As most of you may know, [Wish You Well] is the themesong of TVB The Return of the Cockoo (2000). Sung by Chilam Cheung, it’s one of my favourite TVB themesongs and I still continue to enjoy listening to it 🙂 I remember I didn’t like the series very much though haha, but I did end up watching the whole thing simply because of Chilam! He played the adorable ‘Mun Chor’ who was mute boy. Now every time a TVB series is released with a mute person, I’m often reminded of ‘Mun Chor’ (like Shirley in The Price of Greed) and more recently, Fala in MR. In Episode 18 of Moonlight Resonance, Chilam’s “Wish You Well” was played during the scenes between mute girl Ah Hing and Kelvin and it really left me reminiscing the series. So! I’ve decided to post up the lyrics and translations of this song to share =)

Wish You Well

English Translations by KTVB *Please credit if reposted*

Listening to you continuously calling out to me
A torn wound, calming my straining heart
In grief, can’t say love has no result
Mouth and lips, tightly locked up

Crying and not a word spoken
Afraid, it will implicate your life days and months
Regret nothing lacking(negative), only bad thing is having met you
Given you too much trouble(twists and turns)

*Would rather never have hugged, together with you until old [can go old]
Letting you come and go freely
In beneath my heart remains admiration
If you meet by chance, he is better than me
Only hope to stop from afar, wish you well and safe
Despite being able to tell you personally [really want to tell you personally].

Say, too much things I want to say
But I still only want to keep silent from saying goodbye
Just let me bleed, the sky and ocean wide
so long as you are white like ice-snow

Repeat *
*Download the themesong

I think it’s a pretty sad, touching song. In Return of the Cockoo, mute Chilam grew up with Charmaine as brother and sister (Charmaine’s mother took care of Chilam at a young age after Chilam’s mother abandoned him). The two eventually developed feelings for each other (that of a man and a woman). However, when Charmaine’s mother found out Chilam’s feelings for her, she refused to let him be with her because he ‘wasn’t good enough for her’, being mute and unable to bring her happiness >< (That scene where Chilam begged her not to abandon him; denying his feelings for Charmaine was sooo touching!!) At the end, Chilam and Charmaine do not end up as a couple together…
The themesong is sung through the persona of “Mun Chor” and how the wishes he one the loves will find her happiness. Because he is mute, he feels that he is unable to give her the happiness she deserves so conceals his feelings…
To be honest, I really disliked Charmaine’s character in The Return of the Cockoo, and couldn’t understand why three guys would fall for her -_- The only reason I wanted Chilam to end up with Charmaine was because I wanted ‘Mun Chor’ to be happy but when they didn’t end up together, I shrugged that idea off. I’m sure ‘Mun Chor’ deserved someone better.

6 Responses to “[The Return of Cockoo] Themesong Lyric Translation + Download”

  • chibi says:

    yeh!! I agree! Chilam was awesome and so was that themeong =D The rest of the cast in Return of Cocktoo were bland and boring. It fitted nicely in MR, except Fala is a girl XD

  • lola says:

    me too LOL>..i love that song…the title of the song is very unique…..other than “wishing you well”, it was also Charmaine’s name in ROTC =)

  • kat says:

    oh yes I was a Chilam fan back then too! Because of this series, I have never really liked Charmaine, I found her character so unbearable and annoying! I don’t mind her as much now, but I avoided her series for a long time loool.

  • JOE says:

    actually, if is possible to have the song where Papa Cho make her daughter, Hing happy.

  • Jisoo says:

    I loveeeddd Charmaine in the Return of the Cuckoo ! <3
    I loveeedd Chilam and her together.
    One of my favourite series <3
    Charmaine unnie hwaiting !

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