October 2010

[TVB 43rd Anniversary] Lighting Ceremony

I finally had the chance to sit down and watch the TVB 43rd Lighting Ceremony- marking TVB entering into the Anniversary celebration period 🙂 I was hoping they would reveal the nominations for this year but they haven’t yet. I enjoyed seeing Wayne and Sheren standing at the front row and get some of their well deserved spotlight (Yes! I have started watching No Regrets already and I LOVE IT! but I’ll save that for another post) They were the two I was focusing on through the show 🙂

TVB 43rd Lighting Ceremony

There weren’t much in the Lighting Ceremony…I thought the performances and singing from The Voice 2 contestants were just average… I also thought it was kinda inappropriate to have Maglam (Winner of The Voice 2) stand on the front row with the other TVB Artists as well..how did she get her status all the way there…?

The interesting bits were the interviews with the cast from “Gun Metal Grey” (with Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan) and Rosy Business 2- No Regrets! They showed a few clips from the series- making me feel pretty excited 🙂 Jessica was in her ancient costume (I think for her new series with Myolie) but they didn’t have anything for it-which made me wonder if there was supposed to be something they cut out or if they just came straight from filming XD

The other weird thing was Wayne sang the themesong to Rosy Business (originally sung by Ron Ng). I wonder if this is one-off performance or if its the sub.I hope it’s a one off thing. Just feels kinda weird to have the exact song for the indirect-sequel ^^;

P.s: Themesong for Gun Metal Grey sounds so cool…!!

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  • Ri says:

    I thought it was weird that Myolie and Jessica came in their ancient costume but nothing was mentioned abt the drama! I also concluded that they had just come from filming 😛

    I think the actual theme song for No Regrets by Leo Ku is SO GOOD. it sounds so EPIC and befitting for what looks to be a really epic show! Can’t wait to hear your thought on the show! 🙂

    ..and is it me or are the contestants from The Voice not really that good?

    • Chibi says:

      Not just you…I thought the contestants were all so average :/

    • KTVB says:

      yea..I don’t think the contestants are that great either…By the way, does anyone know about this “Super 4” group who sang the themesong to Gum Metal Grey? I haven’t even heard of them before so I’m suspecting they’re previous contestants from the Voice or something..?

    • bonnie says:

      You the thing is they can sing though, think about how many people that can’t. A lot have improved by a lot now anyway, they all really started with singing as an interest so they didn’t know too much anyway 🙂

  • kinki says:

    Anticipate both series. Wayne Lai should definitely focus on acting; his performance made Ron Ng’s version of that song sound so awesome! lol~ 😛

    “Gun Metal Grey” seems more interesting now then before for me. I really thought that TVB would have used “Can’t Buy Me Love” as the other anniversary series. But I guess maybe they didn’t want to have the exact effects/news from last year.

    And it’s definitely weird to have Mag Lam stand in the first row! Even Jessica Hsuan’s in the 2nd row!!! I wonder who actually plan the standings?

    I think The Voice I & II guys are driving TVB fans/watchers nuts! They are EVERYWHERE! TVB is just waaay over promoting them. I guess there are too many of them too.

    • Chibi says:

      haha don’t worry.. I’m sure they’re not pushing Wayne to go into singing, he was probably just told to sing it as a performance 🙂 Love watching Wayne and Sheren!

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t ‘Can’t Be Me Love’ a grand production? With CBML given so much promotion it almost feels like Gun Metal Grey is being ripped off…then again I’m not sure when it airs so hopefully there would be more news. Totally LOVING No Regrets though, hehehe!

      In regards to Maglam.. well, I don’t like her XD I don’t like her voice and don’t think she should get so much special treatment. Standing on the front line seems a bit of a queue jumping to me, since the ones on the front row are supposed to have the most value in the company…

      • KTVB says:

        Gun Metal Grey is going to air on 1 November 2010 🙂 Yeah I didn’t know Gun Metal Grey was a Grand production..and only started to know a bit more about it from the lighting series. I’m excited to see Michael and Jessica again hehe- and Felix of course.

        I heard Mag is bringing a lot of income to TVB at the moment..

      • kinki says:

        Actually, I dun really know how to categorize the series either. 😛 To me, grand productions are series with huge casts +/ budget (like ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’) and anniversary series are the 2 series airing during the anniversary month/period (like ‘No Regrets’ & ‘Gun Metal Grey’. That’s how I define the terms. lol~

        I dun dislike MagLam but TVB’s over promoting of her will definitely ‘harm’ her. But I guess they dun really care if she can earn big $$ (like KTVB said)!

    • KTVB says:

      haha yea…I couldn’t help but think Ron sounded so much better lol It was nice that Wayne gave it a shot for the series and made a performance regardless 😉 I actually thought he was going to sing the themesong, i.e Leo Ku’s version!

      Mmm…I guess they can’t really interview the cast etc anymore since the series ended already. Anniversary series are usually those airring during the Anniversary month.

  • summer says:

    this year lighting ceremony is weird,
    Why Myolie and JEssica on ancient costume and they did not even mentioned any abt their series…

    Why Mag Lam can stand at the 1st row ? is it due to Tavia not around to stand , so just simply fit her in, but i don’t feel is her chance yet…

    Then how come Wayne Lai sang RB theme song , tat used to sang by Ron Ng and further No Regrets theme song is not this……

    Over all this yr Lighting Ceremony not interesting to watch…

  • S-tarlight says:

    Can anyone name the title of the songs the voice contestants actually sang? I’m interested to look for the original versions.. but i have no idea what are the song titles .. Thanks!

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