Vincent tries convincing Melissa to stay with him but she can’t face him anymore. Even though she knew that her father’s death was not his fault, she couldn’t help but blame him for seeing her father, or else they would have left the Captial and perhaps lived happily ever after ..and her father wouldn’t’ have died.

On the other hand, Myolie leaves Vincent (after the scene in episode 18 where she saw Vincent forgive Melissa’s father). She didn’t say anything to him after. She walked off herself, crying. Raymond saw her, asking what was wrong, and where Vincent was. Myolie didn’t say anything but cry and Raymond hugs onto her, telling her that no matter what happens, she’ll always have him. aww..Raymond loves Myolie so much..

Kenneth decides to take in Melissa, and they treat her as one family since she had no where to go. Selena welcomes Melissa back and expresses that she really wants her to stay. She also sets up an opportunity for Melissa and Myolie to talk face to face.

Melissa: I’m sorry, Ji Kuai. If it wasn’t for’s because of my father, I didn’t want Vincent to seek revenge which was why I did it.
Myolie: I understand.
Melissa: My father is already dead, I won’t see Vincent anymore. I won’t interfere with you two.
Myolie: You didn’t interfere with us. From the start, Vincent never loved me. Even if we’re together, it’s just because of responsibility. Living with a person who doesn’t love you is very painful. So many things happened between you two, yet his heart is still towards you. There is no way I can keep him by my side.
Melissa: Ji Kuai..
Myolie: Don’t worry. I gave up on him, I won’t have anymore hope in him. You can freely stay with my sister, that way I’ll feel better. I hope you’ll help take care of my sister.
Melissa: Even if you didn’t ask me, I’ll look after Selena =)

//Wow..just like that, Myolie and Melissa are fine now. The love triangle is resolved. Myolie seems to have changed, I think her hatred for Vincent and Melissa has gone because she seemed genuine in her words. Perhaps she has calmed down and thought it through clearly as well. Perhaps she finally realised how much Raymond meant to her. I hope everything will go well from this moment on for all of them.

Under pressure from the Police Captain, Derek deliberately got three people to join Vincent’s Taichi Sect and ended up using the name as disciples to sell drugs/fake medicine to people, tarnishing the reputation and causing much trouble, especially in the Committee (“Wah Mang Wui”). annoying. Derek hated what he was doing, betraying Vincent when he was his friend. He doesn’t want to lie to him anymore so deliberately lets Vincent know that he was the one who got the three Fakeos to do that to him, saying he wanted Vincent to be more determined to get the “Wah Mung Wui” leadership position. (Of course though, Derek did not reveal the Police Captain’s true intentions). This causes Vincent to lose trust in Derek and so the Police Captain would not be able to use Derek to get close to him anymore. Derek thought that he was finally free.

Vincent visits Kenneth’s restaurant because he wants to see Melissa. However, Melissa tries avoiding him.

The other martial arts sect disciples often went to cause trouble for Kenneth (as Vincent’s disciple) and his restaurant for selling drugs that killed people. In a fight/struggle, Selena gets hit and falls but luckily the baby was ok. However, to ensure Selena’s safety, the family decides to close down the business and move back to the Country Side. Before Melissa leaves, she makes Vincent a meal and ask a priest to give it to him =3 was obvious she didn’t want to leave him and that he didn’t want her to leave. Vincent was now all alone at the Captial by himself.

Meanwhile, Ellesmere (Raymond’s Japanese friend) sees Yoyo getting harassed by her old “customer” and she slaps the man in the face. When the man wanted to get back at her, Ellesmere comes and saves her. Ellesmere fell in love with Yoyo at first sight, but she tells him they’re not suitable together. He thinks she is implying because he is Japanese. He goes to tell Raymond about the the girl who he just met, saying she is “the one” for him. I don’t like his character that much, his character is starting to become a bit annoying.. it’s interesting to have more interaction between the characters though=)

When Myolie hears that Raymond is training really hard to win Vincent for the “Wah Mang Wui” leader position, she goes to find him. To give him motivation and encouragement, Myolie confesses to Raymond that she will marry him if he wins. However, Raymond denies the fact that he had planned to propose to her before (in the first time, Raymond got rejected before Myolie gave him the chance to propose to her). He told her it wasn’t that he didn’t want to marry her, but he didn’t want to think about other matters besides winning. Was it because Raymond was scared that he’d lose the fight?

Myolie: You still care because I was with Vincent, isn’t it?
Raymond doesn’t deny the fact.
Myolie: I understand. I’m the one being silly. Myolie gets upset and walks off.

Later in a talk with Ellesmere, Raymond reveals that he previously spent the night with Myolie when she mistook him for Vincent. He feels he owes her but is scared Myolie is just being with him because she felt sorry for him and doesn’t truly love him. His insecurities were revealed but Ellesmere reassures him that a girl wouldn’t marry a man just because she felt sorry for him/owed him.

Ji Kwai is willing to be by your side always, and you love her. Why do you still have to reject her? Mo Ma is just your “Sum Mor”, you must get rid of him. The only way is to defeat him in the upcoming competition.”….”Unless you think that you’re not good enough for him, and that he is the only one that’s good enough to be Ji Kwai’s man.”  His words burn into Raymond’s heart and becomes very determined.

In order to train himself to win Vincent, Raymond decides to fight and compete with others in the Black Underground Gambling place..

//Why doesn’t he put a mask on anymore..?

At the end of the episode, Raymond goes to find Vincent, and officially challenges him.

// I think Raymond’s character is starting to turn bad because of his hatred towards losing to Vincent, especially to Myolie. For him to fight at the Underground “casino” is already stepping over the line for his character. I hope he wouldn’t do whatever it takes to defeat him..please don’t go on the wrong path, Hiu Sing!

5 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 19”

  • Princess101 says:

    i think raymond has gone a bit ova the edge because he’s nervous coz myolie chose vincent ova him and he also isnt as gud @ martial arts den vincent 2. i hope he stays good!!!

  • chibi says:

    oh wow, this does seem like what I mentioned in my previous comment =D I can read Myolie’s mind, lol. Well, it’s for the best… Hope Melissa can end up back with Vincent though… it’s hard for her but Vincent didn’t really do anything, and at least her father was able to rest in peace… instead of having guilt all his life. Hopefully she can see that =)

    boo to Raymond. oh wells, it understandable since he has always loved Myolie so much and Vincent always seems to win her over, and in fighting,

  • unknown says:

    Hey!!!! Raymond is not that i real life. It is just his charater in movie. I think he is a pretty good actor. Dont you think so????

  • unknown says:

    Hey!!!! Raymond is not that i real life. It is just his charater in movie. I think he is a pretty good actor. Dont you think so????

  • unknown says:

    Please answer my question

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