Another very awesome episode! lots of drama.. and very sad touching moments..

Vincent is very worried about Melissa and takes care of her while she was resting. Melissa calls out Vincent’s name in her sleep and pleading “not to kill “. Vincent grabs onto her hands and Myolie gets really jealous. She manages to convince Vincent to go have something to eat so she can help wipe Melissa’s body. Melissa wakes up and Myolie confronts Melissa, just like Selena did to Melissa before, asking her why she returned to Vincent when she was the one who said she’ll leave him at first. She asks Melissa to leave them slack! She didn’t even care what was happening. Melissa has been so nice to Myolie the whole time and what does Melissa get in return when she needed someone the most? Myolie just wants Melissa to go away and find someone else..Poor Melissa..

Melissa in front of Master Kwan’s grave, asking him what she should do..

Melissa goes off to find her father to tell him that she doesn’t plan to tell Vincent the truth. She will think of a way to leave the capital with him and never return, but she will never forgive her father. She warns him that if he still planned to hurt Vincent, he’ll have to kill her first. Melissa’s father reassures he did not have any intentions of harming either of them.

When Melissa returns, she tells Vincent that she wants to speak with him alone, and the two go outside. Melissa turns around and hugs onto Vincent, asking him to leave the Capital with her if he still loved her. She desperately wanted to get out of the place and didn’t want Vincent ever finding out the truth or going after her father for revenge. Vincent was confused- he didn’t know what was going on or what was wrong. Myolie pulls Melissa away from Vincent, and slaps her in the face!

Vincent: What are you doing!?
Myolie: What am I doing? You should be asking her! (To Melissa) That day you were the one who promised to leave “Mo Ma” to let us be together. Why are you taking him away now?
Melissa: I’m sorry “Ji Kuai”.
Myolie: Stop trying to act pitiful. You’re not even the one who is pitiful!
Melissa: I have to take “Mo Ma” away. Forgive me.
Myolie: You have to? What do you have, to do that? What are you to him? Who am I to him? What right do you have to say that!?
Vincent: “Ji Kuai-”
Melissa: “Ji Kuai”, I know that no matter what I say now it’s useless. I really hope that you’ll let me take “Mo Ma” away with me.
Myolie: I won’t. I won’t let “Mo Ma’ leave me. (To Vincent) “Mo Ma”, you promised that you’ll take care of me. You’ll take responsibility. Tell her clearly. Tell her to never bother us again. Tell her…say it!
Vincent: “Ji Kuai”, I’m sorry.
Myolie: I don’t want to hear you say you’re sorry!

//yay! This part made me really happy 😀 I was so happy Vincent did what he did =)

Myolie runs crying into the forest and accidentally slips and falls. When she gets back up, she finds Raymond’s 3rd Si-Sok (one that Melissa’s father kicked down the mountain) and with his final words, he tells Myolie everything.

Just before Melissa and Vincent leave the city, Myolie stops them and tells Vincent the truth! She tells him that Melissa’s father was the one who actually killed his parents and Vincent becomes really angry that Melissa had lied to him when he trusted her and he pushes her away from him.

Melissa asked Myolie why she had to tell Vincent the truth. Myolie tells Melissa that the greatest reward out of this was for her to see Vincent hate Melisa..argh!! Myolie is so selfish and evil!!

Vincent goes to Raymond’s Sect in demand to find Melissa’s father where Myolie stands up as the witness, telling them all the truth.

Myolie takes them to the dead body…

They were not able to find Melissa’ father because he had disappeared. Power was very angry and upset and wanted to take revenge for his 3rd Si-Sok (since he was the one who always looked out for him, while Melissa’s father cared for Raymond a lot and vice versa). When Melissa attempted to find her father at the sect, Power sees her and slaps her, forcing her to tell him where he was. Melissa’s father appears so he’ll let go of Melissa. When Melissa’s father heard Melissa call out to him to run and not to worry about her, he realizes that his daughter still loved him. Power and Melissa’ father fight and Power is unable to defeat him. Melissa and her father attempted to run when Raymond arrives. Power asks Raymond not to let them get away, but he doesn’t and lets them go..

Melissa asks her father to leave the Capital with her, and never go come back or he’ll die. He learns that Melissa had forgiven him because he is still her father and promises to leave with her.
That night, Derek finds Vincent and encourages him to seek revenge. =_= He tells him that there was a way to find Melissa’s father, which was by using Melissa to find him, justifying that they were the ones that deceived him first =__= such evil manipulative people!!

The next day, Melissa goes to find Vincent and asks him for forgiveness, pleading him to let her father go.

Melissa: I’m sorry. I know that I’m very selfish… but I really didn’t want to see you and my father kill each other. You two are the most important people in the world to me. I know that you’re very angry that I did this. Once I knew that my father was the one who killed your parents and Lau Dai-Sok, I was very angry at him too. I really, really wished that I have never recognized/reunited with him, one wants bad things to happen to their own parents. I’m the same…which is why I didn’t tell you the truth. I especially don’t want you to turn back into what you were like before, only with a vengeful heart. “Mo Ma”, I’m begging you, pleased forgive my father, let him go. He’s already been so guilty for all these years, he didn’t mean to kill your parents. Forgive him..
Vincent: You want me to forgive your father?
Melissa: “Mo Ma”, my father already decided to leave the Martial Arts world, can you give him a chance to live happily for the remaining of his life? I’ll leave with him and we won’t ever appear before you again.

Vincent: When I knew that “Yung Bak Choon” (Melissa’s father) was the one who killed my parents, I couldn’t control myself either. In my heart, I only thought about “revenge”, but when I think of you, think of Master, think about everything that you two have done for me, I started to slowly clam down…And, he is your father.
Melissa: You’re willing to forgive my father?
*Vincent nods*
Melissa was really happy and hugs onto Vincent. “Thank you. Thank you Mo Ma”
Vincent: When do you plan to leave? I’ll send you off.
Myolie watches from a distance and is very disappointed. She walks off.
=) awwwww……I was very relieved 😀 , but was slightly worried that Vincent may do what Derek suggested and use her just to find her father. He wouldn’t right? please please please.

Melissa’s father was waiting when he sees Melissa coming with Vincent and he becomes uneasy. From Vincent’s eyes and facial expression, Melissa’s father knows that Vincent is there to fight him and so attacks him even though Melissa explains that Vincent has forgiven him. Vincent has become very powerful and could have easily killed him but he held back from his attack. Vincent didn’t have intentions of killing him, letting him go and he took that as having taken his revenge already 🙂

Vincent was finally able to put down the hatred and learned from Master Kwan’s sacrifice. His martial arts have improved tremendously and he inside has reached a high level of self advancement ^^ Hearing Vincent’s words, Melissa’s father realizes that he should also learn to let go. Seeing the type of man Vincent was, he places his trust on him to look after his daughter.

Melissa: Father, what do you mean by this?
Melissa’s father: Let go, my whole life is filled with too many bad deeds and regrets. It’s time to learn how to let go, and I mean, truly let go.
Melissa: Father, everything’s already fine now. We’ll leave the Capital.
Melissa’s father: I can’t run away for the rest of my life. I need to account for myself, and I need to account to “Chong Long Pai”(Sect).
Melissa: Father, you promised me that you’ll never leave me again. Father, you said you’ll take care of me!
Melissa’s father: Having you as my daughter is my greatest luck *hugs Melissa*
Melissa: Father..
After his final hug with his daughter, Melissa’s father knocks her unconscious and asks Vincent to take care of her for him.

Melissa’s father goes to Paul’s grave. The other Sect members arrive and he asks Raymond as the leader to kill him because he is a disgrace to the Sect and has done too many bad things. Raymond is a softhearted guy and just couldn’t do it. Raymond and his 2nd Si-Sok’s relationship throughout has always been very good, and he had a lot of respect for him. Melissa’s father gets very disappointed at Raymond and forces him to take on his role of being the leader. He tells Raymond that he just fought with Vincent and he has improved dramatically and that Vincent is a threat! and that even he lost of Vincent very easily. He starts fighting with Raymond and Raymond loses to him, proving his point that Raymond cannot defeat Vincent in his current state. He will lose to him in the upcoming fight for the “Wah Mung Wui” leader position…he hopes Raymond will continue to work hard..

The two share their final hug before Melissa’s father takes out a knife and stabs himself! Vincent and Melissa arrive..

4 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 18”

  • FaNNy says:

    =] only two more episodes until the magical episode 20!! lolz xD

  • chibi says:

    wowy what a dramatic episode! I was able to watch it on TV too and it’s my first tai Chi episode! I liked how Vincent forgave Melissa’s father, mainly because of how much he loved her =) Myolie makes me laugh, cause she’s so evil, selfish and can’t get what she wants! woohhoo..go Vincent. I’m sick of her using the same lines saying she’s his woman- its clear who he really loves- whats the point of Myolie having Vincent just to ‘take responsibility’ when he doesnt love her anyway? She’s so immature and silly.

    I’m happy that Melissa’s dad turned good, even though he end up dying- at least he could redeem himself and die in honour and not shame.


  • TVBlover says:

    this episode was dramatic and really sad…. I shed a lot of tears =[ its really good that Vincent didn’t revenge it really did show that how much he cared for Melissa.. I hope Vincent could take really good care of Melissa now…. Myolie charater is really getting on my nerves in this episode… she is not his woman and he dosent need to take responsibility is Raymond who need to and she is ray’s woman but overall this episode was sad =[ It was really sad seeing Melissa dad died

  • KTVB says:

    Yup, very touching death… I liked watching his character turn good because of how much he loved his daughter. We could clearly see that he wanted to protect both Melissa and Vincent. At the end, he faced a death he believed he should have and for that I respect his character.
    I agree with you both, Chibi an TVBlover 🙂

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