This episode gets a bit more exciting. I really like watching Vincent and Melissa, even though they have limited on-screen together at the moment.

Selena and Kenneth

Vincent had saved Myolie, and Kenneth had saved Selena. Kenneth was especially nice to her and it somehow felt they developed feelings for each other from the moment they met (love at first sight?)

That night, Selena was washing her legs by the river where Kenneth finds her and she tells him her story. Selena is actually Myolie’s older step sister: they share the same father, but Selena’s mother was his servant who had no title but gave birth to her~ so Selena was raised as her servant. Now that Myolie has lost her family, they only have each other left. Kenneth starts telling her what a kind, understanding person she was, a big contrast to Myolie. As Selena gets up to leave, she slips and falls on top of him. When Selena was about to back off him, he pulls her closer to him and the two end up kissing and sleeping with each other. I’m starting to dislike Kenneth’s character! He is too childish, indecisive and doesn’t think about the consequences nor does he show any responsibility as a man. He cheated on his fiancee! just like that..they met for, a day? It annoys me that he didn’t seem to try and hold back his feelings for Selena and acted as if Melissa never existed…Later when Selena finds out from Vincent that Kenneth already had a fiancee, Kenneth didn’t know what to do or say. He wanted to return home *sigh*

Selena finds out Kenneth has a fiancee.

– – –

Myolie’s Revenge

On the other hand, all Myolie wanted to avenge her family. She “ordered” Vincent to help her.

She offered to reward Vincent money if he killed the man but Vincent refused.

Myolie: I don’t need my life, but I must take my revenge!
Vincent: You’re right. You must take your revenge. But since you are willing to give up your life, then you should seek revenge yourself
Myolie: What do you mean?
Vincent: I’m only interesting in taking my own revenge. *starts walking away*


Myolie chases after him.

Myolie: Is it because you think the pay isn’t enough? I can give you everything that’s valuable to you.
Vincent grins.
Myolie: What kind of attitude is that! ? You are just a lowly soldier! Do you know who I am!?
Vincent: Who?
Myolie: I’m ‘ Yin Bak Tong..’ (Myolie suddenly realised she was a ‘no one’ now, her father is dead and angrily attempts to hit him, but Vincent grabs onto her wrists and twists it.)
Vincent: I’m not you’re servant. You have no right to order me around! *pushes Myolie away*
Myolie: Tell me, what is it that you want? As long as you help me kill that guy, I can give you anything!
Vincent finds it amusing.
Myolie: What are you laughing at?
Vincent: You can give me everything, doesn’t mean I want it.

The two sisters have their talk, and Selena tries to convince Myolie to put down the hatred and heart for revenge but Myolie angrily claims Selena had wanted their father to die all along because he never treated her well.

When Vincent and Kenneth planned to continue on their journey to the Capital ( in hope to become high ranked official), Selena tricks them into helping them revenge for Myolie, by misleading them into thinking people were rewarded for bringing that man’s head to some other man (who had already died in war). I really felt sorry for Vincent’s character. He was used again without knowing, risking his life and almost getting killed again. What for?

At the same time, Selena hadn’t realised Myolie had already left herself to attempt to kill that man herself.

Vincent sees Myolie at the door, preparing to kill the man (the one who betrayed Myolie’s father) but stops her, and ties her onto a chair so that he can claim the “reward”. Vincent publicly stabs the man to death where Paul Chun’s character comes out (after witnessing the situation) in hope he would give in to the law. He believed that man deserved to die but it was not Vincent’s decision for his death, nor did he have the right/power/judgment to kill someone. Paul said he would let Vincent go if he could survive three of his attacks. Paul is actually the Capital’s most powerful martial artist. After two attacks, Vincent was badly injured but Paul decided to let him off. However, Vincent refused because he wanted to take the dead man’s head with him (to claim his prize). Vincent manages to survive his third attack by dodging him using Taichi and walks away with the head.

Myolie tied up by Vincent and witnesses Vincent stabbing the man through the window. She finally got her revenge.

When Vincent finds out the truth that he has been used, and had killed someone for no reason, he becomes so angry that he starts strangling Myolie but eventually lets her go. Vincent was now a murderer wanted and under arrest by the police. Myolie really wants to make it up for him and repay him somehow. However, all he wants is for her to never appear in his face again.

The Polices started chasing him and he hid in one of the room at some hotel. Co-incidentally, it was Melissa’s room, as she had come from the country side in hope to find Kenneth. Melissa helps Vincent by hiding him from the police and Vincent was surprised and grateful that Melissa had helped him.

However, the police later find out that Melissa had been hiding the criminal and arrests her, slapping her face on the streets when she said she didn’t know where he was. Vincent couldn’t stand watching her getting tortured because of him so he comes out and lets the policemen arrest him..

6 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 2”

  • lizzy says:

    good review on the tai chi eps x) yups it’s way to stupid how Kenneth & Selena did.. they just met each other not long time and already that 1 night stand -.-‘ hate their character

  • FaNNy says:

    i love selena, but i dont really like her character in TC that much =.=

    to lizzy: i totally agree!! kenneth and selena happened so fast!!!

    to K: the scenes of melissa nd vincent in ep 2 was so awesome =] hehez. they are definitely my favorite couple in the seires, so far the ONLY couple i like in the series.

  • chibi says:

    ooo….nice summary =) Well written. I don’t really like Myolie’s character XD She sounds weird… go go Melissa- will be rooting for her XD

  • sscc says:

    to fanny: I agree with you, but after knowing she cares so much for myolie, I think that she’s pretty sweet and kind-hearted. Can’t wait to watch how this show progresses and how kenneth is going to explain to melissa

  • VWaterlily says:

    I adore that scene with Vincent and Melissa. It’s so cute! Favorite couple!

    And totally agree, Kenneth and Selena: WAY too fast.

    Was there a hint of disgust in Vincent’s voice when he asked Kenneth “What about Melissa?” when he found out about the one night stand? I hope it wasn’t just my imagination!

    • KTVB says:

      It’s been a while since I watched it (a year ago haha) but I recall him being quite disgusted as well! Or it really could be the canto dubbing ^^; hehe

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