Another exciting episode! I’m loving Taichi so much!

The story continues to show how much Melissa and Vincent miss each other, yet are forced not to think about each other, because they have to face what they believe is set. Melissa and her father have a talk with each other, where he tells her that Vincent has decided to compete for the leader position in “Wah Mang Wui”. He knows that the two still love each other and that Vincent is trying to set his mind on something so he wouldn’t have time to think about her so he can forget her.

But the harder you try to forget, the harder it is to forget. You and “Mo Ma” are the same, there is no way you two can forget about each other. You still have him in your heart.

On the other hand, Myolie becomes really angry and jealous when she realises that Vincent cared so much for some clothes that Melissa made for him, and had even kept it after there were many holes on it (damaged from training).

Vincent: You threw it away? That clothing is mine! How could you just throw it?
Myolie: The clothes are already so torn and you don’t need it for your training anymore, why do you still have to keep it for?
Vincent: The clothing is still mine, without my consent, why did you just throw it!? No one is allowed to throw it!
Myolie: You’re planning to go pick it back up again? It’s not that you care so much about the clothes, it’s Melissa isn’t it? She’s not here anymore and you still want to keep the clothing she made you!? You never even planned to put her down/let go of her. Did I say anything wrong? What am I?

Vincent starts to become a softy as he sees Myolie crying.
Vincent: Don’t be like this.
Myolie: Melissa is gone, she won’t come back. What’s the point keeping the clothes she made? I’m alive standing here and you don’t care, you only care about the broken clothes that she made. Am I not even about to compare to broken clothing? Do you know that I’ll be very hurt?
Vincent: Sorry..

Raymond’s Japanese friend Ellesmore tries to stand up for Raymond by challenging Vincent in a fight, but loses. Vincent’s martial arts seemed to have improved heaps and he won very easily. Later on , Raymond learns of an underground Black Gambling place where people bet on actual fighters who wore masks over their faces. When he learns of a fighter who “attacks in midair” Raymond decides to go and have a look, when one of the challengers masks gets knocked off, revealing to be Ellesmore! Ellesmore was about to get himself killed so Raymond couldn’t help but save him. Raymond tried convincing him to give up because he’ll die but Ellesmore tells him he has to win because he is gambling his own Japanese Sect’s title! Raymond decides to step in and fight on his behalf, causing much commotion when he revealed his true identity as the Sect leader of “Chong Long Pai”. Raymond wins and was able to save Ellesmore but this has had a negative impact on Chong Long Pai’s name, and caused more trouble within the Sect from disapproval of his actions and appearance at an Underground “casino”.

It turned out that Ellesmore wanted to compete there because it was a life-and-death situation and he believes that only fighting in those circumstances would he improve. He hopes to beat Vincent next time.

Lau Dai Sok’s body is found and now they realise he has been killed. (They thought he went back to the Country Side but was actually killed by Melissa’s father). After Melissa visits Lau Dai Sok’s grave, Vincent walks her off even though she didn’t “want” him to. Raymond’s 3rd Si-Sok attempted to have a sneak attack and kill Vincent but Vincent cuts him back with the knife instead and he manges to escape. Vincent believes that man may have been the one who killed Lau Dai Sok so Vincent offered Melissa to accompany her home because he was worried he may use Melissa against him. However, Melissa reminds him that Myolie is now the most important women in his life and not her, so he should go back and protect her =(

Back at the Raymond’s Sect, the group have a meal where Raymond’s 3rd Si-Sok returns. After Fred accidentally spills hot water on his arm, the cut on his arm is revealed and Melissa realises that he was the one who attacked Vincent just then. Raymond’s 3rd Si-Sok also notices Melissa’s reaction..

Melissa hopes to find Vincent to tell him what had just happened, but the man stops her. He also reveals to her that he wasn’t the one who killed Lau-Dai-Sok, but actually her own father! It was also her father and him that forced Vincent’s parents to jump off a cliff and die! Because Melissa knew the truth, he tries to kill her. Melissa’s father arrives and attempts to protect her, accidentally kicking his Si-Dai off the cliff!

Melissa is horrified and unable to accept the truth on what her father really is..a murderer who killed so many people just to achieve his goals. Melissa’s father chases after her into a forest where Melissa pulls off the Jade Necklace (that her father had left her), throwing it onto the ground breaking it. She warns him to kill her or else she will tell everyone of his evil doings! Her father doesn’t and Melissa walks off.

Melissa goes to find Vincent and faints…

5 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 17”

  • Annie says:

    omg. that scene with Melissa and her dad in the forest. i was totally bawling my eyes out. It was so sad and emotional, and Melissa and the dad did such a great job. I’m still recovering from that scene. LOL.

  • KTVB says:

    Me too!!! That scenes was really emotional, it was the highlight of the episode.

  • nich says:

    *Horror* No recaps for Eps 18 for taichi? You must be really busy. Try to keep it up, I’m sure I’m not the

    only one who looks forward to your fab recaps! Cheers!!

  • In one day, I saw too many sadness. How weird! I hope nothing will happen to Melissa.

  • chibi says:

    woaahhh so dramatic!!! Melissa and her dad act really well…

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