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The pairings’ relationship and characters are quite a contrast to one another. Which were your favourite pairing in the series? Since there are a lot of Fungyi fans out there I have a feeling they are going to win by a mile lol This is the first time I’ve seen the Raymond x Tavia pairing (other than Golden Faith which I could barely remember) and it feels as though they’re more like friends than lovers…not much happens really lol

The Mysteries of Love

Anyways, my vote goes to Lo Sir and his limited scenes with Nickole. I guess it’s just much more exciting watching this couple having their on and off relationship~and how Nickole eventually falls for him. Lo Sir (or should I call him Gordan instead?) is such a sweet talker XD For some odd reason, it feels as though Gordan and Lo Sir are two different people..

Would it be sweet if Sai Lei Mui and Lo Sir were a couple XD

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  • chibi says:

    I think both couples have their flaws, but Bernice and Kenneth’s relationship was more interesting… I think there’s more “chemistry” between the two, and they look better together. However, their on and off relationship, and Kenneth’s constant mistakes became a bit annoying! How can Bernice forgive him time and again after the numerous times he has hurt and failed her? Talk about commitment issues. If we didn’t see Kenneth’s side as Lo Sir, I’m sure no one would appreciate a player like him. Heck, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near me, lol.

    Having said that, Raymond’s character was really inexpressive. I know that that’s part of his character, but come on; his personality is so bland I can’t see why Tavia is so madly in love with him. Tavia herself is a really really average normal she fades in the background and I can’t see why Raymond “loves” her. Sure, you’d think it’s kinda sweet having some rich, genius, handsome guy falling for such a typical average girl, but their characters don’t blend together. There’s no spark.

    • chibi says:

      Oh~~~ The “Mysteries” of Love :p

    • faithict says:

      cant agreed with you more…i felt that raymond and tavia are friends more than lover…this is just my thoughts, maybe Raymond “loves” her is because she cared for him so much when he went through the hardship about his experiment, cook for him, encourage him. And since his character is inexpressive,no excitement in his life except for his experiments, born in a rich family he doesn’t really know what kind of things an average family would do as a family or how they spend free time. We can see how he mentioned that he has a good time with tavia’s family during the ghost festival celebration. So when Tavia comes along, maybe that is the reason why he falls again.

      Yet again, i think the relationship between Raymond and Tavia can only happen in series. How often do we see a rich handsome guy actually falls for an average girl? Just my 2 cent thoughts… ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kenneth and Bernice relationship is slightly more colorful compared to raymond and tavia. At least i can see some sparks in between them here and there, unlike Raymond and Tavia which i think they look more like good friends than couple.

    • Chingy says:

      Oops, clicked on the wrong button just now. I agree with what everyone said. I think that there’s bits and pieces which the series lacks. Especially with the part where Tavia shows her suicide mark to Raymond, I truly think that it’s exaggerating since most of us knew that her character tried to stay positive. Moreover, I realised that Tavia didn’t have any girlfriends to search for comfort other than Kenneth who is only her employer and close friend. Maybe we were all anticipating a much more exciting love story between Tavia and Raymond but it just didn’t flow as well as Kenneth and Bernice’s relationship. My guess is because Raymond is a professor so he should be more decent and not kiss Tavia!Honestly, with all the criticisms, it’s not the cases that bothers me, it’s the relationships of the drama. As I was looking for the same sparks from Raymond when he pairs up with Linda, unfortunately I just couldn’t grasp the kind of sparks. I must say that the ending wasn’t brilliant, I think it would be better if they cut out the scene where they were arguing in the hotel lobby. LOL.

      • raylove says:

        but i felt that the scene where Raymond knelt down and cried in front of Tavia was touching. My heart really hurts for both of them alot.

        • vee says:

          True!! And the speech part too. Personally I think that Raymond’s character was okay, and I was anticipating their get-together-break-up-patch. But I agree that the ending was abit sub-standard ):

        • Jazzmine says:

          Yea! i was disappointing with their ending T^T too short! hahahah ๐Ÿ˜› expected something more ๐Ÿ™

      • WOOH says:

        OMFG, i cried @ the scene when Tavia showed Raymond the suicide mark and Raymond was on his knees crying!!!

    • Jazzmine says:

      What you say has a point but i still think Raymond n Tavia made a good pair; opposites attract! Tavia is not an AVERAGE girl! how dare u! XD she’s lik really tomboy, outgoing, optimistic n kind hearted. seriously? u think the “average’ girl is like her? he is attracted to her because she is different from the people he know, she’s strong, independent but also emotional, smart and not like weak all snobby rich like.

      And seriously… can u blame a girl for falling in love with someone so… amazing as Raymond is portrayed in the story? brains, looks and money? XD HAHAHAH ๐Ÿ˜› as a scientist myself i think his knowledge about things is vastly more than a normal scientist should know, so…. pretty impressive guy…

      And the reason why she is so “madly” in love is because she is an honest person n she puts herself wholey into the relationship. the morale of their story is that her bubbly personality gives more colour to his dull life which is why they are so drawn to each other. Tavia’s so sweeeeeeeeet ๐Ÿ˜› but i do agree… would have been nicer if she was like smarter ๐Ÿ˜› but she has skills when it comes to catching the baddies ๐Ÿ˜›

      LOVE this drama! (might be the science in me speaking tho :P) awesome cases!

  • KTVB says:

    From the last Episode:

    The Mysteries of Love

    More Bernice x Kenneth moments:

    The Mysteries of Love

  • Ri says:

    I’m positive Lo Sir and Gordon are two different people! LOL but i guess that means Kenneth is definitely improving as an actor so much so that he can carry two “different” roles ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I think Kenneth and Tavia look good together! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • chibi says:

      I think that’s kinda bad :/ As I was watching the drama, I constantly thought Kenneth’s personality inside and outside of work clash a tad bit too much. Not saying detectives can’t be players, but the way he carries himself during work makes me wonder why he would hang with those 2 loser friends of his, who are such bad influences. I dunno, I was never quite convinced his character was realistic.

    • Anna says:

      NO I don’t think so ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Savannah says:

    I’m actually shocked that Kingsley and Sai Lei Mu has more votes then Lo Sir and Nickole, because honestly, I find their relationship a bit boring to watch… I see them more as “friends” then lovers.

  • zihwye says:

    i really enjoyed this series even though the last episode was REALLY weird. i didnt really like either couples but its great seeing raymond lam back in action again. besides, KENNETH MA IS SO HOT.

  • Mui says:

    I think Tavia and Raymond relationship was boring, I wished they had more scenes where it showed they are a couple instead of good friends. They didn’t have a kissing scene DX
    its would be great if they were more like Bernice and Kenneth characters.

    • chibi says:

      Yeah I think their relationship lacked intimacy. Ray doesn’t seem to do anything particularly special for Tavia- he treats everyone about the same.

      • jenny says:

        Couldn’t agree more! I feel that his “love’ for sai lei mui wasn’t that convincing! Would be great to have some kissing scene between them though. One couple is like so much intimacy and the other is so “boring”.

  • Rin says:

    Soooo I finally finished the series at 430am right now and went on here to cast my vote! Or no-vote? Haha.
    Like some of you guys said before, Kingsley King (WTH is that? Who would name their kid like that? -__-) and Sai Lei Mui are so… bland. I didn’t really see how they “fell” in love with each other… must be because they saw each other all the time cus every single case had to have Raymond’s help.
    I really really thought Bernice was gonna have more screen time than er.. like 2 full episodes if you put all of her scenes together. At least she and Kenneth were waaaay more exciting to watch! Lol. So many kissing scenes and stuff between them tho ๐Ÿ˜› and yes, it’s annoying how he always “messed up” and she would forgive him… and uhh.. he resigned but just got his job back like.. instantly when he needed a job again? Wow.

    So with that being said, can I vote for Kenneth and Tavia? HAHAH. I was like, “Awww, how sweet of Kenneth,” when I saw him driving up to Tavia the night Raymond broke up with her. I would think Kenneth and her have a thing going on if it wasn’t for the KennethxBernice pairing. Tavia could have called someone else right? But she didn’t. She called her Lo Sir (:

    Like K, I was really watching it cus of Raymond but gosh, I really didn’t like his character! So not emotional at all. Seems quite robotic =/ I hope his next role will be better and more memorable cus I seriously won’t remember him from this except for being the “perfect” guy.

    • KTVB says:

      Rin!!! yea I should have put Tavia and Kenneth an option too XD I’m sure there’s more out there other than us that felt something could have happened for them ๐Ÿ™‚

      I don’t really see how Sai Lei Mui and Kingsley fell in love with each other..that’s the “mystery of love?” lol

      When Kenneth came to comfort Tavia, I somehow hoped for a sweet hugging scene between the two hehe.

      I wouldn’t quite call Kingsley the “perfect” guy..

      • chibi says:

        Everyone claims he’s perfect, but being ‘boring’ is a major turn off~

      • Misty says:

        I’m another one! LOL At times, I felt Kenneth and Tavia had better chemistry than Raymond and Tavia.

        Anyways, felt this series was a bit boring. After a while, I only continued watching for the cast. ๐Ÿ™

        My favorite character is Jazz. ๐Ÿ˜› Favorite chemistry would be Tavia and Lawrence. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • choonsern says:

    K for TVB….

    Raymond and Tavia also acted as a pair in twin of brothers 2004

    • KTVB says:

      I know, I didn’t watch that series though.

    • S-tarlight says:

      But if i wasn’t wrong, even though they were paired, but Raymond didn’t choose tavia in the end right? All i remebered was raymond choosing the other actress from mainland, china and she kind of die/going to die or smth in the end.

    • Rin says:

      I remember them being a couple in Twin of Brothers too. But wasn’t Tavia like evil or something and like tried to use Raymond? I don’t remember… tt’s been a while haha.
      & I was a RonxNancy shipper so I didn’t pay much attention to FungYi ๐Ÿ˜› & if I remember correctly Ron didn’t end up with Nancy but with Leila… so I was really sad ๐Ÿ™

      • Viola says:

        Tavia doesn’t like evil in this series. Actually, at first, they love each others. Coz of some misunderstanding, they seperate. At the end, Raymond loves China girl and Tavia is alone. Although I like Tavia but don’t really like her character in this series

      • Anna says:

        Yeah his better with Nancy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • raymongking says:

    I agree that the gordon-bernice relationship is more interesting than the raymond-tavia one, but it was really moving to me when kingsley broke up with tavia in ep 18 :’/
    tavia did an amazing job soo real and sad – and the phone call at end of 20 With slm and kingsley.& i felt sad for nickole when she was driving and crying. i felt moved when nickole was cryin in the kitchen and gordon apologises and decides to marry her. such sweet series ^^

  • leon says:

    Somehow it’s a mystery for me to understand why people like Sei Lai Mui and Kingsley together. They doesn’t have chemistry. Sei Lai Mui is very annoying and childlike. Her crying annoyed me a lot. Their relationship built on eating, eating and eating all the times. I like Tavia but this series is an alarm to her. She is overdone these days and seriously need to relax herself. On the other hand, Kenneth is failed to convince me as a playboy. His acting and his character can’t meet. That’s why I vote for Kingsley and Nickole.

  • Jess says:

    Like everyone I found their relationship boring and lack intimacy. Only a kiss on the forehead the whole relationship! Who does that these days?! only watched it cos I’m a huge fan of Ray and Tavia. But it was Kenneth who impressed me the most. He’s quite funny and Bernice is ok…not much of a fan but at least she could speak proper english!
    OMG the ending was so………….crap! So put on and TVB always (in most series, “Forensice Heroes I) love to show the whole cast on the street and do something so corny and stupid! One scene Tavia is crying asking Ray to leave her alone and next scene she forgives him for the crap. So not realistics, there should be more drama. Need a lot more kissing and maybe a bed scene, well at least more than just holding hands!!

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..ending like those are kinda fake…and embarrassing. Everyone’s all happy and smiling and so confident that Tavia would forgive him. It doesn’t feel right to see Raymond’s parents and aunt so happy either..

      I agree with the lack of intimacy. I know it’s supposed to contrast with Bernice and Kenneth’s relationship but this huge contrasts make them appear so dry together. I doubt a bed scene though ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Anna says:

      But kissing is more better ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Adey says:

      Well, count it lucky that Nicks and Gord had LOTS of sex romance scenes.

  • jicks says:

    *SIGH* I so wanted to ship Kingsley+Sai Lei Miu!

    ******SPOILER ALERT******

    But, after episode 18 when Kings didn’t have the balls to fight for his relationship w/ Sai Lei Miu & Sai Lei Miu’s 40min wailing & subsequent (ongoing) post break-up moping, I wanted to shoot the writer. And in the final eppy when we found out about her emo suicide attempts (I mean come on, girl, are you freaking serious???) *hurls TV into Hong Kong harbour*

    I also founf the Gordan & Nickole relationship to be completely pointless to the rest of the story. For starters, I don’t think it really benefited Gordan credibility- his manly image def wasn’t enhanced by the fact that he essentially surrendered to this bar-bouncing promiscuous flight attendant (was she a flight attendant? I never paid attention to Bernice when she was onscreen ^^;;) who clearly showed no self-respect when she decided to hook up w/ that playboy Adrian dude. I mean, I didn’t see why a casanova like Gordan would take his loins off the market for someone like her.

    Rather, I think the series would’ve been a hundred million times better had they eliminated Bernice’s character & made it a love triangle (this also would’ve created more time for more development in the cases- double WIN!)

    It would’ve make perfect sense for Gordan to fall in love w/ Sai Lei Miu because she was so much different (in a good way) to the girls he normally spent time w/. And naturally, he would always be there to protect her, at work & also when Kings was being a turd. It’s fun to see 2 friends want to safeguard the same girl, ne?

    Sorry, just my 2cents! xD

    • KTVB says:


      A love triangle between Sai Lei Mui/Gordan and Kingsley would have been neat!! I guess mainly because I can see the chemistry between Sai Lei Mui and Gordan even though they are only friends/ workmates. And he was protective over her, being there for her when Kings broke up with her.

      i know…that emo suicide bit made me go o_.?? like..”oh what….!!??” she’s THAT weak and obsessive..? Clearly Kings didn’t love her that much.

      • jicks says:

        like..โ€oh whatโ€ฆ.!!??โ€ sheโ€™s THAT weak and obsessive..?
        ^I don’t want to say that all people who attempt suicide are “weak” because I think the subject is v. complex. I will say though that Sai Lei Miu;s actions didn’t match what they were trying to make her character out to be.

        I get that they were trying to make her someone who loved w/ all her heart but the way they made her so, as you said, obsessive w/ Kings, was a big turn off. She was meant to be the heroine of the story so her actions should’ve been something we would look up to &/or want to replicate ourselves. But seeing her give up her dreams (by essentially tossing away her job) & her life like that just didn’t make sense. In a sense, she wasn’t really living for herself, which quite honestly made me sad.

        On top of that, there was so much love & support from her family & friends, & so much more in her life that she had going on- I found it even more irrational for her to dump all that away just for Kingsley, who ultimately wasn’t man enough to fight for his “love.” But ah well, alas, we were still confronted w/ a typically bad cheesy TVB happy ending *shakes head @ Kingsley’s acceptance speech about luuurve*

        I even thought the harbor scene would have been a great instigation to have Gordan and SLM get together or maybe have something going on there that would maybe get Kings to really look at his feelings but that didnโ€™t happen. ^Exactly my sentiments! I can bet my Raymond Lam CD collection that had Kingsley had some competition, his primal masculine instincts would’ve kicked in & he would’ve uncontrollably wanted to fight his ass off to win Sai Lei Miu over. Ah well, as you say, ne? ^^;;

        • Charlie says:

          @Jicks: You couldn’t have said it any better!! I was so mad that SLM had quit being a cop b/c she couldn’t get passed the hurdle (and we had to watch it for how many episodes?). She had wanted to work in CID and she was good at it! Then, she threw it all away. You couldn’t have said it any better on your remark that she was not living for herself! That was upsetting b/c you would think her character is better than that. Yes, everyone has that weak moment (and I guess for her, her cut had ‘waken’ her up). I love your comment about how Kinsley was not ‘man’ enough for the relationship! Heck, your comments just hit the spot. I think you just said everything that I was thinking and expressing. Kingsley’s relationship was so aggravating.

          I am watching Ghost Writer now and can’t really get into it after watching MOL. sigh. Any suggestions?

      • Anna says:

        Same I think the same thing as u

    • chibi says:

      haha I agree..Kings was such a Mummy’s boy it was such a turn off. I wasn’t convinced he was really in love with Tavia, and Tavia on the other-hand seemed too obsessed for no real reason. It was so dumb that she was playing tough and ‘hard to get’ after Ray wants to get back with her, clearly saying she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore, and then all of a sudden in the end she’s all love-love again.

      • Charlie says:

        I had really wanted Kings & SLM to be together too and I am still glad that it worked out (but the ending of the show only made it good (instead of great)). Grade: B instead of A.

        I was mad that Kings didn’t like her enough to go on and fight for the relationship. I was really mad how SLM really wanted to end herself (love knows no limits?) I really feel he didn’t like her enough for it. This is one where she likes him more than he likes her. I thought surely some time during the show, we would see Kings lose it (but that did not happen). I almost wonder if King’s mother didn’t ‘approve’ or have her life after death experience if Kings would have step out for SLM.

        I even thought the harbor scene would have been a great instigation to have Gordan and SLM get together or maybe have something going on there that would maybe get Kings to really look at his feelings but that didn’t happen. ^_^ Ah well.

        Really liked the 4 main characters in the show. A pity that Bernice didn’t have much of a role.

    • Anna says:

      Same I think Gordan should be with Sai Lei Miu !:)

    • Adey says:

      … HELL LAH, I watched the show for Raymond and now I not so sure. HIS CHARACTER SUCKS. Tavia also, WHAT A PILE OF CRAP lor.
      Kenneth was OK. His funny playboy side doesn’t match with his Lo Sir side, and the time when he had sex with the freaky circus woman and confronted her was SO DAMN FUNNY. As the series went on I find myself watching for Ken and Bernice, their bed and kiss scenes, not the cases or Ray and Tavia. And seriously… Bernice is a sex kitten. She’s hot.
      You can’t deny that.

  • Viola says:

    I’ve just finish this drama. Actually, it’s beyond my expectation. I thought there’d be more chemistry btw Raymond and Tavia. It seems that his love is not enough for him to fight for.

    I also want Gordan and Tavia to be together at the harbor coz their characters support each other. The writer lacks some new thoughts in this drama. He just focus on the cases, not really for the love.

    Anyway, I hope we’ll meet Raymond and Tavia in new drama with a persuasive storyline.

  • hong says:

    Raymond and Tavia
    did really well in here I hope that there will be a part 2 because I want to see these two after when he proposed to her how they live as a married couple

  • AdeyTan says:

    I still like Bernice with Kenneth. They were cute in ITA and I like them now. Kingsley and Lei were super boring, but KB was quite cool

  • no name says:

    i think kenneth is very serious at work and is a super different person when he knock off! i wish to see how professor king and si li mei with their wedding life so i hope there is part 2! realised every crime professor king will always be involved! thought the police should solve the criems all by themselves? but professor king is really smart! he solved all the crimes!

  • laalaland says:

    i feel that the relationship between raymond and tavia is really boring, like what everyone said, they’re more of friends, not much ‘couple actions’ furthermore, it seems like tavia has totally NO FRIENDS BESIDES THE POLICE FORCE SIDE, it’s like she has only her family and kennth ma to confide in? and isnt the forensic side suppose to solve all the mysteries? why is raymond doing it all by himself? it’s too unrealistic. overall, the show’s not as good as expected.

  • DD says:

    yepp agree ๐Ÿ™‚
    its like raymond handling the whole forensic team

  • Mandii says:

    I don’t understand why Raymond got an award for this character I mean for real? His character was so borig and AWKARD
    And his relationship with tavia in this was totes lame i mean really? No kissing, minimum embracing (probs none) and no sex.
    I might let the sex part slide, but I saw no “love” Most
    Of the time Raymond was being a pussy about fixing the problems.then goes to Thailand and dumps the poor
    Girl. His family was very immature as the “upperclassmen” they didn’t reveal much elegance.
    Tavia did a good job on the average girl part, and the way she reacted on the break up was good because let’s admit everybody looks bad when they cry and the things they say or do, that’s real.
    I was really interested in the crime scenes, the science was like whoa but lol i think Raymond should have participated I forensics hero. With Bobby au yeung because I love that guy. Well what’s done is done whoever wrote

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