The match began and Vincent was up against a very big Caucasian guy (some boxer?) o_o It was an intense battle and it looked like Vincent could have died there… There was no way he could have defeated him using his fist but luckily he was able to realise some Taichi in the end, and win *phew* =)

The group have dinner together and Vincent is really happy and thanks Melissa. He doesn’t seem to show any interest or attention to Myolie, making Myolie quite jealous. I think that’s normal for Vincent to react that way considering Myolie was the one who told him to run away instead of fighting and in a way, it showed that she didn’t believe in him. She shouldn’t have expected more 🙂 I quite like these little moments and seeing Myolie jealous lol

Selena starts (or continues?) harassing Kenneth to take her to his home to meet his mother, but Kenneth is not ready. He doesn’t want to return home without making any achievements since he left home (or is it because he still doesn’t know how to face is mother?) , so they decide to stay in the Captial and start their own business, selling dim-sims. Selena’s character is very annoying..I tried avoiding saying that in the past entries because I tried to convince myself that it was ‘normal’, but I can’t stand it anymore. She’s starting to remind me of Myolie’s character, constantly demanding things her way. 

When Myolie’s father was still alive and in power, Myolie was arranged to marry some high ranked man’s son but he broke off their wedding in Episode 3. However, when the man learns that his only son is diagnosed with incurable, contagious disease, the police captain (Ai Wai) forces Myolie back into the Wedding arrangement! (as a way of getting his revenge)

Myolie runs off to find Vincent, where she sees Melissa. Melissa tries to stop her from interfering with his training just a little longer and in the midst of struggling, Myolie cuts Melissa’s hand. Vincent arrives and in fear of what had happened, Myolie runs away.

Vincent: Stop! What’s wrong with you? Why did you just come and hurt “Song Ching” (Melissa)?
Myolie: I..
Vincent: I don’t care what’s wrong with you, don’t come and disturb us. We don’t have time to play with you!
Myolie: We..?
Vincent: We what? Look I’m warning you, I’ll let you go this time, if there’s a next time, I won’t.

//I don’t think Vincent realises what Myolie was really asking when she asked “We?” ^^;

Myolie starts bursting into tears.
Myolie: You only care about “Song Ching”, what about me!? Did you ask me what was happening? Am I really just a crazy woman in your eyes??
Vincent: You..what’s wrong?
Myolie: Do you know why I’m like this? Why do I have to be so irrational? I just wanted to see you!
Vincent: still shouldn’t hurt Song Ching..
Myolie: Song Ching! Song Ching! You only care about her!! Did you ever care about me!? I have to get married tomorrow!
Vincent: Getting married? That’s a good thing..congratulations 🙂

//Vincent is so….lost
Myolie: You’re congratulating me?
Vincent: Ah, I don’t know how to say things properly. I wish you two will grow old together.
Myolie: Why do you have to do this to me..? Don’t you have any feelings? I’m going to get married tomorrow, don’t you feel hurt? Don’t you feel even a bit jealous?
Vincent: Why..should I feel jealous?
Myolie: I don’t want to marry that person… The one I want to marry is you! The one I love is you! Don’t you like me even a bit? I did so many things for you before, begging other people, getting injured because of you, you don’t feel a thing?
Vincent: I never thought that you would like me… and I’ve never thought about this kind of stuff. Right now I’m just thinking about seriously training my martial arts skills.

Myolie: It doesn’t matter if you never thought about it before. Think about it now. As long as you like me even a little bit, I won’t care about anything else. Take me away!
Vincent: Away? Take you away where?
Myolie: I’ll go wherever you go.
Vincent: Why do I have to go? I still need to stay here and learn from my master.
Myolie: So in your heart, my life’s happiness is not as important as your training?
Vincent: But.. you’re getting married, that’s your business…whether I train or not is my business, how can we talk about them together? *Steps back away from her*
Myolie: There’s absolutely no possibility for us? You really can’t give me a bit of hope?
Vincent: Sorry. *Runs off*

I really liked this scene because Myolie gets rejected XD The things Vincent said were well said lol He seemed puzzled and confused and then a little scared. But wow, such confession from Myolie…will this ‘love’ turn into ‘hatred’? I did feel slightly sorry for her though. Just a bit.

After the rejection, Selena tells Myolie to run away from the Capital, to avoid the marriage.

On the other hand, Melissa is always thinking about her future and what she should do because she believes she can’t stay with Vincent and Master Kwan forever. Master Kwan and Melissa have an encounter with a Nun who tells her her story. The nun has took in a lot of orphans and Melissa agrees to leave with her and become a nun as well, to help look after the children. It didn’t actually show who proposed that idea, but I’m guessing it was the nun.. I was a bit shocked when she came to that decision..did she really have to be a nun to help look after the children??

Upon hearing the news, Vincent becomes upset and angry at her even though he didn’t say it to her directly. He was sort of acting like a kid, being mean to her and ignoring her but wouldn’t admit that he wanted her to stay. The two were sent down the mountains to buy some things but Vincent walked ahead without waiting for her and Melissa followed behind. Melissa had enough and stopped and Vincent would stop too (to wait for her?) ^^; She did it twice before she spoke out

Melissa: If you have something to say, then say it. Stop putting an attitude on.

*Melissa walks off after no response and Vincent follows behind and she abruptly stops again and turns around.

Melissa: Are you mute? If you want to tell me something, tell me. Are you unhappy that I’m leaving?
Vincent: So what if I’m happy or unhappy? It was your decision to leave, not mine.
Melissa: What do you want me to do?
Vincent: I don’t want you to do anything. You’re the one who is walking then stopping. Are you walking or not?
Melissa starts marching off again, but then stops and turns back at him.
Melissa: I’m asking you one last time. Is it that you don’t want me to leave? Tell me.
Vincent: I..

At the moment, a beggar who is being chased runs by and falls on Vincent’s arm. He notices a strange mark on Vincent’s arms and recognises him as “Mo Ma”. He appears to know Vincent’s father and was really happy to see him again, showing him a golden-plate thing which was part of some sect. However, the beggar suddenly realised that he was sorry to his father and the police arrest him for stealing a women’s money.

Vincent gets suspicious about his past and goes to find Master Kwan where he finds that he also has the same golden-plate hanging under his clothes. Vincent tells him of his encounter and starts questioning his past..

6 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 5”

  • Aeris says:

    Hi, K. I don’t think Selena’s character is as that demanding and is “obsessed” with trying to sleep with Kenneth’s. It’s because she’s conservative that she wants to be married. She doesn’t want to be just the girl on the side. I think you’ll begin to warm up to her when you see the upcoming episodes. 😉 Oops, my second sentence is messed up. xP

  • KTVB says:

    To Aeris: Yea..I see what you mean. I guess she needs to be more pushy for someone like Kenneth who is so indecisive. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes =)

  • FaNNy says:

    i love how myolie would get jealous of melissa. i just love how vincent cares about melissa so much but doesnt admit it, maybe he’s starting to fall for her already??? lolz xDDDD i love the ending, with the stopping and the walking between vincent and melissa hehez =] definitely favorite couple in TC.

  • KTVB says:

    To FaNNy: I really liked that part near the end too ^^ I hope they’ll be more Vincent and Melissa moments!

  • chibi says:

    eheheh… Myolie makes me laugh. I just don’t like her personality here at all, so i don’t even feel sorry for her being rejected.

  • VWaterlily says:

    Shoot! Missed this one too. The stopping and walking thing sounds very amusing. Must… find… episode…

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