The match was short and Raymond wins because Power deliberately loses to him =| I really wanted to know who was more powerful, but now it is hard to tell. Maybe Raymond would have won Power in the end..Thus, Raymond becomes the new leader (“Jerng Moon”) of the Sect.

Selena is worried about Myolie and wasn’t sure how she is doing at that Sect since Paul had passed away and things have become a bit more chaotic. Kenneth follows Myolie trying to find out when Myolie realises and starts to suspect him of knowing who she was and starts begging him to tell her. Raymond and his 2nd Si-Sok arrive and a Piece of jade gets knocked off Kenneth and onto the floor. The 2nd Si-Sok notices it and starts questioning Kenneth where he got it from. He gave one to his long lost daughter, but Kenneth said his mother gave it to him.

When Kenneth goes to visit Vincent, he tells Master Kwan about the incident. Master Kwan becomes suspicious about the 2nd Si-Sok and he decides to investigate for himself because he cared so much abut the jade. Master Kwan makes a trip back to the Country Side to visit Kenneth’s mother where he learns that the Jade was actually from Melissa and how Melissa’s Aunt and Uncle died in a landslide. Knowing that Melissa is actually the 2nd Si-Sok’s daughter, he fears it will ruin Melissa and Vincent’s relationship because then they would become enemies…

In order to help Vincent release the hatred in him, Master Kwan asks Melissa to help him on an act, misleading Vincent in believing that he (Master Kwan) is the one who had killed his parents =( awww.. It’s so mucked up! I’m scared that Master Kwan will eventually die trying to help Vincent... With Melissa’s help, Vincent who fell for the act..and Melissa encourages him that he must master Taichi if he wants to take his revenge. On one hand Master Kwan wants Vincent’s Taichi skills to improve (but lately it hasn’t because is heart is buried in hatred), and secondly, he wants to help purify his revengeful heart.

Later, Kenneth’s mother make a trip to the Captial to see Kenneth and Melissa who believed that they were still together. She and Selena do not have a good start and end up in an argument before they realised what was going on XD Kenneth’s mother does not like Selena and is very upset that Melissa has left. She desperately wants Kenneth to marry Melissa and takes him to apologise to her in hope she would marry him and become his 2nd wife.. She keeps blaming Melissa, bringing back up how she brought her up and it was Kenneth who made the mistake. I’m glad that Melissa was able to stand firmly on her grounds that she won’t leave Vincent =) but thanks her for bringing her up etc

On the other hand, while Raymond is at an important meeting (to elect some representative), Raymond’s 2nd Si-Sok took the opportunity to take Myolie away, giving her money and abandoning her in the forest because he believes Myolie is in Raymond’s way. Lost wondering through the woods, she ends up seeing Vincent! A snake bites her and she faints and Vincent takes her back. When she wakes up, Melissa and Vincent realise she has lost her memories and Vincent starts ‘reminding’ her that her whole family has been killed.

Realising that she has a sad past, Myolie is overwhelmed from what she hears and Melissa chases after her to tells her that it’s ok..

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  • chibi says:

    How exciting, and complicated @.@ Telling Vincent his master is the killer.. oh boy, don’t die. On the other hand it seems ur guess was right about Melissa and the 2nd si-sok being father and daughter!

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