Melissa and Kenneth reunite on the streets after Vincent gets captured. The four of them (Melissa, Kenneth, Myolie and Selena) try to find a way to save Vincent and Myolie goes to find the vice-head in hope he can set Vincent free. Myolie mentioned that her father had saved his life before, however, the man does not return the favor and insist that her father has lost in war so he no longer wants anything to do with them. Selena also reminds him that his son was previously “arranged” to marry Myolie, but he is not interested anymore. The police captain (one who captured Vincent), played by Ai Wai saw Myolie and offered to free Vincent if she agreed to sleep with him! Myolie becomes furious upon hearing his remarks and Selena leaves with her.

Kenneth and Myolie both attempt to visit Vincent in prison and bring him food. After Myolie bribed the guard with money, the guard only let one of them see him and Myolie insist she should go and that if Kenneth wanted to see him, he should pay himself.

Myolie: I’m sorry, I got you into this.
Vincent: I killed the person, it’s got nothing to do with you.
Myolie: Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to save you. Eat something first.
Vincent: I’m going to be executed tomorrow, what’s the point in eating?
Myolie: Tomorrow??

Vincent notices the food in the bowl Myolie was holding. It was the same one Melissa had gave him in episode one.

Vincent: ‘Song Ching’ (Melissa) made it?
Myolie: How did you know?

Vincent takes the bowl from her and remembers the things Melissa had said to him back then. He smiles.

Vincent: Being executed is tomorrow’s matters. There’s rice to eat today, so I must eat it. *Vincent starts eating away with his hands*

//Was Myolie slightly jealous?
Myolie starts having flashback memories of when Vincent had saved her and how he helped her avenge her parents. Her eyes become very teary.

Vincent: Why are you crying?
Myolie: Tomorrow you’ll be.. *covers her mouth*
Vincent: I told you already, I killed ‘Wong Sun’ wasn’t because of you. Don’t disturb me from eating my meal, go away.
Myolie angrily throws the chopsticks and marches off.

There is a Fighting Contest being held between the China and another place (not sure what country) in a few weeks time. The head hopes that Paul will help represent them and fight. It was an important match because it was to do with the reputation of the Country. However, Paul believes there is someone else who is more worthy and suitable and nominates Master Kwan (who is Vincent’s master). The two had recently had an encounter, had some tea together, some talk and a match (which happened all in their minds lol) where Master Kwan had won with his TaiChi skills. He was a renowned powerful Martial Artist with specialty in Taichi. Previously people did not know where he could be found but recently he was in the Captial somewhere…

The day of Vincent’s execution came. Luckily, Kenneth and Melissa end up finding Vincent’s master (Master Kwan) to help save Vincent. (I assume they knew him when they lived in the Countryside?) Vincent’s master went to talk to the “head” who had been searching for him. Immediately, he frees Vincent and Vincent’s master decides to return the favour by agreeing to help compete. However, he wished to nominate his student (Vincent) to fight in place of him, to give him a chance to redeem himself. He believed in Vincent and that he was capable of winning and the head places his trust in his hands.

On the other hand, Myolie did not know Vincent was already freed and in desperation of saving Vincent’s life, Myolie goes to find Ai Wai again and agrees to give into his “deal” of giving up her body in exchange for Vincent’s life. Of course, Myolie ends up struggling and slaps him across his face and he pushes her onto the table where her face gets cut..

//I think at the point, Myolie had already fallen madly in love with Vincent, to go into the extreme of saving him.

When Myolie finds out that Vincent was freed she was really happy, but when she realised it was because Kenneth and Melissa had found his master, she became really angry at how stupid she was. Everything she had done was useless and pointless. In the end, Vincent was ok, but he’s got anothing to do with her (is not related to her). We also learn that Myolie didn’t give in to Ai Wai after he cut her face.

Selena comforts Myolie and Myolie finally acknowledges her as her elder sister.

When Vincent sees his master again (after many many years of separation), he becomes emotional and hated him for leaving him when he was young and “needed” him. He starts thumping and hitting him and eventually faints…It was interesting how they filmed that part. Instead of showing him, they showed what was really reflected in his heart- the child in him (played by Jacky Wong), the same one when he was younger. It would have been nice to see some of those emotions coming out of Vincent instead though ^^; His master tried to explain to him that he left him was for his own good back then (but doesn’t actually say what it was). Nevertheless, somehow I felt Vincent had forgiven him to some extent and his master tells him about the competition he must participate in. Hence, his master was teaching/training him in his Taichi in the mountains.

Selena and Myolie decided to visit Vincent with a basket of apples to thank him for all that he’s done for them. Myolie hesitated because she didn’t want Vincent to see the cut on her face. Selena encourages Myolie to let Vincent know all that she has done for him, because Selena knows Myolie is in love with him.

However, Vincent, who was training, did not see them making the two very angry and upset, especially Myolie. Selena stood up for Myolie, telling Vincent all the things Myolie has done for him, and how her face could possibly be scarred for life. After Vincent learns of this, he starts to feel bad and later gives her a bag of herbs for her face..

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  • Jessica says:

    these screencaptures look very nicee.. i started to watch a few episodes already..looks soo good..lols..but i still want to see when Ray comes outt lols..

  • anonomouse. says:

    Over at D-addicts didn’t have any subtitles for episode three+ so I basically was watching it hopefully understanding the story line by emotion and action. I am pretty proud of myself for getting some of these right!Now I shall re-watch them with subtitles ha!

  • chibi says:

    Cool recap, and quite a detailed summary ^^; Myolie’s character is very…weird. She seems really desperate and irrational in her thoughts. Oh wells

  • KTVB says:

    To Jessica: same here ^^ Raymond will appear in Episode 6!

    To anonomouse. : Glad these summaries helped clarify for you =)

    To chibi:Yea..her character is very..unlikable

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