June 2008

TVB Artists in Cosplay

Being interested in Japanese cosplays, I found it quite interesting to see TVB artists cosplay for promotional events too =) Judging from the ones I’ve seen though, there doesn’t seem to be that many and they seem more like models/Miss Hong Kongs rather than picked from TVB Artists lol, but it’s still cool anyway!

This is the most recent one I’ve noticed:

Koni Lui & Tracy Ip Appear As Cosplay Ninjas

Koni Lui (呂慧儀) and Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) attend a promotional event for Xbox game Ninja Gaiden II, 30 May 2008, Hong Kong. The ladies drew quite a crowd in their sexy outfits.

It’s Long Leg Crab (2nd Runnerup in Miss HK 2006) yay for her! lol And Tracey Ip (Miss HK 2005)~ two whom are quite pretty and which I quite like so I hope to see more of them in TVB series. I will remember Koni for her awesome character inCatch Me Now’ and her pretty decent acting considering it was her first TVB acting role. I’m glad they gave her the bigger role compared to Aimee Chan^^

As for Tracey, I only recall her small role in ‘Heart of Greed’ as the girl Moses was seeing.

After seeing this news, I went to search around the web to see if there were other cosplays but I didn’t have much luck! Here are two more from previous years..would be good if you can share some that you know about =)

Sharon Luk And Tracy Ip In Cosplay

Sharon Luk (陸詩韻) and Tracy Ip (葉� � ) appear in their Cosplay outfits at a promotional event for a computer game, 18 August 2007, Shatin Centre, Hong Kong. The ladies helped to judge a children’s Cosplay parade and attracted quite a crowd of onlookers with their outfits.

It’s Tracey Ip again, but this time with Sharon Luk (Miss Hong Kong 2005 First Runner up). I don’t feel much for Sharon as I only saw her in a small little role in ‘Survivors Law 2’, acting as the Vice Principal..

Ella Koon Appears In Sexy Cosplay Outfit

Ella Koon (官恩娜) and Japanese model 木村乃 appear in Cosplay outfits during a promotion for Xbox game Lost Odyssey, 16 January 2008, Hong Kong. This was Ella’s first outing into the Cosplay world and she found it fun, if a little uncomfortable.

Finally, Ella Koon who has been in ‘Revolving Doors of Vengeance’ and ‘Survivor’s Law 2’. I don’t feel much for her though but the costumes look great =)

**All of the above images and captions are from Batgwa.com and credits to Tungstar.

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