More Screenies! I feel really sad for Moses when he sees the two together *sigh* I guess only when Gigi is with Kevin now, that Moses realises he shouldn’t have take her for granted..Even being with Kevin, Moses is the one Gigi loves.I really hope the two can get back together..
Episode 26

Kevin’s father invites Gigi over to dinner to learn more about her (knowing that their son is interested in her). His parents both like Gigi a lot and approve of the two being with each other.

Moses sees the two together but doesn’t do anything. Yoyo tried convincing him to do something and not be so stubborn.

Kevin buys Gigi a flower and tells her that the things he said to her the other night were his real feelings. He hopes that Gigi will accept him and become his girlfriend, handing the flower to her. Gigi slowly takes the flower without saying any words..

Moses sees the two from a distance..

Episode 27

Feeling depressed, Moses enters those drinking games and win and the Yoyo takes the drunk Moses back to his home. Moses ends up lying on Yoyo’s arms so she just lies there with him. He looks above at the lights which remind him of stars and Gigi. he later grabs onto Yoyo’s hands and expressing his feelings, as if Yoyo is Gigi. Yoyo realises that Moses only has Gigi in his heart.

Moses goes to find Gigi at her home and she was happy he came by. However, it turns out Moses wanted to find out about Kevin and about the case and Gigi gets disappointed. In a way, I think Moses also wanted to know about their relationship. The talk turned into another argument as Moses started suggesting Kevin is bad person while started Gigi defending him.

Another moment of confrontation, where Moses talks to Kevin about the case. Kevin tells Gigi to go into the car first, and puts on loud music on so she wouldn’t be able to hear their conversation. When Kevin goes back into the car, Kevin lies to Gigi that Moses is just bothering him because he doesn’t want Kevin to be with Gigi.

A very scary..close up of Kevin…Gigi is in such a dangerous position!

5 Responses to “[The Ultimate Crime Fighter] The Love triangle..or square”

  • chibi says:

    dangerous…very dangerous!

  • dreyvii says:

    hi K…back again. I do like the chemistry between gigi and moses in the show. Too bad it had to end so tragically.

  • FaNNy says:

    omg…luv ur gigi-kevin screenies =] very cute lolz xD

  • Luv TC says:

    Oh yes, that scene when Lung saw Ching n Man Hei hugging at a distance must be heart breaking for him. So u think did he decide to go aft Ching bcoz yoyo urged so or was it coincidental they bumped? The latter seemed so lame. I think Moses subconciously is biased, prejudiced against Kevin esp so aft the Spore incident(he was upset Ching went on biz trip with Kivin), cases that involved kevin he wd investigate to the core – pushing kevin to the corner.

  • lana@lara says:

    hi! i’m new here..for your information, in this drama gigi lai has been killed by kevin..and actually kevin is a bisexual person..he dates with gigi just because he wants to cover his secret lover ( a man) and the crime he did..

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