Another exciting episode..a lot of things happened! I love Raymond’s character <3 I actually quite like Raymond and Myolie together and the way he is always protecting her. I don’t want Myolie to get back her memories…she’ll be so much happier this way….it’s going to ruin everything..

So that his father would let Myolie stay, Raymond agrees to compete in the competition. On the day of the competition, Derek Kwok also appears with Yoyo Chen (his girlfriend?) who is also watching the contest, though he seems rather bored and not impressed with what he sees. Raymond starts yawning too ^^; Eventually Raymond challenges the person and wins with ease. Vincent then challenges Raymond! I always wanted to know who was more powerful but it becomes obvious from Derek and Paul that Vincent is no match to Raymond.

Derek speculates that Raymond is leading Vincent into a trap, and within three more moves, Raymond would win. However, when Vincent and Raymond were fighting on stage, Myolie turns up and when she sees Vincent fighting, she is reminded of something and she screams in fear! I think she remembers Vincent fighting the boxer. Raymond gets distracted, letting Vincent kick Raymond off the stage! Myolie runs off and Raymond chases after her..making Vincent the winner…

Raymond was really worried about Myolie but when he realised she could speak again he was relieved and happy for her. He thought that losing in the battle was worth it. Poor Raymond..Myolie is his first priority? The two went back to apologize and Paul and the Sect is very disappointed and angry at Raymond’s actions. However, he lets Myolie stay but punishes Raymond…

Derek goes to find Master Kwan and challenges him in chess and martial arts but loses to him =) Wow..Master Kwan is the most powerful man in the series so far, though it is also obvious that Derek is also very good.. Derek is really happy to find someone worthy of fighting with him and hopes that he would be able to fight with Master Kwan in the future again. As Derek leaves, he implies to Vincent that if Raymond did not get distracted, Vincent would have lost that match. Upon hearing this, Vincent gets disturbed and wants to have a rematch with Raymond to prove who is more powerful. He secretly challenges Raymond again at a forest in a few days time. Derek is also Ai Wai (Police Captain)’s god-brother. The Police Captain saved his life when he was younger and there was an agreement that after the five years was up, Derek would come back and help fight for him..damn..not a good sign having Derek on the bad people’s side =(

Raymond continues to help Myolie regain memories by taking her around the Capital which she feels familiar with. When he goes to get a drink for Myolie, (why didn’t they just go together?) Selena finds her and realises that she has lost her memories! However, at the same time, Ai Wai (Police Captain) also found them and attempts to arrest Myolie for the wedding! Raymond comes back just in time and ends up lying, saying that Myolie is actually his cousin who he brought back from Shanghai. In order to protect Myolie, Selena lies as well, denying that she actually knows her, though mentioning that she reminded her a lot of Myolie. Myolie ended up believing that she and Raymond were cousins XD

When Raymond was helping Myolie put ointment on her hands, Myolie finds the smell of the herbs familiar (those that Vincent had given her when her face was cut) so Raymond decided to buy a lot of herbs in hope she can remember more. The Sect’s other disciples , especially Power, are very angry at Raymond’s behaviour, thinking that Raymond is too busy chasing after the girl when he had a match to face soon (with Vincent again). It was also because of Myolie that he lost in the competition, causing their Sect (as the top Sect in the capital) to lose their pride. So that their Sect doesn’t lose again in the re-match, Power decides to send his fellow disciples with him to fight Vincent before he reaches Raymond~

argh..Power is causing so much trouble! ! Raymond would have won Vincent anyway -___- but now he’s just making Raymond seem like a coward..When Power sent his fellow disciples to fight Vincent, Power actually didn’t fight himself. What’s that supposed to mean?

Raymond thought that Vincent decided not to turn up to his own challenge while Vincent thought that Raymond was a coward who didn’t want to fight him because he was scared of losing, so he sent the group of them to fight him instead. Vincent ends up beating the disciples and angered that Raymond did not turn up to the challenge, he goes to the Sect to find him while he injures a lot of disciples. Vincent ends up fighting with Paul who was practicing his skills..Vincent seems so proud of himself though. I got really annoyed when he started boasting about himself and his Master, since Paul could not win Master Kwan..

In the midst of the fight, Paul’s heart problem seems to be taking affect…

4 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Episode 7”

  • Elizabeth says:

    urgg stopped at a good part,
    man i cant wait to watch this,
    i actually read evrything and i usually
    dont soo this movie is takin me away
    hahahah,raymond sounds soo nice and cute 😀

  • chibi says:

    oooo….cool summary =D It seems Raymond is a very nice guy! Myolie should just stop trying to remember…lol..some things are for the best.

    Nice screenies too! keep up the great work.

  • kat says:

    You’re right about Power…. like why doesn’t he just fight Vincent? A few episodes ago Power could easily defeat those 10 (?) other disciples so I thought he could at least match Vincent. hmmm it looks like in terms of fight abilities Power is almost as good as Ray la!

  • KTVB says:

    To Elizabeth and Chibi: Thanks for leaving the comments =) Glad you guys like the write-ups! 😀 So you haven’t actually started watching them yet?

    To Kat: Yea..especially if Power claims to be more powerful than Raymond..and Raymond is more powerful than Vincent..looks like Vincent has a long way to go!

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