Lots of awesome fighting scenes =) The battle for the “Wah Mang Wui” leader position begins!

The first match is between Raymond and Power. At first Raymond used a mixed of attacks, merging parts of “Chong Long” attacks with the Japanese ones. Power gets angry of course and dares him to use pure “Chong Long” moves to fight him. Raymond does and at the end, Raymond is still able to defeat him 🙂 Power gets looked down upon and kicked out of the other Sect because he lost.

The next match is Vincent’s turn to fight but the opponents side capture Melissa and forces him to lose to them or they will kill Melissa. Myolie couldn’t stand watching Vincent getting beaten up on stage so she run out of the room, making Raymond feel really bad. While she was outside, she notices Melissa in a car between two men and realises that they have captured her as hostage against Vincent. Myolie runs back in and tells Raymond who saves Melissa and frees her 🙂 When Melissa calls out to Vincent, he realises that she was OK so he fought back and won!! ~ yay!~

Melissa hugs Vincent after the match when she was freed. How sweet! <3 I’m really happy that Myolie and Raymond helped save Melissa =)

Vincent thanks the two for saving Melissa but Raymond tells him he’s only saving her because he wants to defeat Vincent himself and won’t let him lose before he gets the chance.

However, on the other hand, Raymond confesses his disapproval of Myolies’ actions and his inner insecurities and anger is revealed again.

Myolie: I know that you’re upset because I left the fight halfway before, am I right? I saw Vincent getting beaten up, yes, it was true that I couldn’t bear to watch on, but that’s just because I don’t want to see a person I know getting beaten up like that. That’s it.
Raymond: I understand. But that’s still Vincent.
Myolie: It’s not like that. I already put that down everything. When I saw Vincent and Melissa just then, I knew in my heart that he’s not in my heart anymore. And I won’t have any of those types of feelings towards him. Seeing the two like that now, I feel really happy for them. You don’t believe me?
Raymond: It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just that I remembered some things in the past.
Myolie: The past?
Raymond: The first time I fought with Vincent was at that contest thing. You suddenly screamed. The second time I challenged Vincent, you ran away half way. At that time I thought it was because you were worried and scared that I’d get hurt. Thinking back, I’m really silly.
Myolie: So you still don’t believe me..
Raymond: I’ve been silly so many times, I don’t want to be silly anymore.
Myolie: Then if it is like this, why didn’t you just let me leave before?
Raymond: I still won’t let you go. I will keep you by my side, and let you watch how I am going to defeat Vincent. I will let you see how Vincent will lose until he has nothing. I will make you forget him once and for all.
Myolie: Hiu Sing, no matter if you win or lose, in my heart..
Raymond: I definitely won’t lose. I said that I’d prove to you that I am more worthy than him to love you.

The next match was Vincent again Vs. another Sect. Even though Vincent claims his injuries are “just on the surface”, Melissa was really worried about him so called in a doctor for his wounds. Little did they know that the doctor was actually bribed and sent from the opposing group, making Vincent’s wounds even worse, causing his whole body to be poisoned! There was no way he could fight the next day or even get out of bed >__< Argh…so many obstacles for him … Under the persuasion of Derek, Melissa tries to find the president/head to extend the date, which could have caused much more problems for the president if he continued to defend for Vincent. Raymond also tries to persuade them to let Vincent recover first, but the argument came down to being fair to the other Sect. Melissa didn’t want Vincent to fight because she’s scared that he’ll get killed. She knows that Vincent would fight no mater the condition. Melissa had ‘no choice’ but to lie to Vincent, telling him that the date of the fight was extended! Raymond realises how injured Vincent was, so attempts to find the opponent’s master to request for an extension, and the old man willingly agrees. The old man didn’t know about the issue from his disciples. However, on the actual day, the old man took back his words (influenced from his disciples) and the fight commenced!

The other Sects kept proposing that to have Vincent forfeit the match since he didn’t appear.

Raymond managed to pleaded for an 1/2hour extension and runs off to the hospital to find Vincent and inform him of what was going on. Vincent realised Melissa had lied to him but he reminds her of how much the fight meant to him. He also reminded her of the words of encouragement she gave him (near the beginning of the series) not to run away but bravely face the fight. Despite the injury, Vincent goes to compete. It turned out to be Vs. another Taichi Master.

This was another awesome fight scene and in the end, Vincent managed to throw his opponent off the stage! However, Vincent faints shortly after so they declared the match to be a draw, and a rematch is rescheduled =__=…

At least Vincent is able to recuperate for the rematch.

The opponent’s sect attempted to switch competitor but the Sect’s head (Jerng Moon) finally stood up, because he couldn’t bare seeing his disciple act in such a disgraceful way. The competitor, including the Taichi fighter weren’t even from their Sect.The old man decides to come out and compete for himself..At least there’s a nice guy somewhere.

The old man told Vincent not to go easy on him even though he is an elder. Vincent and the man begin to fight. In the audience, the police captain hints to Derek that “How do you think everyone would response if Vincent killed the old man, and then eventually became the leader of Wah Mang Wui?”

Derek: Vincent would definitely not use strong attacks on an respected elder.

Police Captain: How powerful his attacks are, are hard for audiences to tell, unless he doesn’t even touch the man at all. As long as Vincent touches him, there’s a possibly to cause internal injuries. You’re an Martial Arts Master, nothing can be hard for you..

= = =

*Note: I didn’t capture many screen shots on the fighting scenes because it’s quite hard since they move a lot and it becomes blurry, but they were very cool =)

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  • chibi says:

    wow!! So intensive and exciting =D I can really feel ‘the end’ coming together soon… =) Keep us informed! I’m really enjoying these screenies and summaries!

  • FaNNy says:

    oh god….the vincent x melissa memories are just so precious!!! =]

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