May 2008

[The Seventh Day] Episode 16-20

*Final post on The Seventh Day*

I finally finished this series! Actually it’s been a while since I’ve finished it (end of March) but haven’t had the time to post it up! Sad to say but I was actually waiting for the series to end…I expected the story to be a lot more touching and that the final episodes would really “move” me as many have reassured. Thus I kept watching on, until I reached the end and didn’t feel much. I was quite disappointed and felt the ratings reflected how I felt: a very average series that could be easily forgotten. The story is very cliche and ordinary. Was it really that tragic? The leading casts may be an eye candy but that’s about it. I’ve spent 20 episodes watching 2 couples fall in love with each other, and watching them “love each other”. If Korean dramas are really like this, then maybe Korean dramas really isn’t my thing. Nevertheless, there were some scenes I liked which will be discussed as follows.

I think from episode 16-18, Bosco and Natalies’ relationship developed nicely. Their scenes were cute..Bosco and Natalie don’t seem to mind talking about their relationship with others. Natalie openly tells the people who were reading through a magazine that Bosco was her Boyfriend before “Don’t you think we match?” while when Bosco saw his colleague reading Natalie’s comic, he proudly tells him that he was actually the guy in the book =) I guess this comes to show they treasured the relationship and is happy that it happened, even though they can’t be together now. It‘s no longer a big deal~

More cute moments~ Natalie planned to travel to Japan and Bosco didn’t want her to leave. The group decided to have a farewell party for her and when Bosco was buying a present for her, he knows she will like a certain teddy bear, even her friend ‘Jessie’ didn’t understand/know Natalie as much as he did. When the gang were playing ‘Spin the Bottle’ (where they had to answer any questions asked) Bosco deliberately asks her if she had to leave? Bosco was indirectly telling Natalie that he doesn’t want her to go =3..so cute…xD When the two get paired up to buy drinks, it starts to rain and he uses his jacket to shelter the two~ the two were about to kiss but Bosco drops his jacket XD They know they have feelings for each other, but were holding back because of ‘Jessie’ who Bosco was already dating.

On the day Natalie had to leave, she deliberately pretended she couldn’t catch a taxi, hoping Bosco would stop by and send her off. The airport scene was really sweet! He hugged onto her and told her not to go <3 Unfortunately she does leave..

Out of all this though, I was really annoyed that Bosco had left “Jessie” hanging while he started pursuing Natalie. At first he saw that Jessie was a nice girl and did many things for him, so decided to give her a chance and the two started dating. However, when he realised the one he loved was Natalie, he should have broken off the relationship instead of two-timing! That’s so unfair to Jessie. He should have made it clear to her instead of lying to her, even keeping her hopes up when he was about to go to Japan and find Natalie by bribing his dad and sister to help him. I did find it entertaining to watch how Bosco tried to contact Natalie and get away from Jessie~ though I don’t like Jessie either because she was selfish… She saw the message Bosco had left Natalie and she deleted it. I’m not saying I prefer Bosco with “Jessie” than Natalie, but I didn’t like how Bosco was cheating on her. I think that ruined it for me.

When Bosco found Natalie in Japan, he lied to her that he came alone to find her, making Natalie think that he had already broke up with Jessie. In the cold at the bus stop, the two kiss each other and got back together. Disaster was approaching ><Bosco and Natalie slept with each other where Jessie appears in front of Natalie’s door the next morning.

A confrontation scene occurs, where two hearts are broken. I really hated how Bosco handled the situation. After this moment, I didn’t like Bosco and Natalie’s relationship because it felt so messy. I don’t like the whole “get back together because of the baby problem” that almost occurs in every TVB series.

Months past and Bosco finally finds Natalie who has been avoiding him etc. When he realises she was pregnant with his child, he tries to find ways for her to accept him. At the end, Natalie gives birth and Bosco manages to move Natalie and she forgives him.

As for Kevin and Niki’s scenes, I didn’t find much that was special. The break-up scene between them was quite sad though, watching tears that just kept falling from Niki’s eyes as Kevin tried to explain himself and reassuring her that she was the one most important to him and not Selena. Niki replied with a “I don’t think so”.

I liked episode 17 because I felt sorry for Kevin’s character even more. I can finally feel the love he has for Niki and all the things he tries to do so she would change her mind. However, Niki persistently acted cold towards him. It was really sad watching the two like that. Niki does successfully make Kevin ‘hate’ her but she ends up giving up hope on living because Kevin is no longer in her life. She didn’t want to take the treatments and her heart-broken father couldn’t bare seeing his daughter like that. He ends up telling Kevin the truth and the two end up getting back together. I kind of got bored of the couple after they got back together: they got married, and wanted to have a baby of their own.

It doesn’t make much sense to me that she could still give birth in her condition.. Anyways, watching the two was..very boring. The moment after she gave birth to her baby was sort of touching though. She had to do her operation but she didn’t want to be separated from her baby so soon..the only other part I felt sad was when she was looking at Jack-the dog through her camera phone..

Everything made it seem like Niki would not survive the operation. However, she does and Niki was able to watch her daughter grow up until she was 5 years old. Niki does eventually die from Cancer and Kevin continues on live happily with their daughter..I think thats a nice ending for her, since she did get to spend time with their daughter~

12 Responses to “[The Seventh Day] Episode 16-20”

  • Summer says:

    Oh, is a surprise tat u stil posting The Seventh Day,cos tot u wont be posting any of The Seventh Day screencap lioa.. i did read all wat u wrote for the Final of The Seventh Day… wat u say abt it, is true oso lo.. but , whole series, i m enjoying watching it.. dun know why, will love tis series alot..haha.. may b, due to got Bosco kua..haha..
    This series 2 couples, i actually wil love Bosco & Natalie more then Kevin & Niki, cos feel tat Kevin & Niki abit bored couple, and to Bosco & Natalie , tis pairing abit interesting and cute..haha..

    Any way, in tis series, beside love watching 4 of them, oso love to watch the beautiful scene view of Japan.. its just so so beautiful lo..haha..
    so, love The Seventh Day alot..and gonna miss tis series… so, today suddenly see ur screen cap, its makes me re-call back alot of the sweet scene in this series.. haha..

  • chibi says:

    Yeh, I agree with most of what you said in your post, except… I think I liked the couples even a lot less. I can’t decide which couple was more interesting..since it was either too boring and cliched (Kevin and Nikki), or far too exaggerated and unrealistic for me to bother thinking it resembles real life (Bosco and Natalie)

    I wish they gave the 7pm slot to a better series like Tai Chi.

  • Kat says:

    I definitely agree with your post. Trying to finish the series was more of a duty than enjoyment.
    Bosco and Natalie were the probably what kept the series ‘alive’. Others who have watched this have made it seem like if it was going to make you bawl your eyes out but that didn’t quite happen in my case. It was sad to see Niki undergo her symptoms in the beginning of her treatments so that struck a couple of tears. Besides that, the part where she utters “I miss you, Jack” through her cell phone was probably the most touching scene for me as well. Overall, it would be a mediocre series. However, compared to Under the Canopy of Love, it’s better with more interesting characters as well. This is the first time I am impressed with Natalie’s performance.

  • KTVB says:

    To Summer: glad u liked the post lol The japan scenery looked nice but I felt the actual scenes/storyline taking place in Japan was quite boring…

    To Kat: I agree with everything you’ve said too Kat =)

  • KN says:

    -gah…the only thing that kept me watching was because i am a fan of the coupling. I agree with almost all of the post so far and didnt think the story was well developed. i fast forwarded though some of the scenes becuase it was ehh. I wish there was more cute scenes like when nikki tries to avoid kevin in the beginning. i thought that was interesting to see how it would developed.
    -So after finishing the series…i was like “so whats this deal with the seventh day thing?” There wasnt much correlation between bosco and kevin and the story only talked about august 7 once. It was either from this site or somewhere else that i saw a series of pictures where the four characters were doing a different activity in a seven day period. (like for day one they rode bikes or something, day two they went to the beach…ect.) i thought that would be cool to have in the series. In the end i say TSD was having two stories put into one with weak connections. I still liked the series overall though..sigh…because i like seeing the cast
    For me, the end where kevin explained niki had only lived five more years after the operation, almost made me cry. Yes i know he was happy but i felt so bad that he couldnt live with his love. Im a huge fan of kevin and so my heart actually ached for him the following day after finishing the series. I really didnt like that feeling at all…but anyways thanks for letting me rant….next stop finishing master of taichi(so good). Time to cry again since im also a vincent fan….gosh damit 🙁 too many sad series

  • NF says:

    i love bosco & kevin, thats why i watched it. 😀

    And the story was a bit boring at first, but I was totally addcited during the later parts.Im a bigger fanof BOSCO. but in this story, I prefer Kevin & Niki’s love story. More mature and touching and their love are strong, can feel the chemistry! I CRIED ALOT during a lot of their parts! Bosco and natalie are funny( a little), and touching towards the end. Both couples really love each other but i prefer kevins story. haha. cos i find bosco and natalie(esp) quite egoistic and mean to each other, without any big reasons (it was obvious that natalie made a mistake by locking him up, but she got angry too when they scolded her). Still, i gues thats what the story is all abt.
    I really hoped both couples know each other well, but no. bosco and kevin were only aquaintance. glad that their children were born on the same day, but too bad they didnt know they got the same bday! still, i dont see whats the connection with ‘seventh day’. ??
    And I hoped that niki would live for another 10years mayb? longer! haha, but i guess it is better so that the child wont b too affected if she’s older.

    Overall, I love the story!
    And the theme song totally touches my heart!

  • KTVB says:

    To KN: Yup, I previously posted up screencaps of the short clip from the sales presentation, but now its obvious that TVB had filmed that afterwards and was misleading what the series was really about.

    To NF: yea..the weak link between Bosco and Kevin was a downside I think. Mere acquaintances. Would have been neat I think if one was a baby boy and the other was a baby girl. maybe they’ll have a story of heir own when they grow up ^ ^; oh wells..thats cliched too lol

  • Nakia says:

    I’m big fan of Bosco and Natalie but their parts in T7D sucked! I wished them wouldn’t have agreed to be in this series! KN’ parts are better and more touching!

  • Alyssa says:

    I love Kevin+Nikki but i hate the sad ending!! :'(

  • Annie says:

    Hmm, I actually really enjoyed the Kevin-Niki Story-line. It was the main line i payed attention too! I guess besides the fact that I really like Kevin and Niki as a pair. Their story definitely touched me in many parts. Even after the show was over, i felt like it kept replaying in my mind. I guess I’m a very sappy person. I enjoy watch tragic love tales. I was really connected to this show. Boo me. 😛 But, I think they could’ve developed the story a bit better, because things did seem to rush. And I really wanted Niki to tell Kevin about her sickness, but her, being as selfless as she is. I guess we all know the main story-line TVB presents us with! Too predictable. I’ve always re-watched this series three times. First two times I focused on Niki and Kevin and I was still moved. Third time i focused a bit more on Bosco and Natalie, not as much as Kevin and Niki but more.

    At first I found Bosco and Natalie’s story line quite childish and dumb. But then I realized, their story-line was very touching. Even though it didn’t bring tears to my eyes, their character developed better than Kevin and Niki’s, but Kevin and Niki is still my favourite. However, I really felt Natalie’s pain when bosco threw all the stuffed animals out of his car. It seemed very realistic and sad.

    Overall, I really wanted this to have a good rating. Even though it didn’t I still support it. I wish that TVB could of put more time into this though. I’m pretty sure they were hoping this would be an award winning series, but i highly doubt it. Sad, but I hope i see more Kevin and Niki series.

    But you’re summary’s are clear and to the point! Good job! (:

  • David C says:

    7th day stood for both Bosco and Kevin’s B-day (aug 7th), and the ending where the story told about god creating the world in only 6 days and presented the most beautiful things to the man in the world on the 7th day, epds 20 ending: “If you know how to treasure it, all things could be most beautiful”

    最美麗的第七天 literal translation = “The most beautiful seventh day”

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