Episode 28

A pretty funny/cute scene ^^ After the two got together, they didn’t tell Natalie or Maggie’s son. I guess they were a bit embarrassed to tell them, or more like didn’t know how. Besides, Maggie’s son might not accept him. So for the time being, the two decided to keep it a secret. To make it appear they are not as ‘close’, the two pretend to act more distant from each other by constantly using ‘thanks’ etc, being more polite but things just looked more obviously wrong, since they weren’t normally like that lol

Fire was hoping the ‘family’ can go to the temple together, but since Natalie and the boy said they weren’t free, Maggie made up an excuse that she had to help substitute for someone at work and Fire said he’ll stay at home and do some house chores XD They didn’t want to let them see the two went together….

In the screencaptures below, the two are talking to each other, saying they feel a bit guilty lying to their children, but it wasn’t the right time to tell them yet. The two were standing so apart that a man walking in between them hears their conversation and comments on them strangely lol ahaha~ I mean, who stands that far apart ? XD

Fire gets knocked by a person and Maggie turns around and the two are close together again.

Fire: “Much better”
Maggie: “Yup =)”

Maggie: “So where should we go now?”
Fire: “It’s late for a movie, but too early for dinner. Where do you say?”
Maggie: “Anywhere, as long as Natalie and them see.”

They both cover their faces.

Fire: “Can’t see us now yeh?”
Maggie: “Yup”
Fire: “Let’s go”

When they walk pass a sticker photo shop, Maggie said she took one with her son last time, its pretty cute and there’s lots of designs to choose from~ Both of them seemed to curious and excited, and Fire even comments that it looks fun xD Fire suggests that they go and take some together too.

Maggie: “I don’t really know how the machine works”

Fire: “It doesn’t look too hard, we’ll test it out”

Co-incidentally, Natalie is with her friend to check out the latest machine when she hears two familiar voices coming out of a machine.. lol

Fire: “oh, so its taken already”
Maggie: “it must look really ugly”

Natalie: “Dad (Fire)!? Lak-jie (Maggie)? Aren’t you cleaning stuff? Didn’t you go back to substitute for work?”

Maggie: “oh, I finished work, so just happen to pass by”
Fire: “Yeh”

Natalie: “Ah the photos are out” *and grabs the card photos*

The two become embarrassed~ At home, Natalie couldn’t help by keep giggling and teasing them.

3 Responses to “[The Ultimate Crime Fighter]Yuen Biao+ Maggie 2”

  • chibi says:

    lol..that is kinda embarrassing ^^; They’re not exactly young, eehee

  • j00ky says:

    Natalie is so cute.. hope TVb will giver her more series to do 😀

  • jobobi says:

    omgg I couldn’t stop smiling after watching this ep! Natalie

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