Such Excitement!!

Vincent fights the Sect leader and eventually wins by throwing him off the stage, but grabs onto his arm so he wouldn’t hurt himself =) Such a nice guy <3 and the audiences were cheering on for him too.

The Police Captain got Derek to secretly kill the Sect Leader internally, so shortly after the match, the Sect leader dies! Everyone blames it on Vincent, thinking he actually injured him badly in the fight! The president continued to defend Vincent because he knows he isn’t that type of person. Since there wasn’t “real” evidence, the match commenced but this has caused a lot of tension in the “Wah Mang Wui”. Upon hearing this, Raymond hated Vincent even more~ Is he trying to find more excuses to defeat him? This also reminds me of the time after Master Kwan dies…

The final match between Vincent and Raymond begins! Kenneth and “Mo Hai” came along to the capital to support Vincent 🙂 Raymond was burning with anger and hatred in him while Vincent was very clam. Raymond lost to Vincent really badly but Raymond kept getting back up. He started using all sorts of attacks, and started mixing in Japanese-style kicks etc but was still no match to Vincent. It is very obvious that Vincent’s Taichi levels has skyrocketed since they last fought.

Eventually Vincent was declared the winner when Raymond faints on the stage… I don’t like seeing Raymond lose so badly like that >_< he even had to be carried off the stage… but I’m really happy that Vincent won. Myolie kept crying when she saw Raymond like that..

Even though Vincent won, he didn’t want to take on the position for “Wah Mang Wui” leader because he promised Melissa that he’ll return to the Countryside with her. He hoped to announce this news on the official day.

Back at Chong Long Sect, Myolie went to find Raymond who was in total depression. Everyone was very worried about him because he tried acting “normal”. He started playing his violin and asked Myolie for some advice about the piece of music.

Myolie: Hiu Sing, don’t be like this.
Raymond: What? I’m only playing the violin.
Myolie: I know that you lost to Vincent, and has had a big impact on you, but in life there’s always ups and downs. You lost this time, it doesn’t mean you can’t win it back next time.
Raymond: You know this piece of music? “Ba Se” wrote it to his wife, so with other music-
Myolie: Hiu Sing, I know it’s very hard to accept the fact that you lost to Vincent, but whats happened has happened. You’ll only make everyone worry about you like this. Everyone still supports you, even if you lost this time, next time you can-
Raymond slams the violin onto the table.
Raymond: Four times. After you came in, you said that I lost four times. I know I lost to Vincent! And I got defeated until I fell over and didn’t even know how I lost! And lost until I had to be carried away! This I’m very clear! You don’t have to remind me! I know how everyone outside sees me. Everyone is saying that the Chong Long Sect leader got beaten up Vincent that he couldn’t even get up. A whole “Chong Long” (Dragon) got defeated like a bug!
Myolie: No one sees you like that.
Raymond: Father and 2nd Si-Sok wanted me to take on Chong Long Sect. They wouldn’t have thought I couldn’t even get back up.

Myolie: Hiu Sing, you still have a long path ahead of you. That time, Chong Long Sect was only a little small Sect. Your father and 2nd-Sok kept on going, that’s how we have the Capital’s top-ranked Sect today. Through the process, they experienced a lot of mistakes and defeats, but they never gave up. You can’t just give up now.
Raymond: Capital’s top-ranked Sect , isn’t anymore…because I lost it. My father and 2nd Si-Sok’s life’s efforts got destroyed in my hands.
Myolie: Hiu Sing, if you keep going on like this, you’ll never be able to get back up. The past isn’t important, the important thing is the future!
Raymond: Not important? I lost until I was lying on the floor, lost like a bug(?), what future do I have?
Myolie: It doesn’t matter how other people look at you. The most important thing is how you look at it yourself. If you’re willing to-
Raymond: I don’t care how other people see me as, it’s you! I wanted to defeat Vincent to show you! I want to prove to you that I am stronger than him. I have more rights to be your man.
Myolie: Hiu Sing..
Raymond: But what did I prove!? I just proved that I’m a bug, I lost to him from start to end.
Myolie: It’s not like that. In my heart you’re not like that..
Raymond: Why didn’t you leave? Why didn’t you leave when you saw me getting beaten up? Every time Vincent gets beaten up you’d just run away. Why didn’t you run this time? Why did you have to watch til the end!? And see me on the floor! Is it that when you see Vincent beaten you feel hurt, but when you see me getting beaten up you feel happy?
Myolie: just wanted to stay to support you. I didn’t want to leave you alone.

Raymond: Did you know that, that was the look I didn’t want people to see the most? The one I don’t want seeing me lose is you! Why did you have to be there!? Why were you there this time? Last time I defeated Vincent, you ran away. This time I got defeated until I couldn’t get back up and you were here! Why!?= = =

The Japanese Dojou people were sticking up “Wanted” posters of Ellesmere as they have yet to find out his whereabouts. The Police Captain’s plans commenced and uses Derek to find Raymond. Derek takes him to a fake witness, saying that he found Ellesmere’s body and that he was killed by Vincent!

Raymond looked very scary. He wanted Vincent to die >__<

On the day when Vincent was to be announced the new leader of the “Wah Mang Wui” (since Paul has died), all the other Sect leaders refused to accept him, threatening to quit the “Wah Mang Wui” if Vincent was going to be the leader =_= What bunches of trashy people and sore losers …When Vincent announces that he doesn’t plan to take on the position, but only used the opportunity to prove the power of Taichi, this causes the other Sect leaders to become more furious! Adding to the tension, Raymond arrives “revealing” that Vincent had killed Ellesmere! The police arrive including ones from the Japanese Government and Vincent gets captured and imprisoned!

Myolie not believing that Vincent would kill Ellesmere

Vincent realises that it was dangerous for Melissa to stay at the Capital because it was obvious someone is deliberately accusing him. He manages to convince Melissa, Kenneth and “Mo Hai” to return to the countryside first and that he’ll be ok. sad to see them separate again!  🙁 The president is on his side and will help find out who the real murderer is to prove him innocent.

The President (“Si Jerng”) undergoes investigation and finds out about the Police Captain and Vice president’s evil plans and wrong doings (allied with Switzerland people in hope to overthrow his position). He realises they were using Vincent, but he was their real target.

The Police Captain planned to secretly kill off Vincent so the truth will be buried and that he could take all the blame for Ellesmere’s death. Luckily the president came and saved Vincent but he ends up getting captured instead! The president gets arrested for freeing the “criminal”.

The people continued to search for Vincent and he eventually gets found! The crowd of men all go after him! He was so outnumbered and eventually gets chased to the edge of a cliff. The fight continued there, but when a gunshot was fired, Vincent gets distracted where Raymond kicks him off the cliff!! =( Everyone cheers for Raymond, saying he is the hero for killing Vincent >_<

All the Sects support Raymond to take on the “Wah Mang Wui” leader position because he killed Vincent, one who they all believed deserved to die for killing Ellesmere, the other Sect leader etc… And since Raymond’s father was previously the “Wah Mang Wui” leader, they thought he was well deserved to take on the position. Of course Raymond was really happy *sigh* He was able to “redeem” his title, Chong Long sect, and his rival Vincent was gone… frustrating to see what Raymond has turned into!

When Raymond returns…

What happened? Is Vincent captured already? I’m asking you, did you capture him already? How is he now?
Raymond: You still care about this issue.
Myolie: Well, we know each other..
Raymond: Vincent is dead. Did you hear? He is dead. I kicked him down the cliff.
Myolie: You kicked him off a cliff? Why did you do that for??
Raymond: Why? Vincent killed Ellesmere, it’s one life for another life, that’s justice!
Myolie: The truth hasn’t even come out yet, how can you just accuse him as being the murderer!?
Raymond: You still thinking about Vincent? Feeling heartbroken?
Myolie: Don’t you have any feelings after killing someone?
Raymond: Vincent deserves to die!
Myolie: No matter how much you hate him, it’s still a life. How come you’ve changed into this…?
Raymond: You think I killed him because I couldn’t take it that I lost to him? Vincent is the murderer! I’m just acting judgment on him!
Myolie: You honestly ask yourself, if he wasn’t Vincent would you be so certain he is the murderer!?
Raymond: All the evidence is here, everyone knows he’s the murderer! You’re still defending him? Even after he’s dead!?
Myolie: I’m not trying to defend for him! You’re the one who just has something against him! You weren’t like this, more than anyone were able to let go and forgive. But now, just because of a moment’s anger, you can easily take away someone’s life.
Raymond: In your eyes, I’m that type of person?
Myolie: I don’t want you to turn into a person like that!

Raymond: Well I’ll tell you, I’m not like that! I killed Vincent because he deserved to die, if it was anyone else I’d do the same!

Myolie: I just want to ask you one thing. Before you did..did you even have a moment of thought of letting him go?… Did you ever consider whether you must kill him?
Raymond couldn’t answer..

= = =

I really hate Raymond’s character in this episode, he’s changed so much…*sigh* I hope he’ll be able to find his way back to the right path..soon =( Raymond is getting used without knowing ~

5 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 22”

  • TVBlover says:

    Yea.. I thought the same too. Raymond change a lot and he is hurting Myolie… Don’t you kinda think of this way like why Ray is acting like this…well I think that he still upset over myolie and vincent thing and he want to win myolie heart and stuff =] but overall it was great

  • oh my. Ray’s character is really scary. Is he jealous or something? Myolie was right though.

  • chibi says:

    wow….soo dramatic! Awesome summary =)

    Raymond has turned really..evil.. he seems to play his role quite well though, judging from these screen captures, he’s displaying a lot of emotions! can’t wait to see what happens!

  • Twinstars says:

    does any1 know the violin pieces of music in this drama??? the title of the music pls?? thnxs!

    • Que says:

      i think the pieces that Raymond play for Myolie in the earlier episode was “Overture”..
      correct me if i’m wrong

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