I’m not really a fan of this couple but I did enjoy watching how the two got together lol Through the series, Yuen Biao (Fire) and Maggie Siu have been gotten along really well, and their relationship just developed over time. From episode 25-ish, things were becoming more obvious..
Episode 26

In this scene, Maggie helps Fire put on some cream for the burns on his back, and he comments that it feels very comfortable.

At the police station, the people there started thinking things were going on between the two, and some of Fire’s colleagues even started teasing him. To avoid the awkwardness, the two decided not to go to work or come home from work together anymore. Natalie overhears, and warns them that there are a lot bad people around these days and it would be dangerous for her to travel alone at night. Fire decided to teach Maggie a few self defense technique to use, just in case.

Maggie got a bit confused how it works and Fire pretends to be the bad guy and grabs her from the back. Another awkward position lol

He teaches her to pull the fingers then jab him in the back, but knocks him for real.

Fire realises his heart is beating really fast.

Episode 27

The washing machine at home seems to have broken and while Fire was having a look at it, water started coming out and wetting all over the place. Without much thought, Maggie grabs a towel and helps Fire dry himself.

Back in the room, Fire realises his feelings and tries to avoid her, leaving for work without her.

In the following scene, Maggie’s son tells Fire that they were chosen from school to take part in a television show where the family is invited. Knowing it was a ‘family’ thing, Fire makes up an excuse, saying that he wouldn’t be able to attend because he’s busy at work. Maggie and his son both get really disappointed.

After solving a mini-case, Fire learns to treasure the people you love, to let the other know before it may be too late. At the television studio, Fire decides to turn up =)

Natalie and Maggie’s son go off to buy icecream, and so the two went to sit down and enjoy the view.

One of those prickly-wood thing (forgot what they’re called) gets into her fingers and Fire helps her take it out.

Maggie asks him why he came to to the studio..he tells her that he doesn’t want to run away anymore. He knows he should be there, and he really wants to be there =)

8 Responses to “[The Ultimate Crime Fighter]Yuen Biao+Maggie Siu”

  • Kombatpiggie says:

    splinters. the prickly thing is called a splinter. =) Thanks for the updates.

  • chibi says:

    hehe…cute..looks like youngsters going out for the first time or something XD

  • those scenes were really cute!! but later on in the series, they become a bit “torn apart”…….. i won’t say anymore

  • me says:

    wow… Thanks for a wonderful pictures of Maggie and Yuen Biao. They are so cute together. ps Maggie in here looks so young~~

  • FaNNy says:

    to K: the ‘wood-thing’ is called a splinter. lolz xD and i loved maggie-yuen biao scenes a lot =] very sweet. =]

  • John says:

    I was wondering what other movie or tv series where Yuen Biao and Maggie Cheung was in together besides the one above. I saw one on youtube called ‘ hung kuen marries wing chun ” I thought they were both really good… but I can’t seem to find out any other info about this movie….. any help please!!! Thanks.

  • Caroline says:

    Thanks for the screenshots. I love Yuen Biao and I think he and Maggie have great chemistry. I love the way he puts his hand on hers; it’s so subtle and natural.

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