January 2007

[The Price of Greed] Episode 13

Okay..Sammul called Kingdom Yuen (Bosco’s mother) “Si Jie” 0__0 That moment itself was very scary..its confirmed that he knows exactly what is going on. After 3 years+ bad things are starting to happen to Kate’s family. Seems like the same fate the other girl faced will reoccur. Sammul has found another target (i.e Vivien Yeo), I believe Kate’s father will also die, and her brother would most likely run away with lot of money, perhaps because no one believes in him.

An odd thing about this episode is the music box Sammul bought at the Charity auction. How come the music is different when he gave it to Kate? Does it have a music choice option or do things just go the way he wants it to…?

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  • So… Sammul is the guy that married Kate, right? And Sammul is RELATED to Bosco’s adopted MOTHER?!?!?!

  • KTVB says:

    Yup, Sammul is the guy who married Kate, but he isn’t “related” to Bosco’s adopted mother.

    “Si-Jie” refers to someone who belongs in the same clan as them, but is higher up in position (usually elder one).
    Since Bosco’s adopted mother used to be part of the same deceptive, scheming group as which Sammul is currently in, Sammul decided to show her some “respect”, calling her as his “Si-jie”. In a way it was revealing his true identity to her and achknowledging that he knows who she exactly as is well.

  • ahh, yes, okay. Better practice my Cantonese! XD!!! Anyways, why was Bosco’s mom in the “Bad group” and what is the “bad group’s” plan/mission?

  • KTVB says:

    It has been a while since I watched the series so I don’t remember the details properly, but I think it went along the lines of this:

    The story starts off in Episode 1 where Bosco’s adopted mother was already part of the clan. The clan’s goals were to trick people’s money through deception and manipulative trickery and other bad ways. Bosco’s mother lures Shirley and Bosco (when they were young) away from their parents and captures them with a bunch of other kids. However, she ends up freeing them because she wants to leave the clan. She doesn’t want to do what she is doing anymore. We also later learn that her son has also died probably due to all the bad things she has done before and now feels remorse.
    When they escape, they weren’t able to find Bosco and Shirley’s family anymore so she decides to bring them up as her own children..

    She swore she would never use any trickery or walk through the path of her old ways and try lead a normal life, hiding her identity. The clan is still after her because of her betrayal to quit the clan so she remaining hiding..

    They are VERY SCARY because they’ve pretty much mastered it..we only know around episode 10-13ish that Sammul is their newest tool to deceive rich girls..

  • I think I am on ep 16. Im watching now on TVB! So, why did they capture kids in the first episode other then making them mentally retarded?

  • KTVB says:

    They were planning to sell the kids away as Child Labour for money

  • Joe says:

    you are so observant. i did not notice the whole music changing thing.

  • cris says:

    did you say the melody or the lyric of the music has changed?

  • KTVB says:

    The Melody of the music box Sammul gave Kate had changed from the melody that it played when he auctioned it.

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