January 2007

[The Price of Greed] Episode 12

Kate and Sammul’s characters get married in this episode. Despite all the effort Bosco put in to help Kate, he was unable to find any evidence to prove Sammul guilty, and makes it seem like he was just being silly. I was hoping Bosco could show everyone who Sammul really was, but stories like this usually let the downfall happen before people start regretting believing in the wrong people. What annoys me so much is Sammul’s character appears too fake and non-human! (Is it his acting?) My mum was saying that anyone would believe Sammul is a genuinely nice guy if he acted like that in front of everyone. What’s more creepy is that (in previous episodes) he prays at the Church with thoughts in his head saying he hopes the other girl wakes up to prove him innocent. No one hears this either; who is he trying trick? Himself? Towards the end of the episode it started getting exciting! (the wedding party), with Kingdom Yeun (Bosco’s mother)’s flashbacks and recognizing all those people!!! They are all in such a dangerous position!! All the bad guys have disguised themselves as rich people (e.g doctors etc) and even that Sister that helped Sammul lie!! =_= Ahhh!!! I reckon they are all there to protect Sammul~ its no wonder the scar was real!!! I’m guessing now that Sammul isn’t a real/normal person..perhaps drugged? or just a shell..how else can he act sooo well that everyone around him trusts him and all end up “liking” him? Maybe he himself actually does believe he genuinely in love with Kate~ programmed to do so? okies…maybe technology isn’t all that advanced yet, but these were some predictions..

3 Responses to “[The Price of Greed] Episode 12”

  • Hannah says:

    I loved the Price of Greed, mostly for Sammul’s character. Finally, tvb gave us a character who is a true Psychopath as described in the DSM-IV. That’s your answer as to why he can act so well. 😉

  • KTVB says:

    lol, Sammul’s character is so freaky 😛 but yeah, he’s role is one which makes the story so interesting!

  • TVB King says:

    I think Sammul Chan was so handsome in these series and he was super evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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