February 2008

[Wars of In-Laws 2] Episode 19

Bosco telling Vivien to stop going against Elva

Kyle(Bosco): I thought you wouldn’t come.
Athena(Vivien): Why wouldn’t I? I want to see how you are going to beg me, to let go of your mum and wife.
Kyle: The one you’re angry at is me, don’t do anything to Elva. Don’t involve innocent people.
Athena: You actually care about how others feel? I thought you were heartless.
Kyle: I’m the one who made you upset, but I hope you can separate your private life with work matters, don’t make it tough for Elva workers.
Athena: I am going to make it tough for them, what about it? Is it because of Chow Lai Man (Myolie) that you’re unhappy?

Kyle: Even if we can’t become lovers, we can still be good friends, right?
Athena: I don’t want to be good friends! *hugs onto Bosco* Kyle, let’s start all over. I’ll listen to you, I won’t go against Chow Lai Man. *Bosco moves her away from him*
Kyle: I’m sorry. I know very clearly who is the one I love. I don’t want to use love to beg you. That’s not going to benefit anyone. *Vivien pushes his arm away*

Athena: What part of me can’t compare with Chow Lai Man!? I’ve given out everything more than her! I’ve always been the victim! Why do you have to choose her and not me!?
Kyle: Love isn’t an investment, you can’t talk about returns. When you hurt someone, you’re also hurting yourself.
Athena: You shut up! I really hate how you are now! Even after breaking up, you have to pretend to be a good person to comfort me! You think you’re so significant? I’m telling you, there’s no way I’m going to stop! I’m gonna let you see how I’m going to make Elva collapse. I want you to see how the women you love most, your wife, your mum get hurt!


Bosco looking over Myolie from a Distance

Bosco watches Myolie from a distance as she leaves work and she gets on a bus. Bosco follows her onto the bus and she doesn’t notice him as she was really tired. When Myolie gets woken up by the bus driver, she realises she has passed her stop because she had fell asleep. The Bus driver tells her than a guy has already helped her pay and she realises Bosco’s clothes is put over her to keep her warm. At home, Myolie is holding onto Bosco’s clothes and thinking about him when Vivien calls her.

Vivien and Myolie’s confrontation

Athena: Please stop bothering Kyle.
Myolie: What are you talking about?
Athena: Just don’t bother Kyle anymore!
Myolie: I think you should have already known that we have divorced already.
Athena: He’s always like that. When he’s with you, he thinks of me. When he’s with me, he thinks of you.
Myolie: What are you trying to say? Wake up, are you drunk?
Athena: Kyle is very softhearted. He sees that you’re pitiful, so he feels sorry for you. That’s how he treated me before. Now he is doing the same thing to you.
Myolie: If you keep going on like this, I’ll hang up.
Athena: Us three people, someone needs to make a decision. Since you’re divorced, then please don’t stick between us. You won’t understand. Kyle and I have known each other for a very long time. Our feelings are very deep, you don’t have a chance. Just give up.
Myolie: I think the one who needs to make things clear is you. All the things we’ve been through, you wouldn’t understand. At the end, I’m the one he married, not you.
Athena: But it’s because of me, you two had a divorce.
Myolie: I really don’t understand why you’re making this phone call. If you really have that much confidence, you wouldn’t be wasting time comparing who is more important to him. Wake up, and please don’t bother me anymore. I don’t want to know or care about the things between you two.

The conversation really gets to Myolie and she angrily throws Bosco’s clothes into her wardrobe.


Asking for one more chance…

Myolie is still working late at night at Elva and Bosco goes to find her.
Bosco: Interested in having buffet for midnight snack? I’ve bought Chinese food, Western Food and Japaneses food. Pick yourself.
Myolie is not impressed with him at all.
Myolie: I’m not hungry.
Bosco: Doesn’t matter, we’ll eat it later. Do you remember when you first joined Elva, it was just like tonight where you were working overtime yourself, andIi bought midnight snack for you to eat. After eating, we played rowing the boat.
Myolie: Don’t mention the things in the past. Sorry I’m busy tonight.
Bosco: Doesn’t matter, I’ll accompany you.
Myolie: The one you need to accompany isn’t me, it’s someone else.
Bosco tries to explain that he has already broken up with Athena, but Myolie cuts off his sentence before he could finish.
Bosco: I’ve already-
Myolie: I don’t want to know anything about the things between you and her. I just want to do my work well and fix up Elva. I don’t want to care about anything else.
Bosco: Can’t you really give me one more chance?

Myolie: Stop holding on and dragging things out, being so indecisive, ok? (always having 2nd thoughts) You always change your mind. I felt really hurt, don’t you know?
Bosco: I know what I want. All this time I’ve never been able to put you down-
Myolie: It’s too late! I’ve already put you down(let go of you), can’t you let me go? My wounds have just recovered, I don’t want to get hurt again, I don’t want to be heartbroken! Today you want to be with me, but what about tomorrow? How do I know if you’ll change your mind tomorrow? All this time, have you ever tried one thing, that you were able to do and keep going on with? I really don’t have confidence that I can find happiness with you. If you don’t love me and you’re being nice to me, please leave now. I don’t want to see you! I don’t want to get hurt again, I don’t want to be heartbroken again! Go!

Bosco: Sorry..I didn’t know that my appearance would make you so unhappy. You’re right, I’m unable to give you a sense of security. Maybe you’ll be happier without me. I won’t bother you, work hard..I wish you and Elva success.


The Boxing Match…Ah Man vs Athena!

In the midst of the boxing match:

Athena: So what if you beat me? The worse I can get is an extra bruise, and Kyle can help me put ointment when I get home.

Myolie: You lose. You lose and you can’t put it behind you, but I’ve put down everything.
Athena: It’s not that Kyle doesn’t want me, I didn’t want him first. I’m the one who doesn’t want him so I’ve dumped him back at you!
Myolie: You broke up with Kyle?
Athena: I wouldn’t want that type of guy anyway. Don’t think that now he’s gone back to your side, that you’ve won everything. I’ll tell you, I won’t admit defeat that easily. I’m going to watch you lose everything!

Athena starts sulking as she walks away.


Myolie tries to find Bosco after realising he had left Athena already, but she was too late. Bosco had already left overseas to do volunteer work.

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  • groovy says:

    yay more WOIL2 caps :D. Argh the series got more intense as it goes on. Athena is a b!tch!

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