Airring: 9 July 2012- 17 August 2012

This reminds me of TVB’s second (?) attempt of “Step into the Past” where modern day character gets taken back in history, except this time it’s Kenneth Ma going back into a computer game. I’m excited to watch this series for the cast (Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung etc) although my expectations for it isn’t very high. Just hoping for some good entertainment! 🙂

9 Responses to “[Three Kingdoms RPG] 回到三國 Trailer”

  • Diane says:

    Finally get to see Raymond Lam again!

  • curly.fries says:

    Yeah, definitely brings back memories of Step into the Past, but I’d love to see the Three Kingdoms story from that perspective!

    And yes, the cast closes the deal for me.

  • JacJac says:

    I’ve been watching too much time travelling dramas lately. I watched Bu Bu Bu Jin Xin, Korean Dramas Queen in Hyun’s Man, and Chinese Paladin 3. Would be nice to watch Back to 3 kingdom for the history of it. The last tvb time traveling series I’ve seen was A Step Into the past and the king of yesterday and tomorrow.

  • ceci says:

    The Legend of Swordman with Nichholas Tse?

  • misstila says:

    even though i like raymond lam and tavia i prefer the sales presentation cast with ron, fala and steven ma =/

  • FELICIA says:


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