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Has anyone been watching “Three Kingdoms RPG 回到三國“? The finale was out last night and just wanted to see what your opinions were on the series. Three Kingdoms RPG was one of the series I had anticipated for 2012, mostly because Raymond Lam was in it as well as other casts which I quite enjoy watching (Tavia & Kenneth). The cast sounds great. The time period sounds interesting, although I never really knew the story/history. It looked like it could be quite enjoyable

I’ve only been watching snippets of it during dinner time while it aired so I have some form of opinion of it although it may no reflect the entire series. I love the theme song by Raymond Lam!! The theme video also makes the series seem quite serious. However, from what I’ve seen so far, nothing really appeals to me…most of the scenes I’ve seen which discusses about war didn’t engage me.  I  did not like Raymond Lam’s look, especially with the beard. I can’t get used to it ..isn’t 諸葛亮 supposed to be 30 in the series? His character comes off as quite old-looking (despite characters praising his intelligence at a young age). He also comes off as a bit “slow” rather than witty because of the way he talks and reacts..

In the series, Kenneth Ma plays a 30 year old while Tavia is a 23 year old maid..I’m just starting to think they can’t pull off the age well enough and I haven’t seen much chemistry between the two. Kenneth’s character was also quite annoying to watch (especially in the earlier episodes) although he is supposed to be the source of entertainment and our protagonist from the present time as we journey with him in the Three Kingdoms. Unless I’m convinced otherwise, I might skip this series in hope to save some precious time watching some better TVB productions (if there are any!). I might watch the finale to see if anything exciting happens. Any thoughts?


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  • Ri says:

    I really think Kenneth and Raymond were both miscast for their roles! Largely because I saw the sales presentation and I liked it BECAUSE Ron Ng and Steven Ma fit the roles! Ron Ng is better at playing “childish” roles, Kenneth just comes off and annoying and a bit dumb. And we all know Steven Ma is great in olden day roles. Not sure if Steven would have played 諸葛亮 but either way, I found Raymond to be a bit stiff and slow-moving haha. I watched a few eps here and there but yea, not going to bother watching the whole show!

    • misstila says:

      i think steven ma was supposed to play zhao zi long. i don’t think the series was bad i just think the ending sucked

    • Madeline says:

      Yeahh I agree with your thoughts the most. I prefer the old cast rather than this cast even though I personally like Raymond, Tavia and Kenneth as actors. I wonder what it would be like if the old cast was in the show. I think Steven Ma would be a great fit in both either Kenneth’s role as Win Sun or Raymond Lam’s role as the strategist.

      The ending: The way I see it, it’s not the most disappointing ending; it’s the most unexpected ending. Ever since Witness Insecurity and this drama ended, I feel that TVB is trying to establish more “realistic endings” instead of just plain old Happy endings which I’m sure people look forward to mostly. I’m not saying that happy endings doesn’t make the best out of a drama but having sad endings aren’t bad either. I find the ending unique because it leads to a lot of questions. For e.g how would Tavia adapt to the modern world now? Will Kenneth suddenly come back to life once he visualizes Tavia in front of him? You know there could be a second season for this drama and there might be one for Witness Insecurity. So I would say this drama is pretty much “one of the better series in TVB 2012.”

      **old cast referring to the people who did the traile during the TVB Drama Promotion (Ron Ng, Steven Ma, Fala Chen, etc.)

  • Sam Lee says:

    sad sad ending…
    Although if she came WITH him to his home, it would be fairly close the China / Hunan TV’s Gong, with the prince following the chick.
    But I think at least they coulda cured his heart stroke… even IF the this ending was able to show Kenneth’s better expressions…the character I think didn’t deserve that stroke. He could not be interested in any other girl, yet the vortex was too cruel to them two. 🙁 You see they made Tavia weep like that but be stuck in the modern world. Grrr.

  • Mei says:

    It was ok for the most part but Kenneth Ma and Raymond Lam in particular just were not convinicing in their roles. I woud aggree the series was definitely miscast! Kenneth had a distinct lack of chemistry with both Tavia and Raymond. They would have done better with either Ron Ng or Bosco Wong who are more convincing as a younger character.

    Raymond was positively wooden rather than intelligent and where was the playful wit the character is meant to have. Also most of the characters were way too one dimensional and there was no development of anyone but Kenneth which was done very clumsily (don’t know if that is Kenneth’s acting or the writing to blame).

    FINALE SPOLER WARNING!!! As for the ending ????? I just didn’t get it. I am not one of those people that root for happy ending but this was just sadly weird. They stranded Tavia in mordern day HK with her only support (Kenneth) dead. What was the point? Sure he had redeemed himself and didn’t love another e.t.c and yes perhaps fate is cruel….but the writers still could have that without leaving Tavia crying but not in the lurch and leaving it so unresolved!

  • miriamfanz says:

    If you haven’t watched it, don’t waste your time! TVB seriously butchered the characters and the ending was the worst in history. COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS AND STUPID! Read my full thoughts here: http://casualtvb.blogspot.ca/2012/08/three-kingdoms-rpg-review.html and you’ll see why it’s such a waste of time.

    • KTVB says:

      Just read your thoughts..I thought you were going to give 1/5 stars lol 3.5 sounds high for what you’re been saying haha Hmm..it looks liek what you’ve said is consistent to the snipppets I’ve seen on TV…looks like another disappointment!

      • miriamfanz says:

        Okay, maybe what I said was a little harsh. It is a decent comedy if you ignore all the historical inaccuracies. I did enjoy the series, even though I was frustrated with it at the same time.

  • 'Muff says:

    Finished it just then.

    I enjoyed the series as it went along, although maybe not so much the episodes in the beginning – Kenneth’s character was so insufferable! But I knew that it was to prepare for character development. (But they didn’t have to make him thaaat douchey T_T)

    (So yeah the reason he has a lack of chemistry with Tavia is because his character wasn’t in love with her anyway. But then he develops feelings for her! =D (unfortunate timing though… dat ending))

    While his character was in douche mode the only redeeming quality he had was his bromance with Fan Gen, the guy he saved at the start LOL (and I like how Fan Gen saves him in return eventually – more than once actually)

    Haha Raymond’s character didn’t come off as slow to me – especially because he was supposed to be a brainy person from the past. Consider it as *always deep in thought* XDD

    As for lack of chemistry, surprisingly despite all the loving scenes between Raymond and his wife… and everything they did for one another… I still felt like there wasn’t much. Maybe because the actor/actress just didn’t have chemistry in my eyes xD I dunno. *shrug*

    I personally found the war stuff exciting, and it was cool when I actually knew about what was going to happen, because I don’t know much about history (yay Chinese school history lessons through stories in our textbooks LOL). I really appreciate how clever the people in the past must have been to survive, haha. Scary times @_@

    I guess I like dramas that are inspired by history haha XD (But obviously no drama like that would ever be historically accurate, lots of creative license is always taken)

    But yeah. I feel like I spent most of the post dissing Kenneth’s character which is a little bit unfair considering he did grow and develop a lot (I found it funny that they always had to make it seem so obvious – another character would say, ‘Hey… You’ve changed!’ *headdesk*).

    The ending… I felt like TVB was being pretty ‘brave’, making it an unhappy ending. o_O I kind of expected they’d churn out a happy “they eventually get together~” ending but wow. I was wrong XD After what the characters went through I felt like it was undeserved, but ‘realistic’ *cough* in the sense that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to. =\ I don’t think they should’ve made it a sad ending… didn’t really fit with the feel of the drama.

    I haven’t seen Tiger Cubs yet! Is it good? I wanna watch iiiiit lol *forever putting uni aside*

    • Madeline says:

      LOL I like what you’re saying! I like the story plot, it’s interesting and it has a lot of modern world and ancient time connection.

      Although I sort of feel that Kenneth’s character change towards the end was a bit too fast..and how he learns that Tavia was the one for him. It’s sad to see how he realizes after knowing at the end and he had to wait like 30 years later to finally meet the person he loved and never forgotten most. Unfortunately, bad timing. And I agree with the lack of love chemistry towards each actor and actress (whoever is paired up with who in the drama). The chemistry just isn’t there. Tavia and Kenneth’s chemistry is ehh..I didn’t like their chemistry till the very end when Kenneth realizes who he really needs in his life.

    • Rin says:

      Watch Tiger Cubs. Much more interesting series IMO. Just be prepared that it might end abruptly because it only has 13 episodes… lol. & be prepared to love Oscar Leung’s character 🙂

  • misstila says:

    the ending was a little confusing though i felt like
    tavia didnt age cuz she was stuck in the time portal for 30 years. what do you guys think?

    • Madeline says:

      Ideally, if Tavia traveled to the modern world, she would’ve died because she’s over a hundred years old lol. But I think the director wanted the viewers to think about what would happen after leaving a cliffhanging ending. So I guess the ending is just a mystery.

  • aiMiXue says:

    What I liked about the series was the moments when Kenneth & Raymond stategically came up with smart solutions to difficult problems.
    They had good ‘Bro’ chemistry because they trust & can predict the other.
    As for the ending…
    I wished Kenneth had stayed behind. Maybe if he knew Tavia couldn’t go back to the future with him, he wouldn’t have went near the portal.
    The ending is also as tragic as it was for Witness Insecurity. >.<

  • stef says:

    I watched this series because of Tavia. You should have put her name up there at the Opinion questions ’cause I know lots of my friends watched bcause of Tavia, too.
    I’m surprised that you didn’t like the chemistry btween Kenneth and Tavia (I’m not fan of Kenneth anyway). They’re quite okay. And I love the ending! Tragic but touching and memorable. Life is cruel!

    • Madeline says:

      hahah I would watch it for Tavia too!!
      and yeahh the ending, it’s a life lesson we all should learn from.

  • Rin says:

    Sigh, Kerry. You don’t really have to watch this. I think snippets and there are good enough. I had so much hope and once again TVB let me down :[

    I think the others pretty said everything about the ending so there isn’t much for me to say. **SPOILER**Though some people speculate that it was Tavia’s spirit that came down to get Kenneth at the end cus she still looks so young after 30 years… yeahh.**END**

    I deleted this series off my laptop already =/ it probably will be deleted off my mind too cus because it was not that memorable. If anyone here looking for the sameish plotline of time traveling back to the Three Kingdoms then watch the oldie A Step into the Past. Much better IMO, not that it has the most accurate depiction of history but at least it was entertaining lol.

  • red*robin says:

    I’m in the middle of the series right now while I just completed Tiger Cubs, which was very VERY good, Tiger Cubs is one of the better 2012 cops series! As for 3 Kingdoms, I think Raymond Lam has done a nice job in portraying his part as a war adviser and a newlywed husband. As for Kenneth Ma, at first he’s exaggerate, cocky, and immature but it was bearable but later on he was…loud. I think Kenneth has done an okay job since his character is someone who was suddenly transported to ancient times and he has no money or anything in his possession, he hasn’t had any training or support so he must be quick and use his wit to survive and he’s finally met his (game) idol so he must impress him by acting friendly. This series is similar to Louis Koo’s “Step into the Past” but Louis’s character has support, training, tech, education, and he was prepared to travel back in time but that isn’t the case w/ Kenneth. Right now I’m in the middle of the series and like any book, movie, or series there are good parts and bad parts, so let’s see what happens next. And I don’t think Raymond’s character seems slow, it’s just that Kenneth acts like his modern self using English and Chinese phrases/slangs so it’s hard for people in ancient time to get what he’s saying!

  • Tam Tran says:

    I just finish watching this. The ending was so sad. I was hoping it would be a happy ending. Dammit why wont these director make a happy ending! I was thinking of she would make it in time and he is okay. Introduce her to his family and live with her happy forever.. My eyes was just tearing and saying no noo noooo >.<

  • Joey says:

    I love the series except for the ending!

  • L says:

    Ugh, Kenneth Ma is so annoying in this series.

  • KenTa says:

    Kenneth’s character eventually learn to cherish each and every moment in his life. I wanted Tavia and Kenneth to have more scene together though 🙁

    Still, I think Kenneth’s character is funny, loving and so cute. It took him some courage to tell Tavia that he didn’t felt the same way she did towards him.

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