November 2007

TVB 40th Anniversary Info

Following details are for TVBJ Satelite Australia only.

All Singers For TVB Anniversary Special 2007(Live)
November 3 Saturday 11:30pm

A hundred or so singers altogether for a single TV show, namely the All Singers For TVB Anniversary Special. As in the past, the singers will be divided into two teams according to their genders and engage in rounds after rounds of exciting competitions. See which of them will outdo the other under the superstar’s power leadership.

TV Awards Presentation 2007

November 17 Saturday 11:30pm

TVB supporters must know it, that November is when TVB’s anniversary falls on, and that November is when they look most forward to. This year, November will be continuous to keep holding the annual TV Awards Presentation as attractive as the event of its own.

Known as the Emmy Awards of the East, the authoritative TV Awards Presentation is both exciting and entertaining. It is for sure that TVB artistes will all present in the Presentation, and the nominees will be just as nervous as their fans. Tune in to see if the actors and actresses you like most will stand out from the crowd.

TVB 40th Anniversary Gala (Live)
November 19 Monday 11:30pm

19 November proudly marks the 40th anniversary of TVB, the world’s largest producer and distributor of Chinese-language programmes. As in the past, TVB will bring to its worldwide audience a particularly attractive line-up in November as a celebration of its birthday. And when it comes to the evening of 19th, artistes and singers will join hand in producing the TVB 40th Anniversary Gala, a programme every TVB supporter is looking forward to and no TVB audience can afford to miss.

Source: TVB.com.au

6 Responses to “TVB 40th Anniversary Info”

  • kinki says:

    Hi all,

    Who’s your favourites for this year’s TVB Awards Presentation?

    Mines’ are Moses Chan and Bernice Liu.

    I think Moses really deserves it after all these years, esp. this year with Heart of Greed! How could he not win!!

    As for Bernice, I just think that she should get an award (i guess, maybe not the Best Female award yet), but at least AN award. ‘Cause I think she should have won the Most Improved one 2 years ago (instead of Niki Chow).

    In addition, it would be very cute for them to both get an award together this year (good timing).

    = a good gag for TVB as well!

  • KTVB says:

    I think Moses deserves the award for Best Actor…(although I do have a few favourites) I loved both his acting in Heart of Greed and The Ultimate Crime Fighter ~ I’m surprises he hasn’t won any awards before (correct me if I’m wrong) , and this year he really stood out. Besides, he definitely beats Kevin Cheng winning it last year (that wasn’t well deserved at all..)

    A more comprehensive list of favourites for the Awards are posted here ^^:


  • kinki says:

    Ya, I thought Moses was gonna win last year too!!
    He definitely deserves it this year (100%)!!

    I think Moses won the Most Improved Actor in 2002 for “Where the Legend begins” before. But that’s all.

    So really really hope he finally gets it this year! Go Moses! hehe!

    And thanks for the link, KTVB! ^0^

  • Carmen says:

    heard that the gala is really interesting. gosh, hope someone uploads them.

  • janice poon says:

    i will always love u……

  • jenny says:

    where can i download the full gala… i’m trying the collect the anniversary galas, and i heard this was a good one soooo plezz anyone help me find a FREE FULL SAFE download of this GALA!!??? Thxx and appreciated soooo much!!! Rock On TVB…always luvvv u!! thxx KTVB too!!

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