November 2012

[TVB 2013 Calendar] Official Release

It has been a while since TVB put together a TVB calendar and since they have been keeping the photoshoots quite low profile this year, I was quite excited when I saw its released a couple of weeks ago. However, it turned out that the pre-release was illegally leaked online. Now that its officially out, here they are!! I always look forward to TVB Calendars because its  a good occasion to see photoshoots of many of the TVB artists together! I think this year’s one was a lot better than the previous one (which was back in 2009), although the photoshoot last year was pretty neat too. Which is your favourite?

Which is your favourite month of 2013 Calendar?

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TVB 2013 Calendar

January: The popular artists of TVB. Bosco, Kate, Linda and Raymond- like back in 2009 calendar , are once again featured in the month of January! They’re still waiting on their chances of taking away Best Actor and Best Actress. Like the TVB Anniversary Nominations list, I’m not sure why Aimee is there..Nice pic though, veyr nice outfits- just not sure why Linda is by herself there (and appears to be the only one smiling)

TVB 2013 Calendar

February- Pretty neat photo- wish the girls and guys were more linked in the picture though. Nice rosey pink for the month of Valentines Day!

TVB 2013 Calendar

March- I’m not too of a huge of a fan of this month. I think the poses seem a bit akward, especially Selena’s. I don’t really likeMandy’s look here that much either.

TVB 2013 Calendar

April- This one is kind of cool and dynamic! Looks like they’re taken out of a computer game!

TVB 2013 Calendar

May- Fitting for their age. They look nice- don’t really have any other comments 🙂

TVB 2013 Calendar

June-Could this be the month of best Supporting Actors? 😀

TVB 2013 Calendar

July- I think Sonjia looks really pretty in this photo! I feel like I haven’t seen her in ages…I can’t quite recognise Rebecca Zhu.

TVB 2013 Calendar

August- This reminds me of the 2009 calendar with all the girls in swim suits. Slightly cramped in the box but I guess that is the effect they’re after.

TVB 2013 Calendar

September- The funny hosts nicely grouped together.

TVB 2013 Calendar

October- Wow..TVB hosts being on the TVB Calendar- that’s different for sure..are they running out of Artists? XD Nice pic nonetheless.

TVB 2013 Calendar

November: Anniversary month!! Featuring past TVB Kings and Queen. Other than Wayne looking a bit stoned there, lovely photo!

TVB 2013 Calendar

December: Feels like a month of random leftovers. At least they all look rally natural and happy in the shot!

6 Responses to “[TVB 2013 Calendar] Official Release”

  • ceci says:

    I will like January if Linda was not there because it looks like she is not involved in others, from the face impression to the position or either pose

  • Teiji says:

    The calendar seems too photoshopped. My favorite one is January, if they take out Linda. She doesn’t seem to fit in there like you said. lol

  • EY says:

    i dont know what is wrong, i dont like the 2013 calendar. the artistes doesnt seem engaged enough. Certain ones look too cramped. TVB seem to be screaming: we want to put in as many people as possible!!

  • Cammie says:

    Nice grouping, but then most pics looked too cramp. There’s too much photoshop and effects going on it makes it look really fake. January, June, and April are my favorite. First one looks sick, but Linda doesn’t seem to fit in. LOL

  • Miki says:

    i wanted to vote for the first one but i saw the process of taking these photos where linda wasn’t left out on the side which i thought looked better. she matches the others better than aimee does

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