November 2006

[TVB 39th Anniversary Awards]

During the Anniversary awards I was studying for my exam; I can now finally post up take some screencaps of the event and some thoughts… What more can I say? Linda Chung getting the Most Improved Female Actress award was expected. There weren’t much surprise since they promoted her a lot this year. I didn’t watch a lot of the series where actors won awards, so I don’t really have much to comment, other than I don’t think Kevin Cheng should have won the Best Actor award, maybe most improved. Other actors probably felt ripped off. How can he possibly the best actor of TVB for the year ? ? =x Should say my congratulations to Charmaine for winning both awards for Maiden’s Vow. Her acting was quite good, and I liked her character in 3rd and 4th generation. At least the series “Maiden’s Vow” didn’t win..cause I didn’t enjoy it very much. I do feel sorry for Myolie though..just…yeh. Esp when Dodo asked her hoe she was feeling and she said “I’m scared I won’t get an award” +_+ I Can’t believe she said it.. I have yet to watch “To Grow with Love” to see. Yay to “La Femme Desperado” ^__^

After winning the Best Series Award at TVB’s 39th Anniversary, “La Femme Desperado” also grabbed the number 1 spot in ratings for all series broadcast in 2006.

Although “Forensic Heroes” had the same ratings as “La Femme Desperado,” the total number of audience tuning in was slightly lower, therefore placing it in second place. However, “Forensic Heroes'” ending pulled in 41 points, superceeding “La Femme Desperado” in its finale broadcast.

News translations credit to: JayneStars

What else was there…oh, I liked the Miss Chinese International 2006 Trailer , which won for the best promotional clip^^ I personally thought it was effective when I saw it on TV earlier in the year. There were 2 performances..one with Kenneth Ma, Kenny Wong, Sharon Luk, Fala Chen, who were dancing and one with Raymond and Ron dancing and singing. The performances were ok I guess..why did they decide to go Indian Dancing though?
Okies..time for some screen shots!


Top 5 Nominated for Most Improved Actress Award: Winner Linda Chung

Top 5 Nominated for Most Improved Actor Award: Winner Kenneth Ma

Kenneth’s reaction was quite funny. It looked like he never expected to get the award and was so shocked and looking around ^^; Like Linda, out of the top 5 nominees he was in a lot more series than the others.He was saying how he was nervous the whole time, no because whether he’ll get an award that night, but because he was going to do a dance performance later. His thank you speech was long, he kept thanking people, and the list went on =)
Top 5 Nominated for Best Supporting Actor Award: Winner Kenny Wong Tak Bun (Dance of Passion)

Top 5 Nominated for Best Supporting Actress Award: Winner Shirley Yeung Si Kei (Always Ready)

Performances: Sharon Luk, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma, Kenny Wong

Top 5 Nominated for My Most Favourite Female character award: Winner Charmaine Sheh (Maiden’s Vow)

Charmaine didn’t look very happy getting the award- she probably wanted th Best Female Actress Award instead lol She didn’t seem surprised either. What I thought was weird was how Dodo was asking Myolie, Gigi , Ada how they felt and how much chance they think they have in getting the Best Actress Award..I mean, what does she want them to say? And Myolie, ended up saying twice how she was scared she’s not going to get an award..
Top 5 Nominated for My Most Favourite Male character award: Winner Steven Ma (Safe Guards)

Performance: Raymond Lam and Ron Ng

Top 5 Nominated for Best Actor award: Winner Kevin Cheng (Under the Canopy of Love)

I thought Liza’s comment on the top 5 nominees were mean, especially saying to Raymond how she did not expect him to get into top 5, neither did the audience (who is she to speak on everyone’s behalf?) That’s slack~ She also commented how Joe Ma has improved this year , how Bowie’s talking in his acting wasn’t good, and how Kevin may get the award because he’s TVB’s son…she may be joking around, but I rather her not be so negative.
Top 5 Nominated for Best Actress award: Winner Charmaine Sheh (Maiden’s Vow)

Charmaine was really happy here lol It was like, immediately bursting in tears~ she really wanted this award over the other one I guess ^^;

Charmaine’s sentimental Speech: “I thought that after receiving the Most Favorite Female Character Award, I would not get another award tonight. I really thought that I would never receive the Best Actress Award. When I started in the industry, critics said I had a chicken voice and that I didn’t know how to act. I am very happy to receive this award today. I did not disappoint my family and those who have always supported me!”

Translations Credits to: JayneStars

5 Responses to “[TVB 39th Anniversary Awards]”

  • Barbie says:

    Hi, I’ve never posted in this box thing before but I’ve visited a few times before. Anway, I wanted to say thanks for the screencaps and Myolie looks great w/ short hair!

  • alicechen says:

    Yep, Charmaine doesn’t seem happy receiving the 1st award but she was mega happy when winning the Second one. I guess it’s normal since The best Actress Award is a big recognition right? Every actress will cry winning it. Kenneth’s look was absolutely cute! Very nervous about something other than the award. Funny. 😛

  • ibaby says:

    i didn’t like the way the awards were presented this year it was so boring especially DooDoo jea hosting it . so boring & short i liked the old way better. i didn’t like that kevin cheng was nominated best actor. i didn’t watch under the canopy of love but from yummy yummy he doesn’t seem like a very good actor, still a nooby . i dont know what liza meant that he was tvb’s “real son”. is he like the son of the dude who made tvb or something so confusing. im glad that charmaine received both awards :] she did do great in maidens vow & also in glittering days she was good.

  • ibaby says:

    oh yah is la femme desperado in chinese well canto lui yen mm ye jo

  • KTVB says:

    I haven’t watched the previous years anniversary awards before so not quite sure how they usually do it.They did separate the celebration into a few parts though.

    And Yup! La femme Desperado = lui yen mm ye jo

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