Am I enjoying The Seventh Day? I guess I can say I sort of am, but I’m hoping that there would be a more solid storyline and direction or I may start losing interest. A lot of the time, this series seems quite unrealistic and a bit ‘silly’, especially between Natalie and Bosco but they’re still sort of funny and cute. Kevin’s character’s actions seem a bit extreme at times too (for e.g, the part where he opened the door of the car, jumping off a building…)

They made the lighting similar to that used in Under the Canopy of Love, attempting to create a feeling of being a Fairy Tale, but I don’t like the blurriness. I feel like I needed a HDTV to sharpen my eyesight. I want to see things more clearly and didn’t like the overall effect. The two pairings don’t seem to know each other yet which makes it feel like two separate storyline on their own. The idea about two people born on the same day doesn’t feel that strong and I often have to remind myself mentally that they’re trying to show a contrast between the two couples and the ups and downs in their relationship.

The story turned out a little different from what I had imagined from seeing the Sales Presentation and the offical Series Synopsis. I thought the characters would meet and fall in love in the first seven days, but I’m sure seven days has past since they met each other… Is the most beautiful 7th day referring to August 7th, or the 7 days after they get together?

Bosco and Natalie’s relationship reminds me of Power Chan and Winnie Yeung’s relationship in Marriage of Inconvenience. The two pretend to fall in love with the other to use the other but in fact they both hated one another. After ‘using’ them, they planned to break off the relationship to hurt the other for revenge. The two act so ‘fake’ but it’s still amusing to watch. Natalie got close to Bosco in hope to get ideas off him for her comic, while Bosco mistakes her as a rich man’s daughter. Power and Winnie’s relationship in Marriage of Inconvenience was my favourite in that series because they shared cute moments and got to understand about each other during their ‘act’ and eventually fall for the other, for real. Hopefully Bosco and Natalie’s one will turn out nicely =) Their relationship was more of the light-hearted quarreling type and the more immature one compared to that of Niki and Kevin’s.

Kevin appeared to be the very cool-looking, “mysterious and dangerous” type of guy and Niki constantly told herself that she could not fall for a guy like that or she’ll be gone. However, Niki eventually fell in love with him because she couldn’t control her feelings. Kevin is always a mystery to her because he doesn’t tell her a lot of things. Niki assumed there was some sort of relationship between them because he’d ask her to help pay the bills for him etc, something a ‘girlfriend’ who would. He also took her to meet his grandmother who told her that he never brought another girl to see her before. However, he didn’t treat her like a girlfriend though: Most of the time, he’d be walking with his friends and Niki would be following behind them. He’d spend more time with his friends than with her and they never held hands or anything along those lines. Their relationship was a bit complicated. He doesn’t appear to care about her much, but at times Niki feels that he can see right through her (e.g giving her ice cream when she wanted it) leaving her curious and unsure of how he really sees her in his heart.

Only after when Kevin saw Niki with the doctor that he started to feel scared of losing her, because in a way, he took her for granted.

At the end of Episode 5, the two couples get together under the wishing tree on August 7th <3

Kevin: “I only want to spend my birthday with you…I hope that from now on, I’ll be able to spend every seventh day of August with you”

I’m anticipating that more romantic moments will happen, then turning it into a tragic love story ~ I want to be moved =)

P.s: aww…the dogJack, is the cutest thing! xD I wish I had a dog that cute and obedient ^^

12 Responses to “[The Seventh Day] Episode 1-5 Thoughts”

  • qing says:

    Ya i agree with u the Natalie and Bosco parts are abit silly…i guess i enjoy taichi more than tsd now

  • yune says:

    this show very much resembles the korean movie “a moment to remember”

  • FaNNy says:

    i loved jack so much too!!!! he is the cutest thing in the story!! =] lolz xD i just loved how kevin and niki hugged in the end xD

  • Jessica says:

    lols i LOVE that DOG!..he listens to Niki and helps her out alot.. that a smart doggiee!..xD wish i had a doggie like that. =(..if i do ill train it to be obedient and speak my language to it hahah.

  • KTVB says:

    To yune: really? i haven’t seen that Korean Movie, maybe I should search it up.

    To FaNNy: lol, the hugging in the end was like ‘yay’, Kevin finally tells her how he really feels and expresses himself. otherwise if acts like he doesn’t realyl care in front of her.

    To Jessica: The doggy scenes are a highlight to the series ^^

  • chibi says:

    I reckon doggyJack should get best actor award in the TVB ceremony. I mean..seriously, he owns EVERY CHARACTER in the series. XD

    I dunno about Bosco and Natalie, so far I find their acting skills really so-so.. over the top, exaggerated and immature.. I don’t like watching them.

    Niki’s acting is really.. bland. I find it really hard to believe she’s a real character, cause she seems to be spaced out and trying to memorise her script :/

    So far I don’t find this series very good cause it seems too unrealistic. I also agree on the part about the blurriness being very annoying.

    Nice summary though =)

  • Summer says:

    Haha. i love tis series alot. i m up to episode 13 ler.. and its so touched… i m enjoying tis series so much.. last nite, while watched episode 12 & 13.its so touching while come to moment of Kevin & Niki at Japan scene.. wif the beautiful scene add in the lovely of Kevin & Niki, its just so touched and its makes me cry leh..due to too touched..haha.. really love tis series alot..and i m oso enjoying doing screencapture for tis series…


  • cx839 says:

    There’s a solid storyline by Episode 12 when they go to Japan. I highly recommend the second half of the series. It’s romantic, touching and memorable and also tragic.

  • frustrated says:

    theres a scene where theres an old lady with the husband …the old lady had alzhemeir i think then she couldn’t remember her own husband but when her husband brought her to an old night club n play the old songs she remembers those old days when they were young dancing and eventually remember the husband..i not sure if this scene is in this drama ..sorry if its not since i posting it here…but ANYONE plz help if ANYBODY know which drama this scene came from ..plz let me know

    Reply from KTVB: Ah..I know what scene you’re talking about, but I cant exactly remember which series its from either lol It’s definitely not from The Seventh Day.

  • munchii says:

    where do u go to watch the whole series?

  • Hannah Dang says:

    This movie really touched me. Thanks to it, I know what is the meaning of life, what is the true happiness and trust much more, love much more about the life. Love this movie so much and forever <3 <3 <3

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