Another very exciting episode!!

Raymond gets really upset and drunk thinking about the things Myolie had said to him. That night, Myolie was walking along the streets because she didn’t want to go back. A ‘crazy’ woman mistakes her as her granddaughter and starts offering words of advice to her and that she should try compromise with him and try to let him have his ways at times. Myolie learns from Fred that the women has turned crazy because she waited for her husband to return from the war but he never did. (I think the woman is now living in regret and reminds Myolie to treasure her loved one). Myolie decides to return to Raymond’s side because she still loves him and takes care of him that night, who was still drunk. When Raymond wakes up the next morning to find Myolie back with him by his side, he was really happy (and surprised) because he thought that she would have left him. He apologises and wants to ask for her forgiveness, but Myolie showed him that she has already forgiven him and he becomes really touched. awww…haven’t seen a Raymond like that in a long time. He was genuinely moved how she stayed by his side so proposes to Myolie and she happily agrees ^^ sweet!

During a celebration among the Chong Long Sect for Myolie and Raymond’s wedding, everyone is happily drinking, especially Fred who feels very touched because he saw how the two first met, all the obstacles they went through and is happy they’re finally about to get married. When they head back, Raymond goes up to Fred who is puking where Raymond finds a dead body behind some wall! It turned out to be the “witness” who saw Vincent kill Ellesmere. Being very suspicious, Raymond goes to find Derek who is with the Police Captain. Raymond knows there is more to that than what appears on the surface but they tell him that he should leave it as it is, and shouldn’t question. They remind Raymond that there was no use finding out more because it wouldn’t help with his position as Wah Mang Wui leader and he should be happy that it’s over since Vincent is dead. They also blackmail Raymond to work with them or else they’ll announce his “Secret” (bed scene with Myolie in Shanghai) to everyone >__< Omg

On the other hand, Melissa is back at the countryside and is very worried about Vincent because they haven’t heard any news about him yet and it has been a long time. She wanted to go back to find him but Kenneth and the others don’t let her because it would be too dangerous and there were more mountain thieves. That night, Melissa secretly sneaks out and attempted to travel to the Captial without the others knowing~ I was so scared for her!! A girl traveling herself and in the dark night >__<) She ends up encountering two bad men but luckily Vincent appears just in time and saves her!! He’s alive!!!:D aww…they’re finally reunited!! ! <3 Vincent XD

Kenneth built a house for Vincent..and Melissa ^^; Vincent was so lost lol

A gang of mountain thieves attacked the village and captured the head of the town (one who beat up the “Mo Hai” and had grudges against Vincent since episode 1). All the men in town gather together to defend their homes and Vincent manages to save the man =) The man was very grateful that Vincent saved his life and feeling remorse for how he used to treat Vincent. However, Vincent had already learned to let go. The head decided to decrease the taxes on the village and everyone is happy. Now the villagers all live in harmony and everyone decided to learn Taichi off Vincent to protect themselves ^^ Aww…such a peaceful life now that Vincent is back to the Countryside. This was what they had wished for after he won in the competition…to be able to return to the countryside away from all the fighting.

Back at the Wah Mang Wui, they got Derek to join in>_< Now the whole place is under the Vice-president’s influence and his followers (like the Police Captain) and even Raymond is blackmailed =( Yoyo kept having nightmares for killing Ellesmere and couldn’t stand it anymore. She was feeling too guilty..

While Raymond and Fred were walking along the streets as they were preparing things for the wedding, one of the president’s followers ran up to Raymond and wanted to tell him something but the Police Captain shoots him dead before he got the chance. Raymond goes to find Derek again because he didn’t understand why the Police Captain was so desperate to kill the, what was the man about to tell him? (They haven’t killed the President yet because they are still looking for some contract). As Raymond was leaving Yoyo and Derek’s place after Derek refused to comment, Yoyo threw a scrunched up piece of paper down to Raymond. It was the poem Ellesmere had wrote to Yoyo and Raymond recognises his writing!

That night, Raymond climbs into Yoyo’s room and she tells him the truth!!! She felt so guilty so she wanted to confess…he fact that she was the one who killed Ellesmere >__< Raymond becomes so shocked to realise Vincent was actually innocent and that he had really killed the wrong person T_T

Raymond always believed Vincent was the one…This drives Raymond insane and filled with guilt!! awww.…he ran to his father’s grave and starts blaming himself, saying what a disgrace and failure he was and how he killed Vincent..Power was watching and following him the whole time. He finally came out to confront Raymond. He started yelling at him for what a failure he was! He told Raymond that after he lost to him in the fight, he didn’t just give up on his life but continued to be very alert on what was going on. It was obvious to him Vincent killing Ellesmere was very suspicious but Raymond was too blinded by his hatred for him that he couldn’t see…sigh..Power lost to Raymond so many times yet he didn’t give up, saying what a hopeless person Raymond was. But wow.. Power’s words of encouragement and yelling at him finally got through to him =) What is left for Raymond to do was to stop the Vice President’s wrong doings. The vice president and his men have already taken over Wah Mang Wui and the two decide to work together to bring them down!

//I’m glad Power is back on Raymond’s side and is there to support him =)

When Raymond returns, it was the night before their wedding so Myolie and Raymond couldn’t see each other face to face so Myolie and Raymond were having a conversation between the door. it looked like Raymond really wanted to see her or say something to her.. Myolie started talking about what she thinks their future would be like after they get married and about their kids. When she mentions about hoping their son would be as clever and righteous like Raymond, he feels really bad and walks off..

The morning of the Wedding Ceremony arrives but Raymond goes missing. They find him at a brothel surrounded by women.

Myolie: Hiu Sing, What’s happening?
Raymond: Nothing special. You can find other men, what’s wrong with me finding other women?
Myolie: What are you saying?

Raymond: That time when you were at Shanghai, the thing you did with Vincent, you think I don’t know?Last night I went to find you, I gave you a chance to be honest, but you didn’t. How long did you plan to hide it from me?
Myolie: I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to hide it from you. I was just scared that you’ll care/look down on me.
Raymond: That, I won’t. Since you’re my person anyway. Don’t understand? I’ll tell you. That night at Shanghai, wasn’t Vincent. It was me. What? Disappointed? Too bad, I already killed Vincent, you can’t find him to compensate even if you wanted to.
Myolie: Why….why…?
Raymond: You’re asking me why!? Why don’t you ask yourself why you treated me like you did!? I can do anything for you, but you only have Vincent in your heart!
Myolie: If you hate me so much, why did you still have to be so nice to me? Why did you promise to marry me?
Raymond: I spent so much time so I can have my revenge. I want you to feel the taste of being abandoned/rejected and played on.
Tears rolled down Myolie’s eyes.
Myolie: ..revenge..
Raymond: You can yell if you want to, since I already accomplished my goal.
Myolie: Hiu Sing…congratulations…. You were once the man I loved most. Now, you’ve become the person who has hurt me the deepest…

//awww…another sad scene..Both Myolie and Raymond were hurt by this scene. I think Raymond is only doing this so Myolie won’t be involved with his plans. He doesn’t want her to be in danger and I felt that he was feeling guilty himself and wanted to let Myolie know in a way that he was the man he spent the night with at Shanghai, because she had the right to know. He didn’t want to lie to her, thinking back I think he might of wanted to tell her the night before when he was outside her room. Or perhaps he feared since the Police Captain was blackmailing him and he could possibly tell Myolie, Raymond felt he should be the one telling her, and that she shouldn’t be hearing it from someone else..It’s just as painful for Raymond, haven’t to put on such an act.

6 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 23”

  • chibi says:

    wooooaahhh….what an episode! So intriguing..esp watching Myolie and Raymond… so this the classic marriage scene we’ve been seeing in promos… XD

    Well, it’s better for him to tell Myolie about Shanghai than finding out by others ^^;

    Great summary K =)

  • Nice summary! I’ve been reading them all.
    Watched the whole series now [as you have already too] but I’m still going to keep reading. (:

  • KTVB says:

    To chibi: ^^ When I first saw the scene with Myolie in the red wedding clothes walking away from Raymond in the opening sequence, I actually thought it was on the lines of Myolie being forced to marry Raymond because Vincent lost to Raymond (or something along those lines) I didn’t expect it to be something like this~~

    To RandomTVBwatcher: That’s great to hear ^__^ Thanks for reading! yes I have seen the remainder of the series and hope to have the summaries and a Taichi review up soon! (tho I’ve been so busy lately =___=) Have you voted yet?

  • TVBlover says:

    this was a another sad episode between Ray and Myolie =[ I cried when i saw this and thought that wow, Ray changed a lot. Why did he treat Myolie like this? then at the end we all knows why =]

    you did a great job k for posting up all these reviews =]

  • RandomTVBwatcher says:

    To KTVB:

    Well your summaries and your thoughts get me thinking also! It’s a pleasure to read! 😀
    It’s understandable as it seems that uni makes people into zombies at times; uni work is stressful, so I must say that remember to take care of yourself and get plenty of rest! Best wishes with all that study/assessments/etc! *pats your back*

    Why, I haven’t until you asked—I’ve voted now 🙂
    Anyway, best wishes KTVB!

  • awww… you are right, K. another sad scene. now i feel bad for Myolie. I wish Raymond could have just tell her the truth.

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