November 2007

TVB’s 40th Anniversary Awards 2007

Last night I stayed up to watch the TV Awards Presentation 2007 live, which was showing on TVBJ Australia from 11:30pm-1:30am which left me quite tired this morning XD I was a bit disappointed with some of the results because some of the ones I had hoped to win, didn’t win, but most were nominated at top 5 which leaves me quite happy as I cheered for them when I heard their names being announced XD (e.g Dayo Wong being nominated in Men Don’t Cry!!)

The presentation this year didn’t have any performances (other than Eason singing at the start) but that’s ok I guess, considering I just wanted to wait for the announcement of results! i liked the first part of the show where the artists were all arriving and each were introduced~ it as cool. okies..onto the results!

Best Actor

Top 5: Bobby AuYeung, Raymond Lam, Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Damien Lau
Winner: Moses Chan (Heart of Greed)

Yup, Moses won two awards, just like Charmaine did last year. Congratulations to him! He was pretty much expecting the award ^^; (as he said in his speech) I still think that its already heaps awesome if they one won award, would have been nice to give the second award to someone else. I would have liked Bobby to have won some kind of award this year though, but it was funny he kept getting mentioned throughout the show XD I’m really starting to like seeing Moses around and he really stood out in Heart of Greed.
Best Actress

Top 5: Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Susanna Kwan, Louise Lee, Sheren Tang
Winner: Louise Lee/ Lee Sei Kei (Heart of Greed)
A well-expected deserving award though I would have thought “My Favourite Female Character” suited her more. Congratulations Sei Kei-jie! I think her speech was a bit extreme though, saying it would be her biggest sadness/regret if she didn’t win the award..

My Most Favourite Male Character

Top 5: Moses Chan, Ha Yu, Raymond Lam, Bobby Au Yeung, Dayo Wong
Winner: Moses Chan (Heart of Greed)
Really hoped Dayo would win this award, but I knew he wasn’t going to get it because of the HK audience, but I was really really happy he got in Top 5! ^^ Bobby was nominated for his role in Fathers and Sons, but i preferred his role in Dicey Business. Raymond’s Alfred character was so loved by the audience and I thought he would get a high chance of winning it..but I guess Moses’ Dak Dak Dei is still the one that wins them all..
My Most Favourite Female Character

Top 5: Charmaine Sheh, Susanna Kwan, Louise Lee, Linda Chung, Gigi Lai
Winner: Susanna Kwan (Heart of Greed)

Congratulations to Susanna! I think she deserves an award though again the category sounds a bit mixed up to me. How can her ‘Sai Kai’ character be the most favourite female character ?? XD How can her character be likable? ^^;

Best Supporting Actor

Top 5: Paul Chun, Benz Hui, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, Ng Wai Kwok
Winner: Louis Yuen (Heart of Greed)
Another Heart of Greed winner..out of the top 5, I wanted either Benz Hui or Ng Wai Kwok to win this award. I believe they were better supporting actors and didn’t find Louis that outstanding.
Best Supporting Actress

Top 5: Leila Tong, Florence Kwok, Gigi Wong, Mary Hon, Fala Chen
Winner: Fala Chen (Steps)
Yay for Fala! I’m quite happy that she won an award! (and that was Gigi Wong didn’t win it….XD) Still, i would think Florence or Mary deserved the award instead since Fala is still..improving.
Most Improved Actor

Top 5: Amigo Chui, Wong Yi Hing, Wong Cho Lam, Stephen Huynh, Chris Lai,
Winner: Amigo ChuiVery strange and unexpecting. I don’t think Amigo’s an actor (haven’t seen him in any series, but he has hosted some shows) so I was scratching my head when I saw him on the nominees thinking ‘Is this really the Most Improved Actor Award?’ Then I saw all the variety shows he’s been in~ I still think its very odd, like they put him in the wrong category. Oh wells, congratulations to him! XD I was expecting and hoping that Chris Lok Yi would win the award though, so I was a bit disappointed with the results.
Most Improved Actress

Top 5: Natalie Tong, Kate Tsui, Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Toby Leung
Winner: Kate Tsui (On the First Beat, Steps)
I was disappointed with Kate winning the award. I was really hoping Bernice or Fala to take the award. I guess I just haven’t come around to accepting Kate’s acting yet, though Kate is definitely improved more than Toby. Actually, I prefer Sharon being nominated instead of Toby.
The following 2 are special awards that haven’t been presented in previous years.

Mainland Viewer’s favourite TVB Actor
Top 5: Bosco Wong, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Bobby AuYeung
Winner: Raymond LamYay for Raymond! Seems a lot like a popularity contest though ^^; I’m glad Raymond did end up win an award this year!

Mainland Viewer’s favourite TVB Actress
Top 5: Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung, Liza Wang, Jessica Hsuan
Winner: Gigi Lai

Gigi looks so sleepy and tired when she was up there making a speech. It was either that or she didn’t sound all that enthusiastic about the award ^^;

Best Series Award

Top 3: Heart of Greed, Dicey Business, The Family Link
Winner: Heart of GreedCongratulations to the Heart of Greed Cast! Everyone pretty much knew Heart of Greed was going to win this award so it wasn’t unexpecting. I was really happy that Dicey Business got in top 3. I think deep down,I wanted Dicey Business to this award though..

Best Host

Top 5: Lydia Shum, Sammy Leung+Miriam Yeung, Gigi Wong, Di Na, Harlem Yu+Patrick Tang
Winner: Harlem Yu + Patrick Tang (Foodie 2 Shoes)
I liked these two hosts as well ^^ They’re great hosts for Foodie 2 Shoes!
Most Creative program
Top 3: Foodie 2 Shoes, More than Words, I Love U Summer
Winner: Foodie 2 Shoes

Yay for them again! I don’t watch the other two shows so that’s all I can say.
Most Appreciated Value Program
Winner: Ten Years After

Best Variety Show
Top 3: Foodie 2 Shoes, Secrets Of Soup, On the Road
Winner: On the Road (Sr.2)

How come Sammul Chan didn’t get a turn to do a speech?

Best promotional Clip
Winner: The Drive of Life – Intro Chapter

A nice clip though I thought they were going to show the top 3 nominations =( I wanted to see the other clips they were competing against .I wonder if it was a mistake?

Overall Comments?

Most of the awards went to the Heart of Greed Cast..I’m actually quite disappointed that Dicey Business cast or series didn’t win any awards =( Every time Bobby and Jessica appeared I’d be rooting for them! looks like The Drive of Life didn’t do so well either..considering they were not nominated for Best Series or many with nominations with awards.
I’m surprised that Michael Miu , Michelle Yim, Steven Ma didn’t get nominated for anything. Maybe the competition this year was just really high..Speaking of Michael Miu, he didn’t even turn up to the ceremony i wonder why..along with Jessica Hsuan, Gigi Wong, Daimin Lau, Leila Tong, Dayo Wong (they just had a picture of them when the showed the top 5 nominees). It doesn’t seem like Bosco, Ron or Kevin had much luck this year. I’m glad Raymond still got nominations and even won an award ^^ It’s nice this year Dodo didn’t make any rude remarks about Raymond getting nominated in top 5 =)

Screencaptures will be coming another time! Will have to get back to studying for my exams!

35 Responses to “TVB’s 40th Anniversary Awards 2007”

  • anonymous says:

    Kate Tsui’s improved so much compared to other actresses. At least, she’s the only one out of the entire TVB to cast in the movie as a lead actress with Yum Dat Wa in that dectective movie, following people around. Forgot what that movie is called at the moment. In mandarin it is called “Gen Zhong”. She’s awesome in it, so yeah for her WIN!!

  • anomymous says:

    No offence but I think Bernice should have gotten the award for most improved actress. In my opinion Kate’s acting is just not there yet well maybe better than Toby but still. Most improved actor kinda surprised me though. Sorry to Kate’s fans, but it’s just my opinion. Nevertheless, congrats to all the winners!

  • chibi says:

    I was rooting for Dayo ^^ So happy he got nominated for top 5 cause his character Garn Yun Geen rocked. YAY FOR DAYO!!!

    Dicey Business should have got best series.. kinda unfair that Heart of Greed took so many awards for their casts.. considering not only were most of them nominated, best male actor and female, and favourite characters male and female ALL went to HOG cast.

    I believe Kate shouldn’t have won the most improved female because Bernice was better.. I stlll find kate’s acting rather bland and doesn’t stand out.

  • aud says:

    hi K. i had the same opinion about u about the awards. i felt dicey business should have won something. i actually preferred it to HOG man. but what can we do? *sighs

  • Rayfan says:

    I’m glad you mentioned Dicey. I personally think it was a much better quality production than HOG. It also pains me to see Bobby’s hopeful expression the moment they were about to announce the winner.

  • me says:

    im disappointed bernice didnt win most improved 🙁 i dont lyk kate . bernice has improved so much in brink of law & also steps! she so deserved it

  • CaR says:

    kerry! yeah seems a little rigged? tehehe..=P i didn’t realise until you said how Susanna Kwan’s role could be favourite?!…when she was playing a villian! LOL…anyway, i thought “Dai Bao” would win an award, best support or favourite male character

    And what about Bernice Liu and yeah, I thought Lai Lok Yee would be getting the best improved award.
    But congrats to Heart of Greed! I was expecting the series would be getting the majority of awards but nto that many! keke…but everyone did do a good job in that series..can’t wait for next year’s! =D

    Oh and it’s kinda unfair for “Men Don’t Cry” and “Ultimate Crime Fighter” because I think the series was still airing during the voting session..

  • SO HAPPY that Dayo was in the top five! *celebrates again*

    Anyway, like people above me have said, I wanted Dicey Business to get something too, and I also was flabbergasted at the Most Improved Male and Female Actor Awards!!

  • Joey says:

    I really do think Kate do deserve to win the award. I do like Bernice but the most improved award wouldn’t fit her. Maybe the best female actress or most favorite female would fit her categories. Kate do improve a lot from other female actress if it was to be compare for a beginner. I’m very disappointed with the best supported actor. I don’t think Louis Yuen should have win. Maybe Ha Yu or Wayne. Every year TVB try to make the artist they think they need to keep happy. I would think Susanna Kwan and Louise Lee should have switch award. It would fit much better.

  • Jadedreams says:

    Like you, very glad to see Dayo in top 5 spot for favorite character! But then he didn’t arrive at the awards ceremony either. Maybe he knew his chances weren’t high compared with Moses…his character “Duk Duk Dei” seems to be quite iconic, at least in HK audiences’ minds.

    also wanted Ng Wai Kwok and Benz Hui to win over Louis Yuen but oh well, at least everyone was happy since people were cheering and all.

    not too happy with Best Supporting female since I think Florence and Leila were heaps better as supporting, and Most Improved female artiste…disappointed that it was not Bernice…

    but the most disappointment is that HOG sweeps most of the awards. This year, TVB had a lot of good series out, so it was sad a lot of serie didn’t get anything because HOG was so popular or their cast was more favored by TVB.

  • YS says:

    i think i could accept all the winners for the award except for most improved actress. i agree that kate tsui had improved but it just not enough to overcome fala chen. bernice liu not quite impress me because she still not very good in love role. but i prefer her comedy role.
    this is just my opinion. hehe………..
    wait for next year fala chen !!!!

  • kinki says:

    personally..i wasn’t surprised about Kate Tsui winning the Most Improved award (not because she deserve it more than Bernice or anything)..just ‘saw’ that coming from TVB).

    Amigo Chui winning was a bit surprise for me (i guess that’s because i didn’t know he was nominated in the first place! lol

    Thought Fala Chen might have a chance in the Supporting Actress..just didn’t think she’d win..but she DID..

    Heart of Greed is the BIG winner, of cause, and

    Congrats to the big winner Moses!! He deserves it!! Also, sad to note, that it’s another disappointing year for Bernice yet again!

  • Professor Dumbledore says:

    I don’t get why you guys are all complaining that HOG won the Best Series Award. It definitely had the strongest cast and story plot and was the most popular series in Hong Kong for this year and had the highest ratings too (48pts – that’s a LOT). It eraned and RIGHTFULLY DESERVED that win. Dicey Business was good but not as good as HOG. I thought Lok Yi would win something and that Kate Tsui didn’t really deserve a win. Oh well I can accept everything else.

  • summer says:

    KTVB: Over all awards, i oso felt ok and happy to see they get but got 2, i m quite dissapointed lo, the Improved Actor&Actrees,cos i tot, Improve Actor will be Chris Lai & Improved Actress will be Bernice lo.. end up.. haiz.. i would felt Amigo & Kate is not up to tat standard to get tis awards lo.. haiz.. dissapointed,but is happy to see Dak Dak Dei+Dai Kai get the 2 awards lo.. haha..congarat

  • FaNNy says:

    to K: i was disappointed with the supporting actor awards. i would’ve wanted it to be bernice or linda for female instead of kate and benz or chris lai for male.

  • emma says:

    lol i agree benz hui was probably more deserving than louis yuen…louis is a great actor but he didn’t get THAT much attention after HOG

    i don’t anyone expected amigo chui to win most improved award…i’ve seen him host many tvb shows and i haven’t really seen any improvement in his hosting…its the same as usual

  • Roxanne says:

    Haha at least Raymond got an award. =D

  • Jen says:

    Congratulates to the winners!!!

  • chibi says:

    It really depended on the audience of HK viewers, and the shows popularity. Although HOG may have been most popular, I don’t think the story itself was better than Dicey Business. The cast in Dicey Business were also outstanding and it’s just a little sad that HOG shadowed so many other TVB series.. Looks like no one remembers any other series that was aired in 2007 o.o

  • chibi says:

    oh, I also wanted to mention that the series that got aired early 2007 are kinda disadvantaged since people may not remember they liked the series as well back then than series that are aired more recently. I recall Charmine’s character in Glittering Days was actually quite amusing and she portrayed her role quite well too. She did get nominated though so I’m not really complaining, lol.
    But it’s true that most ppl wont remember series theyve watched months ago as well.. but Dicey Business left such a great impression I compared every series with it and really hoped it would get best series. Come on, no awards for any cast either? o.o

  • Rochelle says:

    TVB Anniversary

    Congratulates Raymond!!!

    Back-to-Back in the Best series

    LFD & HOG

  • AM_092 says:

    Thanks for the insight!
    Can someone please shave Kate’s eyebrows?

  • katey says:

    Yeah I like Dicey Business, too bad it was aired so early that its impact was not as longlasting and powerful as Heart of Greed.

  • KB says:

    Best Actor Award: Moses did an excellent job portraying his role, so I’m happy that he won, but I sort of wanted Bobby to win for his role in Dicey Business.

    Best Actress: i strongly believe Lee Sei Kei deserve this award, but I also think Susanna Kwan should have won this award, instead of the The Most Favourite Female Character.

    The Most Favourite Male Character: Definitely Moses’ character “Duck Duck Dai” should and did won! But it is a bit unfair that Moses won 2 awards…

    Best Supporting Actor: Congrats to Louis Yuen for winning, but Benz Hui deserved it more for his role in Dicey Business.

    Most Improved Actress: yea, Kate should not have won the award. I say Bernice should have. Actually when she first appear at the beginning, I could NOT even recognize HER!

    Mainland Viewer’s favourite TVB Actor: I’m SO HAPPY that Ray won this award, though he didn’t look overly happy about winning it.

    Best Series Award: It was either Heart of Greed or Dicey Business for me. HOG won, but I wish they could have both won.

  • triumph says:

    it was Liza who made rude comment to Raymond, not Dodo 🙂

  • 2love4ever says:

    tavia and bosco soo cute together in the heart of greed picture…but linda didnt look so pretty…no offense but she looked umm..kinda old..and out of place.

  • JJL says:

    man i must say Heart of Greed pretty much pwned the award ceremony even drive of your life was no match, i must say the guy from heart of greed who won best supporting actor deserved it and i loved how he brought out the long script out and said it was bobbys speech. man Fei Jie looks so old when shes skinny kinda sad to see her in a wheelchair at the ceremony i mean when she was fat she looked so happy her laughter lighted up many award ceremonys

  • Aeris says:

    K- I was disappointed with the winners list too. I don’t want to believe Fala won, lol. It’s like a slap in the face for all those veterans.

  • xen says:

    well but i read a magazine tat says Fala was being arrogant and while winning tat award she said : Does not mean u were here longer u can win the award .” Ouch .

  • joyce says:

    yea. i read that on magazine too saying fala chen was being arrogant. i dun really like her.

  • AnQi says:

    i don’t really like Gigi Lai that much! i think that Charmaine Sheh or Shirley Yeung may win that award! I don’t think she she dserve that award! Don’t mind me! the fans of Gigi

  • shuyo says:

    i relly want bosco wong to win those but raydmon till good but i don’t like him alot those lol

  • sugar says:

    yay everyones (well nearly) wanted dayo to get in the top 5. i didnt know he got into the top 5 when i was watching it, must of missed it haha.

    seems ages now since the awards. 🙂

  • justpicker says:


    may i know where can i watch TVB 40th Awards?
    In clear and good quality 🙂

    or anywhere that i can download?

    thanks =DDD

  • Vivian says:

    I just want to ask ! Why don’t you have the dvd of tvb anniversary website for those who miss the chance to watch could buy it for their home entertainment ?

    I am one of the person who always like to have those kind of dvd entertainment home ..and I also looking for the tvb’s 40th anniversary award ceremony dvd for myself if you have any of those please contact me at my email : mivianan@yahoo.com

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