing~ i guess u cant blame da 4 of dem but u can def blame derek 4 making myolie think she slept wif vincent! actually, overall its da policemans fault

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi: yea i know! It would have been so bad if Myolie did sleep with Vincent. But the story-writers are being nice to us and keeping us happy in a way *phew* giving us a little gap of hope left ^^
    I feel sorry for Melissa..she loses Kenneth and Vincent almost the same way..

    To qing: Agree! it’s set up so that we can’t really even blame Myolie. She thought it was real. And I can’t really blame Myolie if she didn’t have those types of feelings for Raymond and what she said to him weren’t excuses either. Myolie was really grateful to Raymond but repaying him by forcing herself to love him just didn’t work. It would be unfair to him too. Let’s jsut hope Myolie will develop feelings for Raymond later on =)

    To FaNNy: I loved that part a lot too! The sunsetting backdrop fitted it perfectly =)

    To Trang: I hope so too =)
    To Princess101: The story is just written so well. Complex relationships caused by the one of the driving forces of the story, i.e the villains~ Policeman and Political incentives

  • Princess101 says:

    yeah i think derek regrets everything he did n besides, he was forcd. i jst wish he would tel dat it was raymond who slept wif myolie coz wat happnd made all 4 unhappy ah.

  • GuEsUmZ says:

    Im gonna take a stab and guess that myolie will become preg with raymonds kid cos of that “incident” it’d be typical TVB

  • Jadedreams says:

    I really liked the scene with Raymond and Myolie at the bridge when Myolie confessed that she got her memories back, and she was lying to him all along. It was so sad when the camera shot to Raymond’s face, and you could see his eyes being teary and all. It was so simple and subtle (because he wasn’t all out crying), yet it was so heartbreaking because you could see how it was eating him up inside (well at least how I saw it lol). Then I realize how much I adore Raymond as an actor haha!

    Also in that same scene, I think Myolie does care for Raymond as in more than friends, but she feels that she belongs with Vincent because they had some history (from her point of view)….like Mo Mah is some sort of Prince Charming to her so she wants to be with him and live that dream out. She was crying so much when she told Raymond! If she didn’t have some feelings for him, then I don’t she wouldn’t have cried so much. So it was heartbreaking to watch her be so silly and lying to herself, thinking Mo Mah is ‘the one’ for her even though she has fallen for Ray too. Sigh…there’s always something appealing about the one that you can’t be with versus the one you already have.

    The bed scene plot with Myolie and Raymond was definitely different from most TVB sex scenes, so I thought it was interesting, but it seems like it was controversial with some viewers because people arguing that it was rape and others saying not, etc.

    Anyway, this was a good episode. Thanks for the recap!

  • KTVB says:

    To Jadedreams: I agree! I could just almost feel all of Raymond’s feelings from the inside watching him like that..aww.. it’s very heartbreaking. All of Raymond’s emotions came out so well! <3

    Wow..I didn’t actually realise that Myolie loved Raymond in that scene. I thought all the crying and tears came out because she knew how hurt Raymond would be by her words (I thought she was being honest with her feelings in that confrontation)…I didn’t see it the way you did but what you’ve said really make sense. (She cried lots!)
    It seems like in every relationship when/if a girl loves two men at the same time, the girl would always love one more than the other.

    I thought the plot with the bed scene was really interesting as well! It added more heartbreaking feelings for Raymond’s character and then all of the guilt. Whether Myolie slept with Raymond, or Vincent, it wouldn’t have made a difference towards Derek’s goals because he made them all believe Myolie spend the night with Vincent anyway. I thought how the story was written, by adding the fact Raymond actually slept with Myolie makes the story much more interesting and complex. I don’t have any complaints about that scene.
    Whether it was rape or not, I couldn’t bring myself to blame/hate his character for what he did.

  • TVBlover says:

    This espisode was really sad.. I could also feel ray’s feeling during the bridge scene.. That scene was touching and it hurt ray a lot. Myolie did cried a lot when she was telling him the truth and was upset when she left him at the end.. The bed scene was different and after what ray did to myolie he felt guilty…. well we can’t really blame Ray for doing that cause he probably done that was to keep Myolie by his side….. I hope that Myolie knows what really happen that night and who actually slept with her..hope the truth would come out and it should be Ray telling her the truth….. Myolie was kinda silly thinking that the guy she truly love is Mo Ma but we all can really tell that she truly love Ray. For what Ray had done was a bad thing but I don’t think we can really blame him.. Ray was probably upset and what Myolie to be with him…

  • NIX says:

    OMG!! I’m having heart attack! this is my frst post since I just found out about this website! GAAAAAHH! I just finished watching eppy 16!! My goodness what a BIGGG mess! I tell you honestly, i dont like Melissa – i mean her character’s fine but she’s ug…nevermind me i think i’m just purely super jealous to everyone who gets near to Vincent XP. But really, Derek is the devil..my god, i wanted him to be a good guy! Stupid Chai Wai! DIE YOU! I mean it’s irritating that we all know what happened – that NOTHING happened between Vincent and Myolie, but Vincent have to face the shame too and yea..heartbroken..a little *roll eyes*. But *sigh*, i really pity Raymond…if i were in the streets of Shanghai that night, i’d go and be his fairgodmother Haha! Or anything! I feel really hurt and sorry for him! Now Myolie is being such a spoilrotten brat – who wants everything! But i cant blame her too…Mo Ma is so freakign manly and hot and how he saved her…whew..anyone with amnaesia can remember THAT! XD


  • Cutey says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I loved this episode, it was the best by far that I’ve watched. I especially loved the end of this episode when it showed that all 4 of them could not sleep!

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