November 2008

TVB 2009 Calendar!

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January: Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui

Lively and upbeat for a new start- 2009! Bosco and Raymond really remind me of their CDs though lol

February: Lee See Kei, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim,  Kiki Sheung, Nancy Sit

February always seems to go with the red/ traditional outfit theme with the more older actors representing the Month of the Lunar New yea. I can’t say much about them, it just looks like an ordinary group picture…could have been more creative.

March: Charmaine Sheh, Sonjia Kwok, Roger Kwok, Michael Miu

What’s with the two eye drops from Charmaine’s eyes? 0_0? Other than that, this one looks quite decent. Maybe Roger and Michael should have been wearing a suit or something~ more formal to match the ladies.

April: Sunny Chan, Myolie Wu, Joe Ma

I don’t like this head shot one. Very plain…and gives me an unpleasant feeling

May: Kenneth Ma, Yoyo Mung, Selena Li, Shirley Yeung, Chris Lai Lok Yi

80s theme?? It’s different I guess but Shirley just looks so bad ><

June: Steven Ma, Sharon Chan, Kenny Wong, Anna Yau,  Patrick Tang

Everyone looks so happy here that it’s making me smile looking at them ^^

July: Aimee Chan, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Natalie Tong

I quite like this one 😀 The composition is nice with neat matching outfits too ^^

August: Nancy Wu, Koni Lui, Leanne Li, Fala Chen,Tracy Ip, Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Chen, Suki Tsui

Too synchronized for my liking..This one somehow reminds me of the Miss HK one they had last year.

September: Mandy Cho, Michael Tse, Adam Cheng, Christine Ng, Sheren Tang

Adam and Christine are together in the same months again ^^ I really like this calendar too~ very stylish

October: Gallen Lo, Bobby Au Yeung, Bernice Lui, Maggie Siu

The October and November ones seem to be matching, this one having a more casual look. Bernice and Maggie look so nice =D! Bernice looks a bit like Joey Yung here ^^

November: Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Moses Chan

Thumbs up!

December: Liza Wang, Amigo Chui , Matthew Ko, Jason Chan, Benjamin Yuen, Edwin Siu, Stephen Wong

lol! XD Liza seems a little out of place being so much older than the men surrounding her. Love the red and black though.

24 Responses to “TVB 2009 Calendar!”

  • 'Muff says:

    I like…

    March, May, July… yeah. I also like October and Novemeber. I’d say August as well, but they’re all smiling so much. O_O; And I have no idea who Tracey Ip and Yoyo Chen are… O_O So yeah. *is biased*


    March, ’cause Charmaine and Sonija look so pretty <3.
    May, ’cause Kenneth looks like a little boy *points to strap* hanging on a… weird monkey bar thing. xD Despite the un-little kiddish facial expression. x) And Selena looks like a mouse. x)Yoyo’s pretty there.

    July, ’cause of the school uniform style. I dislike bald Ron though. DX

    October and Novemeber look very stylish. ^_^

  • eigna says:

    omg..i want to buy..ahh..

  • ri says:

    this year’s is quite plain compared to last year’s tho. but still. it’s so cool! 😀 any idea where i can get one?

  • kes says:

    WOW… so many nice pictures..
    right now I´m torn between september and october. – very stylish

  • lola says:

    i like jan b/c of the energy! i like july b/c of the simplicity =D and i like the elegancy of nov too!

  • rachel says:

    ehhh…i don’t know if it was because of the year before with the more colorful pictures…but this years pictures look a bit plain…not in a bad way, but the poses just aren’t as ‘fun’ and different i guess but i still like it. it’s simple and nice
    but there are still some months that i don’t like, mostly april though, it’s just…ugly with no creativity or maybe i’m just bias towards myolie since i’ve never liked her, but her neck seems abnormally long and thin…
    but i like all the other months! especially january, july and september, october and december. awesome pictures and colors and just really nice!!

  • kinki says:

    My favourites are November and January. March is good too, it’s just that I found Charmaine and Sonjia’s eyes a bit creepy, lol!

  • Drey says:

    My favourites are Jan, Mar, Jun, Nov.

    Jan: Very happy and lively feeling, good way to start the year.
    Feb: Very plain and simple, but the veterans all look pretty.
    Mar: Don’t care much bout the girls, cos they look creepy with the makeup, but the two guys saved the day. I like them looking away pensively from the camera
    Apr: Worst of the lot. TVb needs to get more creative. This is just plain boring, not to mention…ugly too.
    May:The guys look good, but the girls…ew! Yoyo looks slutty, Selena looks out of place, and lets not even mention Shirley!
    Jun: Again, a very happy feeling. Patrick Tang looks very cheeky and cute.
    Jul: Nice colour combination. Don’t like Ron and his bald head though.
    Aug: Shouldn’t have put Nancy in here…too short.
    Sep: Don’t really like the girls cross-dressing. Speaking of which, they should’ve just put Myolie here.
    Oct: Bernice looks so good, I almost couldn’t recognise her!
    Nov: First class beauties with charismatic men. Two thumbs up!
    Dec: Ewww!!! Lisa…can she please stop trying to act young?

  • cF says:

    Haha I feel like commenting on each month too^^
    My faves are Jan, Oct & Nov.

    Jan: Very vibrant and energetic, though Linda’s arms look a bit weird to me.
    Feb: Fitting well with CNY theme, but Michelle looks out of place. She seems too young to belong there!
    Mar: The girls are sparkly, but that’s all I can compliment them for. Sonija’s make-up makes her look scary and morbid. But Michael is so charming.. as usual XD
    Apr: This one took me by surprise. Myolie’s neck looks so elongated! And seems like she’s really into the metro look lately. Ooh and Sunny looks so much like Ray Lui! I have to look at it twice to make sure it was Sunny and not Ray.
    May: I like the blurred effect done to this shot. Other than that…
    Jun: Doesn’t quite appeal to me, but they do look happy. And Patrick is such a cheeky boy!
    Jul: Love the theme, though Ron’s bald head is starting to get to me.
    Aug: Ahh~ the let’s-plop-all-the-leftover-girls-here month.
    Sept: Hmm I actually quite like the cross-dressing here.
    Oct: One of my faves. Except Maggie’s foot looks a bit awkward, hanging there in mid-air..
    Nov: Simple, elegant, sweet. Once again, Bowie&Gigi. Good thing I’m not sick of them yet XD And I seem to be seeing Moses&Ada pairing heaps lately. Am I missing something?
    Dec: I sorry, but I cringed when I saw this shot. The way Liza leans slightly forward and cocks her head up like a young shy girl in a photoshoot just doesn’t sit well with me. I like how Stephen seems to be leaning away from her^^

  • Rin says:

    Jan, July, & Nov are my favs (: and I want to join in the commenting each month too! xD

    Jan: Yay! I like the jump ^^ and the ppl in it except for Kate…
    Feb: Michelle does look very young for her age! But she looks pretty in the picture.
    Mar: Sonija kinda freaks me out with the way her head is position… besides that the others look good (:
    Apr: Probably my least favorite pic.. it’s kinda creepy and weird… I don’t know why they have them post like that.
    May: I love Kenneth and Chris in that pic! XD
    Jun: Some reason all their noses look the same except for Patrick… lol.
    Jul: They’re sailors so I guess that’s why they look kinda drunk? lol I mean look at their cheeks, they’re pink 😛 & yeah, Ron needs a new hairstyle… or at least some hair first.
    Aug: I want their bodies.. seriously lol. Such nice figures.. jealous~~
    Sept: It’s alright, nothing really bad or really great.
    Oct: Bernice & Maggie look good!
    Nov: Gem Of Life cast! XD hmm the way Ada position her leg towards Moses… is a bit.. lol.
    Dec: LOL! Liza has a bow on her head 0.0 yuup that’s all I’m gonna say ^^;

  • bamboo says:

    if this calander is 2009 it looks like they have gone back in time to the 90s or 80s with their clothes.
    Do people pay money for this calander?

  • Kiki says:

    totally LUV Jan. & Oct. my 2 fave. the rest are ok!
    dont really like April…..too weird. But what bothers me most is Ron’s blad head! [[cry]] why did he hav to shave it?!?!?!?!?!

  • Kiki says:

    btw…Bernice is soooooo beautiful!!! hardly recgonized her!

  • Michelle says:

    I like them all~
    Where can I get the calendar?
    And Bernice really did look like Joey O_o

  • FaNNy says:

    lolz. there is also teardrops on sonija’s eyes too near the parts of the eye near the nose. rofl =P forgot what its called hahaz.

  • Simon says:

    January!! Lam Fung and Linda!!

  • Juice says:

    Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, Moses Chan – November’s combination is superb!

  • Shudduplar says:

    July best,love the white black grey theme,very young.April worst,too near and Myolie looks weird.

  • master Baek says:


    • KTVB says:

      Unfortunately TVB decided to cut back on the spending and not release a TVB calender for 2010…hopefully they’ll go back to making one for 2011 because they seem pretty nice!

  • Fiona says:

    WOOOOOOOO I love the November one. Ada looks soooooo pretty <3 XDDDDDDDDD

  • Jerry says:

    nice TVB scans you have here.

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