December 2014

[TVB 48th Anniversary] Award Results 2014

Best Series- Line Walker

Best Actor
Roger Kwok (“Black Heart White Soul”)

Best Actress
Charmaine Sheh (“Line Walker”)

Favourite Male Character
Benz Hui (“Line Walker”)

Favourite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh (“Line Walker”)

Most Popular Series Song
越難越愛 (“Line Walker”) – Jinny Ng

Best Supporting Actor
Ram Chiang (“Come On, Cousin”)

Best Supporting Actress
Josie Ho (“Tomorrow Is Another Day”)

Most Improved Male Artiste
Louis Cheung (“Gilded Chopsticks”, “Black Heart White Soul”, “Come On, Cousin”, “The Voice 4”)

Most Improved Female Artiste
Priscilla Wong (“Return of the Silver Tongue”, “Swipe Tap Love”, “The Conquerors”, “Pilgrimage to Football Meccas”, “Chef Minor”)

Best Host
Nancy Sit & Wong Cho Lam (“Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk”)

Best Variety Programme
“Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk”

Best Enrichment Programme
“Guardians of Life”

Best Special Programme
“A Time of Love”

Mainland China Most Popular TVB Series Male Artiste
Bosco Wong

Mainland China Most Popular TVB Series Female Artiste
Charmaine Sheh

Professional Actor Award
Chu Wai Tak, So Yan Chi, Lee Ka Ting, Law Lok Lam & Ram Chiang

Lifetime Achievement Award
Tam Ping Man

2 Responses to “[TVB 48th Anniversary] Award Results 2014”

  • KTVB says:

    I finally got the chance to watch this last night!

    I felt this year’s award ceremony wasn’t as exciting as previous years. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been too impressed with a lot of series this year.

    I liked the new “Themesong” category award and how each of the top 3 of these categories (Alfred Hui, Fred Cheng, and Jinny Ng) sang ab it of each other’s song.

    It also seems like a lot of nominees didn’t attend. I also didn’t like how they didn’t reveal who the top 5 votes for each category.

    I loved seeing the cast of Line Walker all come on stage, and glad Raymond and Michael at least got a mention by their producer (?) when they accepted the Best Series award.

    Super happy for Benz and Roger for their win! Super well deserved. I REALLY wanted Roger to win..esp with the outfit he wore 🙂 SO meaningful! I’m a bit indifferent with Charmaine’s double win as Best Actress and Favourite Character, but I didn’t feel like there was much competition this year.

    I didn’t watch either series with Best Supporting Actor Ram and Actress Josie Ho (first time I’ve ever seen her was through this awards night!) but based on the cheers it sounds like well deserved so congrats to them!

    Congrats also to Most Improved Actor Louis and Priscilla. To this date, I still haven’t seen a single series with Priscilla in it though. As for Louis, I have only seen him in “Black Heart White Soul” and I thought he was great! Loved his character, happy for his win, and loved how he thanked his wife (Kay Tse) in the speech by saying “thank you for letting me see something beautiful every night before I sleep and every morning wen I wake up”!

    I loved Chung King Fai’s speech for Best Series how he tried to incorporate as many series names as he could, and how he deliberately (?) said the winner had 3 words in its name..when it had 4. Well, that was slightly odd.

    I feel it’s always nice when they try interview different people, give everyone a little bit of spotlight. I quite liked Liza’s commentary about the actors and actresses, giving almost all round specific compliments to the nominees and their hard efforts (e.g Kate, Linda). Her comment about Tavia’s proposal was hilarious..loved how she told her to do what she feels is right and not to fear she won’t be TV Queen if she gets married, cos Liza herself has married twice and still a TV queen!

  • ac says:

    im glad apostle walker won and i like the theme song even if i dont undstand canto songs maybe because of formal language.I thought yan and kobe performance was not bad.didnt know benz was an uc about 2/3 through the show.
    good to c Ah Wong win another award.

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