I’m currently up to episode 10 of The Ultimate Crime Fighter and I’m enjoying it heaps! I am really liking both series that are currently airing (the other being Men Don’t Cry) I’m looking forward to watching more! (too bad exams are coming up soon so will need to spend more time studying. Its even more annoying now after Day-light-savings, TVBJ Australia rearranged the schedule, changing the time of Virtues of Harmony which is usually before Men Don’t Cry to another time, and making Men Don’t Cry start at 7pm instead of 7:10pm yet ending at the same time…now the TV commercials are way more longer. *not happy -_-*)

The first 4 episodes have been awesome! I totally love the first case, the mystery, the introduction of the main characters, character interaction and them getting to know each other and h’m particularly impressed by Moses! I’m already in love with his character hahaha.. as a police and undercover =3 Episode 4 has been the best episode in terms of action and I hope to see more action soon!

Since the first case closed, the episodes up until now have mainly been focusing on Gigi and Moses’ relationship and development. There are HEAPS of Moses and Gigi scenes..so for those who love this couple, you’d be very pleased. I have picked out a few personal favourites to share ^^

Episode 2

I just loved Moses’ expressions. Their lift incident is cute. Their height difference is even cuter XD The lift is squishy with lots of people and when Moses reaches his hands into his pocket to get a tissue out, Gigi thinks he is a pervert and wanted to touch her butt, making a scene.

Episode 3

One of the evil guys is harassing Gigi at her door, trying to take her somewhere (I believe trying to lure her into joining that religion) Gigi hesitates and tries to come up with excuses but he keeps on going. Moses see and comes into, pretending to be Gigi’s boyfriend to protect her XD CUTE!

Episode 6

I love the way Moses ‘acts’ and Gigi actually gets scared of him. He seems like playing with her by giving her wrong ideas XD He just wants to offer her a drink ^^;

Episode 7

I love the way Moses cares for Gigi and is being so nice to her (even though he says he’s doing it for Ada (Fala))

A fire breaks out and moses takes Gigi to escape. I thought the two looked cute because Gigi was in a wedding gown and it looked like so run-away bride ^^; Gigi injures her leg and Moses carries her down the stairs. The two sit outside in the cold and Moses gives his jacket to her. Seeing that Gigi was still cold, he sits closer to her and hugs her awwwwwwww!! Too sweet!! Seriously..what girl wouldn’t get the wrong idea?? Any girl would fall for him XD

I love Moses’ concerned face ^^;

15 Responses to “[The Ultimate Crime Fighter] Gigi and Moses Moments”

  • Carmen says:

    hey cool! thanks for providing the brief synopsis for gigi & moses scenes! they’re so cute together. i love TUCF…

  • AC says:

    I think Gigi is so cute in this series. She does not look like she’s almost 40! She can pull off playing someone in their 20s!

  • cF says:

    I’m absolutely adoring the Gigi+MOses chemistry too!! They are just way too cute!

  • jw says:

    i am liking this series but i hope the pairing will be moses and gigi,then kevin and gigi, and moses with yoyo then moses gigi again and then yoyo and that one lawyer dude as for kevin i don’t really care much for who he ends up with in this series, he doesn’t match too well with anyone

  • emma says:

    lol i luv the screencaps…Gigi’s face expressions r soo funnt…and moses looks extrememly hott too

  • Summer says:

    KTVB : Ur screen cap for TUCF, Mosses & GiGi Lai is cute.. haha… so, beside that, YoYo pair wif who??

  • nice =) cutest moses/gigi scenes hehe

  • paige says:

    thanks for adding TUCF to your entries. All the scenes are so memorable.

  • drey says:

    Hey, nice work on the screencaps. Haha…they make a really funny couple.

  • FaNNy says:

    to Summer: yoyo is paired with marco ngai in the beginning and then she falls in love with moses. i actually prefer moses and yoyo than moses and gigi.

  • Christine says:

    I think i prefer Moses pair up with Gigi. I think Gigi shouldnt die in this movie. Gigi & Moses is the best.

  • Lee-ann says:

    I love how moses and Gigi roles…! They are so cute…..! I also love moses songs…!
    Can someone share it with us….!

  • moonz says:

    cute lov3!!!<<<<<<<<<<

  • Luv TC says:

    Love your screencaps of TUCF! hmmm.. that ‘runaway bride’ scene; for a guy who supposedly had no feelings for the girl hugging her that way is tantamount to taking advantage of the girl! He’s hugging her so lovingly, look at him! nonetheless I luv moses n gigi pairing. No matter how hard they tried to make gigi look ugly, i think they failed miserably; look clumsy mayb.. Moses n Gigi have more chemistry in TUCF than Gem. I guess in Gems lotsa of Gigi n Moses scenes had to be deleted due to Gigi’s absence for 2months during filming. Some of their scenes in Gems, indeed looked disjointed esp the marriage n honeymoon part.

  • malarvili says:

    Moses n Gigi have more chemistry so they must maried
    at end of the story………………

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