Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^

With Derek holding the Vice President as hostage, they free Power and the President. As they slowly attempted to leave the place, Fred drives a car and crashes in! In the confusion, the Vice President frees himself from Derek and the men get ordered to shoot them! Yoyo gets killed while the others managed to escape. Myolie who was also in the car gets shot, disabling the lower half of her body.

Myolie: I’m disabled…?
Raymond: The doctor said it’s possibly just temporary. One day you’ll be fine, you’ll be able to walk again.
Myolie: I’m disabled..I can’t walk anymore..what should I do?
Raymond: Ji Kwai, you don’t have to be scared..I’ll look after you for life
Myolie: No..I don’t want to be your burden, I don’t want to! I don’t want to! I don’t want!
Raymond: It’s only because of you that I’m able to hang on until today! You’re not my burden, Ji Kwai..you’ll recover…

Soon, the policemen found their hide-out and they were surrounded. Vincent, Power and Fred tried to hold them off as they got the others (Raymond, Myolie and President) to leave from the back.

Just before the fight began, all the members of the “Wah Mang Wui” arrived, supporting Vincent because they found out the Vice President and Police Captain’s evildoings and betrayal to their country. The Vice President fired his gun and when the president heard, he decided to go back because he didn’t want anyone to be hurt. The president reveals to everyone the Vice president’s scheme and that he has evidence against him. The Bad guys start to worry because the policemen were also getting suspicious of them too, so he decided to “free” them, warning them to leave the country or else he’ll get rid of all of them.

As the bad guys were walking off, they feared the President will reveal their evidence so attempt to shoot the President! Raymond saw, quickly jumping in front to protect him! Raymond’s leg gets shot and as a result of his actions, the Policemen listened to the President’s order and arrests the Vice President.

The Police Captain manages to escape and goes to find Derek who has lost himself after Yoyo’s death. He sits by her bedside and the Police Captain shoots a few more bullets in her to remind him that she’s dead already. Derek blames himself for Yoyo’s death (was he implying it was the Police Captain as well?) Even though the Police Captain saved his life when he was young, the love of his life was killed also because of him. At the end, Derek kills the police captain when the police captain threatened to kill him if he didn’t help him.

Melissa is at her hometown, and we see her draw a tally on the wood at the entrance- 23. It has been 23 days since Vincent left…

Vincent finally returns back to her side ^^ Just when we thought that they could live a peaceful life happily ever after together…

Derek captures Melissa and makes Vincent fight him. He had always wanted to fight Master Kwan, so now he really wants to challenge his successor to know who is the one more powerful. His life’s goal is to challenge people that is worthy..He wants Vincent to fight with his full strength to protect the women he loves most, but Vincent appeared very calm. This showed Vincent had mastered his Taichi skills, and quite possibly, exceeded Master Kwan’s level =) Derek ends up losing to Vincent and he wanted to die in Vincent’s hand (since he didn’t want to live on without Yoyo). Derek wanted Vincent to kill him but Vincent wouldn’t and gives Master Kwan’s finals words to him “To let go”

Vincent saves Melissa and carries her back home.

On the other hand, Power comes back and all the Chong Long Sect members were really happy to see him. Raymond announces that he is passing on the leadership position to him because he knows he will do a better job. Power has changed back to a good guy as well 🙂 He didn’t mind whether he was the leader or not because he believed Raymond was the one that “should” take it because he was his master’s son. However, Raymond kept insisting, hoping he’ll help fulfill his dreams so he can be with Myolie and travel around the world together. =)

Raymond’s leg is healed but he can no longer practice Martial Arts.

Raymond and Myolie get married in front of Paul’s grave.

Back at Melissa’s hometown, they live a peaceful life as Melissa looks after Selena’s son and watches Vincent teach his Taichi to the village people.

Kenneth: Do you remember we once said we’d join the army together and both make a break through and stand out?
Vincent: Yea, that time I even said I would come back for revenge.
Kenneth: In the end, you didn’t take revenge,just came back and built a house.
Vincent: Perhaps this is life. No matter what happens through, at the end, we’ll still have to return home.
Kenneth: That phrase is right if I said it, coming from you, it doesn’t really suit you. Before the President told you to stay and be the leader of “Wah Mang Wui”, why did you reject the offer?
Melissa overhears Kenneth and Vincent’s conversation.
Vincent: I promised “Song Ching” that after the matters in the Captial was over, I’ll come home with her and live a peaceful life together.
Kenneth: You’re so nice to “Song Ching”. For her, you’re willing to give up anything.
Vincent: Song Ching previously gave out a lot to me too. What I can do now is give her a safe, stable family to her.
Kenneth: Since we’re such good ‘brother’s’, let me ask you a question. If it wasn’t because of Song Ching, would you be willing to stay at the Countryside?
At that moment, Melissa hid to a side. Vincent paused for a long time but couldn’t answer.
Vincent: There are many things in life that’s hard to predict. Like back in the past, when the village’s head didn’t burn down my home, maybe right now I’d still be living on the mountains.

Upon hearing this, Melissa knows that Vincent belongs in the martial arts world and not an ordinary life in the Countryside. She encourages him to leave and that they are two different people from different worlds. She wants him to do what he really wants and not hold him back. However, she claims that what she wants is to live a peaceful ordinary life. She’s so selfless..I though they dealt with this issue before. She wants Vincent to pursue his dreams. I know that if Selena didn’t give her responsibility to look after her son, Melissa would be willing to return to the Capital with Vincent. However this time, she wouldn’t..
and couldn’t.

That night, Melissa helped “Mo Hai” put the blanket over him and she looks over to Vincent, she cries as she walks out of the room because she really doesn’t want to leave him. Vincent couldn’t sleep and was actually awake on his bed, listening to her quietly weeping outside…

The morning arrives and it was time for Vincent to leave..

Melissa knows that if Vincent’s heart belong to her, not matter how much she tries to convince him to go, he would stay. But he doesn’t 🙁 As Vincent slowly leaves, he turns back around twice, hoping to see Melissa but she hides herself from him, not letting him see her.. =( awww..such a sad departure!!!

Two years later, we see “Mo Hai” and Selena’s son “rice” grown up and one happy family. “Mo Hai” is teaching Selena’s son Taichi (hehe). Kenneth and Melissa talk about sending Selena’s son to school, and that was what Myolie has been asking about from the letters she has written back to them. Kenneth thanks Melissa again for raising Selena’s son and its’ ok because they’re one family.

It was time for them to return home, and as Melissa picks up the boy, she sees the tally-marks on the wood that she marked down two years ago. It’s so sad because Melissa missed him so much back then when he left for 23 days..but now it has been two whole years..

The boy suddenly spoke “Ma”(mother) and Melissa is cheered up instantly and she happily carries him off. This part really reminded me of the bit of ending from Dicey Business.

When no one else was there, Vincent returns and touches the wood with the tally marks. After looking back at the Village, Vincent turns and walks off again…

The final shot is what we see in episode 1 before the opening credits with Vincent standing on a mountain look at the sunset, reflecting back on his master’s words..

Final Thoughts

I’m so sad that’s its over..the series that has keep me so excited through the whole way..Awww…I feel so disappointed with Melissa and Vincent separating! They’ve been through so much together and said so many times how they’ll never separate again. Then out comes Selena’s baby and stops Vincent and Melissa (That’s how I see it anyway) Melissa should have known back then that his dream was to keep pursuing his dream in Taichi but now she is having second thoughts. I wish they ended up together..Melissa wants a peaceful life, but how can she say they’re people from two different worlds after all they’ve been through? I’m heartbroken 🙁 ..I know they left it an open ending that Vincent would possibly return. But when? Would Melissa really say that if Selena hadn’t asked her to look after the baby as her own? She should have her own family with Vincent. I could picture the family. I would have liked to see Vincnet, Melissa and “Mo Hai” as one family. There’s not much fighting etc going on a the capital anymore and everything is in peace. That would have been my ideal ending =(

The ending is actually quite good though, because I think it suits the Taichi theme with Master Kwan’s word reflecting on. I couldn’t really translate his words though but have some rough idea. I just wanted Melissa and Vincent together..

Hm…other thoughts on the last episode? I thought it was a little odd how Fred drove in with a vehicle lol..I liked how they did Yoyo died without her finding out that Derek was the one who actually killed her parents. I just thought it was better this way..I really didn’t want her to find out. it was sad to see Derek had no one left but I hope that he will take Vincent’s words and continue on with his life. Even though Melissa and Vincent couldn’t be together, I’m happy for Raymond and Myolie.

And..I believe I have reached the end..

13 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 25-Final”

  • chibi says:

    yay, this is finally out! I can’t believe they didn’t end up together…………………. I’m so disappointed that Vincent actually left the village.. and so soon too..What’s he actually doing? Going around teaching people about Tai Chi or? *sigh*

    Happy for Raymond and Myolie, even though she was disabled, they have each other for life =) A bit freaky getting married at a grave, but..oh wells ^^;

    But woah, it’s finished o_o

  • FaNNy says:

    awww….sighs…i hated the ending. but i thikn vincent does get back with melissa. its just that the movie doesnt show it, which is really bad =[

  • aud says:

    ahhhh finally 25th episode for TC is out! been waiting ages for it! but the ending was SOOOOOOOOOO bloody sad! 🙁

    super duper hate the ending of TC! but just like fanny, i super believe that vincent got back with melissa. THEY JUST HAVE TO GET TOGETHER! or else the show is incomplete! 🙁

  • been wating for last ep! 😛 aww so sad that melissa and vincent cant be together 🙁 and selena’s son’s name is SO cute! “rice” hehehe

  • MP says:

    aww…. ep. 25 was so sad… i wish melissa and vincent can be together…. … they should of been together… but im still happy for raymond and myolie tho

  • joce says:

    thank you for the last ending..

  • Trang says:

    What a surprised ending! I didn’t expect Melissa and Vincent to be separated. Oh well, at least evil people died except Yoyo died too.

  • TkN says:

    Although the ending is good, it is not satisfying. It feels very incomplete to me. But perhaps that is the point. Mastering the concepts of tai chi is, after all, an ongoing process. It’s a journey – there is not a conclusion.

  • Chunhi says:

    i’m really really sad about the final of this movie! Although it was the opening ending , It was not fair for Vicent and Melissa. They had been together through many troubles, so why don’t they have a peaceful life? I know, i know that Vicent also has his own dream that he want to teach Taichi Kungfu to people, but i hope that one day, he will be back to his village, his family in wich he was born.
    Finally i really want this film has the Second Part ( the next version can answer our question).

  • karened says:

    LOL it’s very ironic, but I had started to read your sypnosis to decide if I should start on the series. I’m a big Raymond fan as well as a huge Vincent fan so when I heard of them in a series together, I was dying of happiness. But then, after reading your sypnosis…I have two feelings inside of me. First, I really love the story and I feel it’s quite different from the usual tvb series. It’s such a emotion rollarcoaster and the plot is filled with twists and excitement. But, I don’t think I can sit through the series. Reading and looking at screencaps is one thing. Watching it happen is another. Ray has got such a sad story in the series and Myolie was such an irritant in the middle of the series. Vincent too…Everything is just so…sad. =( I will cry for sure! >_< It’s a love-hate feeling. Thanks for the effort aniwaes. =D

  • Shiny says:

    My Cantonese isn’t very good. What did the master say to the child in the closing scene about the paths we take? Can you translate?

  • EDJoey says:

    Wah! I’ve never watch this whole series before. I’ve read about it from here. Its another tragic love story! After reading all about it here, I think I’m not going to watch this… Its simply too draggy and tragic for me. :'( I thought love could overcome everything, and that true love will come to forming a family with great endings? At first there’s Vincent that I wish to watch. But the ending is… don’t wanna watch anymore…

  • fanoffung says:

    I hope that TVB will produce Taichi2

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