Yay! Raymond appears !! ^^ I enjoyed his appearance a lot =)

Master Kwan tells Vincent about his father (played by John Chiang) and their past. The two (including the beggar in episode 5) were part of a Secret Sect which were made up of the secrets to every type of martial arts skills and compiled them all in a book. Soon after, a mysterious group of people wanted to get their hands on the book and were after them. Vincent’s parents were killed in the process, and the book itself was actually burnt in a fire…

Master Kwan didn’t want the hatred in Vincent’s heart to grow deeper so he decided not to tell him any of his knowledge about the people who killed his father, keeping part of the story hidden because he didn’t want Vincent to seek revenge. Vincent becomes very upset when he realises that his parents left and died trying to protect him, and it was also the reason Master Kwan had left him back then. Vincent is now determined to master his skills and find out who killed his parents and take revenge. Melissa decides to stay in hope that she would be able to help him.

Myolie runs away to Shanghai and for the past week she just kept drinking and getting drunk. She hasn’t paid rent at the hotel and when she realises that her money has gone missing, Myolie starts accusing that the workers there must of stole it and in the midst of struggling Myolie gets knocked unconscious. The hotel people get scared so they carried her away and tossed her in some bush.

This is where Raymond finds her and when she wakes up, she becomes mute and loses memories of who she is etc, so Raymond and his friends send her to the hospital to find out it was caused by psychological reasons.

Raymond is actually Paul Chun’s son who was sent to Shanghai to study, but it has been told that instead of staying for one year, he stayed for 5 and doesn’t feel like going home ^^; He also initially went to study Medicine but changed to Music, so his father isn’t very impressed at all because he doesn’t believe Music can help advance their “Moon Pai” (Martial Arts Sect) , nor does he believe that Raymond takes the “Moon Pai” seriously. Raymond is very charming here and I love his playful personality=D He’s a really nice easy-going guy with a sense of righteousness.

A martial arts competition is to be held at the Captial, and each ‘Moon Pai’ will have a representative to compete. Power Chan plays the sect’s eldest disciple (Dai Si Hing) who is very hard working, but Raymond’s 2nd “Si-Sok” believes Raymond is the better candidate because not only does he have the skills, but he is also very clever. I have a feeling Power isn’t going to be very happy they choose Raymond over him…

They managed to convince Raymond to return home!

I’m starting to feel sorry for Myolie. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t remember anything and can’t speak so she is very helpless and her attitude has changed. Upon hearing the nurses talk about sending her away, Myolie gets scared and runs away from the hospital and sleeps on the streets. However, she gets harassed by three men the next day  but luckily Raymond was there and saves her =)

Feeling very sorry for Myolie because she has no where to go, and no one to go to, Raymond decides to take her back to the Captial with him!

Oh dear..she’s going back where she started! 0_0


Paul was really happy to know that Raymond has returned, but of course, he doesn’t want to show it and expresses his discontent with Raymond ^^; Paul decides to test Raymond to see if his martial arts have become rusty after going away all this time, but of course, Raymond proves to him that is hasn’t slacked off at all 🙂 However, when Raymond refuses to enter the competition because “it was no fun”, Paul gets angry and disappointed with him again.

Raymond and Myolie realise they share an interest in music and Raymond plays the violin for her. When Raymond asked what message the music conveyed, Myolie wrote “love” on a piece of paper.

Raymond: That’s right, “love” is the soul to this music. Before I didn’t realise why I had chose to learn music, but now I know. I was waiting for someone who understands music 🙂

Raymond cares a lot about Myolie and promised to take care of her and help her regain her memories.

At the end of the episode, Raymond’s 2nd Si-Sok asks Myolie to leave because it was inappropriate for a girl to stay.

5 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 6”

  • chibi says:

    yay for Ray XD Its good to see a change in Myolie’s character for once… Interesting to see where this goes.

  • fanoffung says:

    Waited a long time to finally see Ray’s appearance, and was not disappointed. Ray looks dashing in those clothes. Most enthralling to watch him play the violin. The duel with his father was quite real and enjoyable to watch.

    Btw, what are XD and D, used in some of the comments?

    Reply from KTVB:
    Sorry for the confusions ^^ XD is an emoticon if you look at it on the side. X being >< eyes, and D being a smiley mouth

  • VWaterlily says:

    I like Raymond and Myolie, but right at this point, they seem to drag. Maybe it’s just cuz I didn’t get any Vincent/Melissa moments here.

  • bluerainz says:

    I think ray character started in love with Myo in the violin scenes…

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