TVB Triumph in the Skies II

  • The series continues to be enjoyable 10 episodes in.
  • Chilam and Myolie’s storyline continues to develop and not disappoint. In order to get close to her, Chilam decides to move in as one of her housemates. Seeing Myolie’s dislike for him, her loyal team member “Teddy” (and I believe is also her secret crush) played by Adrian Chau, pulls a prank on Chilam which leaves him locked out of the house with no clothes on (except a towel) and Myolie had to retrieve him. While I enjoy Chilam’s sense of humour and playboy character, I love seeing Chilam more when he’s being serious because he appears more caring and genuine. We see this in the scene Chilam finally confronts Myolie revealing to us their sibling relationship.

Myolie: “I told you, tenants have to look at the notice board themselves, if anything happens, its your responsibility.”
Chilam: “So you think you and I are only tenant and landlord relationship? I am your brother, Koo Ha San. No matter how angry you are with me, even if you don’t want your surname, you can’t change this fact!”

  • Chilam tries to make it up to her for abandoning her when she was young when he went to pursue his pilot career/join the military. One day, he noticed she has been carrying around the watch he had previously given her in her tool box, and kept it the entire time even though it was broken. Thinking her birthday was coming up, he decided to organise a surprise party for her and got the watch fixed as his birthday present. Unfortunately, he got the day and month switched around so he was a month late. Myolie also revealed she had deliberately kept the watch broken at 2pm to constantly remind her of the day/time he left her. It happened to be 2pm again and she tossed the watch into a jug of juice. It’s quite sad actually and I felt sorry for the both of them. I guess it does require more time! I knew the surprise party wasn’t going to be a good idea…(even if it was on her actual birthday given how antisocial she is) lol
  • Chilam seems very proud of his sister, always saying things to Ron like “Of course she’s smart, she’s my sister”. It’s cute how both Chilam and Myolie are similar in both acting “cool” hehe

TVB Triumph in the Skies II

  • After this incident, Chilam decides to give some space for Myolie and asks his “Robin” (Ron) to look after Myolie for him. (I love how Chilam and Ron refer to each other as Batman and Robin hehe) This could possibly be time for Ron and Myolie to develop their relationship storyline.

TVB Triumph in the Skies II

  • On the other hand, Francis finally bumps into Myolie (who resembles his wife Zoe) at the airport. However, he clearly knows that they are different people and has already learned to let go and move on. (It’s actually not hard to differentiate/feel they are two different people because Myolie (as Zoe) in the prequel was a lot younger lol and Myolie’s face has changed since then so they feel like two different people to me).
  • TITS2 tries hard to add Zoe everywhere in the sequel, in flashbacks and “fate”. Co-incidentally, Myolie (Zoe) has given Francis the exact same watch as the one Chilam has given his sister Myolie. In hope to amend Chilam and Myolie’s sibling relationship, Ron uses Francis’ story and his watch to tell Myolie to treasure those important to her: Items may be dead, and that although her watch is now broken, but people are alive, she should still move on like how Francis was willing to give up the watch his wife gave him if it would be able to help them. I actually quite liked his speech and my impression on Ron’s character is changing. It helps when he has a good script!
  • Fala ‘unexpectedly’ arrives in Hong Kong and stays at Francis’ home (along with Ron and Nancy). I loved how she started grabbing and shaking Francis’ face when she saw him “Sam I missed you!!” It was rather cute. I am finding Fala and Francis extremely cute together. They are so natural together.

TVB Triumph in the Skies II

  • While digging through Francis’ room, Fala comes across a photo of Zoe (Myolie), and realises by fate that she and Zoe had previously met at the airport when Fala missed out on an air ticket to London. Zoe gave Fala her plane ticket to London.

Zoe: “Originally I planned to fly back to see my husband; such a co-incidence that you are planning to go back to see your boyfriend. Maybe us meeting is fate. Even though I can’t make it back, I hope you can.”
Fala: “Why can’t you go back?”
Zoe: “Do you believe in fate?”
Fala: “Err..yea?”
Zoe: “This toy is called Triangel. It’s the fate angel. It will guide/protect the person you love. If you have fate to meet my husband, tell him to please don’t blame himself.”

  • I thought that scene where Fala mistakenly sees Myolie (Summer) in one of her photos and mistaken her as ghost coming back to haunt her was funny lol Fala ended up signing Francis to online dating (without his consent) in hope to help him move on. I felt it was pretty random- He ends up going and being paired up with Kitty Yuen (who was dressed in a cat outfit) ? lols
  • Fala still hasn’t told Francis about her encounter with Zoe yet..I wonder when she will?
  • Skylette Airlines commences on working on Project PPP (Pre-Pilot Project) in hope to recruit, train and sponsor inspired/ambitious young individuals to pursue their dreams of being able to fly. This attracts the attention of Fala (who secretly studies and applies) and Him Law (as Jim Jim) who was some celebrity water sportsman, who hopes to have a career change.
  • Him appears quite down to earth and shy, unlike his usual roles. He was so embarrassed when the fangirls wanted to take pics of him that he hid in the plane toilets. I thought that was quite cute lolol
  • When Francis found out Fala applied for PPP, he was against it, knowing that she was never serious about flying (only wanted to for her ex-boyfriend) and thought she was only playing around.

TVB Triumph in the Skies II

  • During the PPP interview stage, Fala bumps into Chilam for the third time and finds out he was a Captain. She asked him for the answer to the exam question, but he refused to let her cheat. She then asked for some hints in which he answered with: “How are you going to thank me?”

Fala: “You don’t look like a person who would take advantage of people”
Chilam: “I don’t look it, but I am. Hasn’t your mum ever taught you not to judge someone by its cover?” (lols- so funny!)
He then asked her to give him a kiss. After Fala gave him a peck on his cheeks, Chilam said “Thanks” and started walking off! hehee. Fala, who was feeling taken advantage-of demanded for the hint, which he replied “I already gave it to you”. “I hate myself sometimes, why do I have a soft spot for girls – S,T,U,P,I,D”

  • With the help of Chilam’s hint (KISS principle: Keep it Simple Stupid) and Chilam’s reminder to Francis on the initial PPP theme “for those with potential”, they created an additional spot to include Fala in the program.
  • Francis, Chilam and the students fly over to London to commence their training. I looking forward to see how Chilam is as a instructor and what principles he has when he comes to teaching. Fala and Him are the weakest students so far, but I’m sure they will eventually shine and that Fala will eventually fall in love with flying for real.
  • I was actually surprised when Chilam helped Skylette Airline’s PPP when Francis almost stuffed up the relationship with the sponsor. Chilam didn’t brag about it, nor get the credit he deserved for it. He was asked to participate in the PPP and he humbly accepted. This made me like his character even more!
  • Chilam and Francis seem to be getting along quite well in these episodes. I think Chilam will continue to put Francis’ skills at test and will slowly gain respect for him 🙂

TVB Triumph in the Skies II

  • impression of Kenneth’s character has completely changed in these episodes when we see what he does in his personal life! His two-timer character made my eyes roll. I am not impressed with him at all. It is as if his character has a complete 360 degrees change in his personal life compared to his career. He appears quite childish and immature which is not what he appeared to be in the earlier 5 episodes. It is amusing to see what a failure he is, constantly running back and forth between the two girls and being scared for his life. In contrast, everyone knows Chilam has many girls, and he openly sleeps around, yet the girls are still chasing him and dying for his attention. I’m sure I’ll like Ron’s character a lot more than Kenneth! I’m already dreading to see how he will end up having an affair with Elena Kong.
  • As a huge contrast to initial impressions, I’m liking Ron’s character a lot more than Kenneth. I love the chemistry he has with Nancy and his family. He is much more focussed on piloting and undergoing examinations. He seems to have good script which makes his character quite likeable.

TVB Triumph in the Skies II

Other random notes:

  • I wonder what would happen in the remainder 30 episodes? Could this follow through the entire series? Would there be more pilot related storylines, or would the theme become secondary and focus solely on romantic relationships/plots?
  • Myolie’s character seems a bit stiff and robotic. Hopefully she won’t be like this for the entire series.
  • I think it’s quite lame when Myolie’s team members (e.g Adrian) start singing. First time OK, but now I’m starting to cringe….
  • Doesn’t sound like Nancy wants to get married to her boyfriend at all?


17 Responses to “[Triumph in the Skies II] Episode 6-10 Thoughts”

  • Ri says:

    Yay more episode thoughts! 🙂

    See I did say that Ron’s character isn’t too bad right? Hehehe! One of the things I enjoy most about this show is the relationship between Francis, Ron and Coco. So effortless and natural like they’re really one family. Francis is the strict boring one but the younger ones know that he’s actually really caring and so they’re not so much afraid of him as they are respectful of him. Their relationship is so warm, and a lot of fun to watch 🙂

    Kenneth’s storyline makes me cringe so bad. But I guess in a way he’s pulling it off? I like Elena Kong but I still can’t take to her pairing with Kenneth, which is inevitable really. Same goes for Holiday really. I mean, Fala is serviceable and maybe even pretty good in her role but I still can’t see her with Francis or Chilam and not think of them as siblings >.<

    Chilam continues to be so fun and cheeky yet also endearing when he tries to reach out to his sister. His interactions with his "Robin" are also very natural and fun to watch 🙂 The thing about having an actor like Chilam take on such a role is he effortlessly switches from cheeky playboy to disciplined military man, which in a lessor actor's hand may seem clunky and unbelievable. Speaking of which – I get that Ha Sun is suppose to be cool and yet a bit awkward but unfortunately Myolie hasn't reached that believable stage yet 🙁 She's still in that I'M ACTING phase which hopefully eases up a bit as the show goes on!

    • KTVB says:

      I totally agree with you 🙂

      Yeah the age gap looks kind of weird. And Elena Kong having an affair (potentially?) with Kenneth reminded me of her affair with Ron in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles XD But Ron was completely horrible in SSSS, but that’s another story.

      That’s right- Chilam could, but Kenneth can’t lol

      yea Myolie’s acting doesn’t seem very natural here. Hopefully it’ll improve in the later episodes

  • Chibi says:

    yaay, nice write and screen caps! Keep it up K! 😀

  • Cecilia says:

    I am enjoying this so far. I’ve just watched episode 14 and it was heartbreaking to see Sam not being able to tell Zoe/ Ha San what he wanted to say. I guess that he did have regrets and that Holiday has the correct version of how she died.

    Does anyone know who sings the sub theme at the end of this episode? Not the Raymond Lam one, it’s sung by a woman and sounds a lot like Sammi Cheng but it’s not, surname is Lam going by the credits. Thanks.

  • Madeline says:

    Adding on to your thought about Ron, I feel like his character changed and certainly matured. After all it’s been 10 years, he’s starting to become more like his brother in the series but it’s nice that he can still act like a kid by heart 🙂 I absolutely agree on how Ron is becoming more likable 😀 Back in the first series, Ron was pretty immature like his usual roles, this time I’m starting to see him differently.

    I think this show has gave Captain Cool quite a huge promotion. He will definitely be a shoe in for TVB favorite male and possibly nominated for TVB best actor? hahah who knows?

    My thoughts on Kenneth..hmm back in the first series his character was pretty innocent and young. He was the kind of guy with low confidence (bc his family were all drivers) but pretty friendly and innocent. Now, in this series, I feel like they totally changed his whole personality around o.O. I guess that’s what 10 years of life does to you lool. But seriously, I don’t really approve of his playboy character, it just doesn’t seem right…

    Fala’s acting is pretty natural to me. I think she’s likable and at the same time I feel sorry for her bc of her loss but she should learn to get over this Daniel guy. She’ll definitely find new love 😀 *hint hint* 😉

    I also agree with your thoughts on Summer and Jayden’s sibling’s relationship. It seems very interesting. I wonder how will Summer learn to forgive him.

    All in all, I feel like this series is going well. I especially love the scenes between Fala and Jayden! It just seems like they’re teasing each other a lot lool at the acroymns they use. I also like Fala and Francis’s scenes too. It seems like Francis really cares for Fala even though he doesn’t approve much of her decisions.

    • KTVB says:

      I haven’t seen the prequel so I’ve only been commenting in relation to Ron and his more recent series ^^;

      Did they actually mention how long the time gap is between the prequel and sequel? (or do we assume its about 10 years?)

      I guess TVB is kind of relying on Chilam (as well as other casts of course), to bring high ratings to their grand productions since TVB is having a bit of a struggle at the moment.

      I agree! Francis cares a lot about Fala (almost like siblings- lol or maybe its jsut the age gap!)

      • Madeline says:

        We could just assume it’s 10 years besides they all look different comparing from then to now. They don’t refer to the prequel much so I guess you can just watch it as a stand alone drama. Referring back to the prequel, Francis cared a lot about Myolie too because he treats her like a “little sister” (that’s what he said when he told Flora/Bel about what he thinks of Myolie/Zoe). But he didn’t care for the age gap later on and still ended up with Myolie/Zoe. So I guess it can happen again with Francis and Fala. After all, Fala has the triangel just like how Myolie/Zoe had the triangel when she was with Francis so we’ll see 😉

        BTW, I don’t think the directors just suddenly decided to kill off Myolie/Zoe’s character. In the prequel, she had a heart disease so it makes sense that she can’t live in the sequel since heart disease isn’t something that can be cured :\

        I guess it’s a good thing now that ChiLam is getting a lot of attention and recognition this year. I’m starting to like him more and more hahah Captian Cool FTW 😀

  • Heavenly87 says:

    I like ur recap!!!
    But for some reason I don’t think Captain Cool got Summer’s birthday mixed up… I think she’s the one that changed it like she didnt want her surname…
    But that’s just my thought…

    I laughed my ass off in the scenes where summer put the tri-angel back in Holiday’s bag and Holiday seeing her reflection in one of the pictures she took and finds the Tri-angel back in her bag… That was one of the best scenes so far in this series!!!

    As for Captain Cool, I don’t really fully trust him yet for some reason, sometime I feel like his undermining Captain Tong and feels threaten by him… Especially when Captain Tong came back and did his first line test as a returning pilot, Captain Cool purposely asked to fly with them and see the test. I’m just gonna have to wait and watch How Captain Cool’s character unfold and might change my mind about him

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks Heavenly87! ^__^

      I actually thought at first as well ( that Myolie was just denying it and it was actually her birthday) but second thoughts, why would Myolie lie to all her house mates as well (whom celebrated with her last month). Chilam also eventually gave in…because he probably was also convinced/realised he got it wrong, else he would have said something about her changing her birthday.

      That scene was pretty hilarious. Makes me wonder what would have happened if the Triangel when to Summer instead, and that Sam found it from her instead of Holiday.

      • heavenly87 says:

        Yeah I was thinking Summer would have kept it and Sam and Holiday would have seen that she had it together, and there Summer would give it back to Holiday in front of Sam…
        But I still like how they made it funny and freaked Holiday out. I guess that was the motivator in getting Holiday to set up a date for Sam…

        maybe U are right why would some body lie to the all their friends about when their birthday is.

        I do find Myolie’s acting to be really crappy here, she is a try hard here to be “Cool”…

        • KTVB says:

          haha but was the ‘setting up a date for Francis’ actually necessary for storyline purposes? lol It was a bit of a comic relief though.

  • saw says:

    *Episode 16 Spoiler*
    Did anyone know the both English song name in episode 16… when Fala was travelling in the car with captain cool and when she was in the house dancing for captain cool…?????

  • tetsuo says:

    Fala chen is so annoyed in this drama, she can’t act. TVB picked the wrong girl to play Holiday.

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