Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Understanding and Forgiving: The Ex In-laws have their talk

Myolie has dinner with Liza and tells her the bad news about Elva. Liza already knew what had happened.

Liza: Actually, I have nothing to do with Elva anymore, so you don’t have to report anything to me. You haven’t worked at Elva that long either, so you shouldn’t blame yourself too much or feel too upset about it.

Myolie: Don’t you blame me for not doing it so well?
Liza: Actually there are a lot of things that you can’t control. You’ve been able to hang on this far, it’s really good already, it’s not bad.
Myolie becomes touched and becomes teary.
Myolie: It’s the first time you’ve complimented me.
Liza gives her a tissue.
Liza: Are you saying that because you’re grateful to me, or blaming me?
Myolie shakes her head.
Myolie: I really regret that I didn’t get along with you in the past. And now, you’re not my mother in-law anymore. Now even Elva is gone, we’re no longer related…*Myolie starts crying*
Liza: Sometimes, if it hasn’t gone to the last moment, we wouldn’t know.
Myolie: It’s already at the last moment, there’s no turning back. Kyle and I, with you, with Elva, will never have any relationship anymore..
Liza: Why would that be? You are my ex- daughter in-law, and I’m your ex-mother in-law. We’re also ex-boss and ex-employee. And we’re also living in the same city. There’s still a lot of way where we can be related. You really are pale today, you didn’t sleep well last night did you? No, don’t leave tonight. Audrey, prepare her room. Later after you finish your meal, go back to the room, take a shower and rest :) You’ve been working too hard lately.

I loved this part!! A little emotional but I really like Myolie and Liza’s relationship the way it is~

Back in Bosco’s bedroom…Myolie remembers the time when Bosco bought her a pair of golden shoes: a matching couple set.

The Apology-Myolie resigns from her position and announces the end of Elva.

Liza(Ophelia) appears with Joyce (CoCo) and announces in front of the media that she has successfully bought Elva!^__^ Vivien (Athena) had intentions of selling off Elva so Joyce had previously pretended to side with Vivien (Athena), and deliberately breached copyright issues so that Elva’s reputation is damaged. As a result, the buyer no longer wants Elva, and the value of Elva has dropped. This allows Liza to persuade her Vincent (Mark)’s dad to sell her the business. He also finsd out and tells his wife that Athena is actually on their competitor’s side to take down Elva.

Athena loses Mark and his mother’s trust and she angrily confronts Liza and Myolie, saying she underestimated them because she thought their relationship was bad and that she was only up against Myolie. She was also fooled by Joyce and she angry walks off, slipping on an orange peel lol

The T-shit Proposal

Derek had previously yelled at Joyce and slapped her across the face in front of everyone when they found out that she was the “traitor”. Here Derek asks his twins to help ask for forgiveness and then proposes to her! It was pretty cute~ He had “Marry Me” written on the back of the t-shirts, but they stood in the wrong order and then later fixes it. Derek gives a t-shirt for her to wear and Joyce tells him that she didn’t know he had such bad taste , and the shirt was too small. Derek replies, saying that he can change the size for her if he wants, and she tells him there is no need. She tries really hard to fit the shirt through her head XD The family of four walk off together holding hands..on the back of Joyce’s t-shirt reads “yes” hehe~~

The Photo shoot: Elva!

The Dream- Bosco returns home

In Myolie’s dream, Bosco returns home and he apologise for leaving without telling her. He tells her that he completed the house, to show that he can give a sense of security to those who need it, to prove that he can protect her, look after her, and give her happiness. Myolie was so happy to see him, she didn’t care “It doesn’t matter, as long as you’ve come back“. Myolie wakes up calling out for Bosco…

Bosco is Missing..

Myolie receives a call from the place Bosco was volunteering at, saying that a landslide had occurred and Bosco went missing.

Myolie promises Liza that she would find Bosco and bring him back to her.

Myolie goes to find Bosco, in her golden shoes

Myolie helps Bosco wear his pair of Golden Shoes.

The Golden Shoes family. Can Benz catch up?

Bosco and Myolie are happily jogging,wearing their matching golden shoes.
Myolie: The winding blowing towards us sure feels comfortable!
Bosco: The air sure feels fresh!
Myolie: The air in Hong Kong is now getting worse and worse.
Bosco: When I’m with you, industrial areas will turn into a perfume factory.
Myolie: Sweet talking with me? ~ but I like it!

Liza: Wei wei wei, jogging? Why didn’t you guys count me in as well? Do you want to ditch me?
Bosco: Wah, Mum, did you have to be so shiny? (referring to her shoes)
Myolie: It’s even more shinier than our pair.

Liza: Of course! Who I am? I’m O-jie.” O” stands for “Outstanding”, not “Out. How can I not catch up to you two.
Benz appears behind.
Benz: Wait for me!
Myolie: Faan-Sook’s shoes are quite gold too! Mother in-law, you picked them didn’t you?
Liza: He likes following the wind that’s why.
Bosco: So is there a need to actually like, slow down a bit to wait for him?

Liza: No..if he can catch up then, he’ll catch up. If he can’t then, let him be. Accelerate!

Benz notices and he speeds up to chase them! XD

The last shot of them running really looked like they were running on the spot! lol

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  • kelly says:

    thank you for ur WOILS II ending screen cap..

  • Summer says:

    Love tis ending part… love to see C.C And Coco , their love story is pretty sweet and cute ..haha.. the twins is so cute .. haha.. and then, so sweet to see Myolie think bac of Bosco and her b4 they divorce… so sweet lo.. tat part… and is a happy ending.. seeing they go jogging with their cool and “OUTSTANDING” shoes.. haha.. is really sweet and happy.. haha.. love tis series alot…

  • FaNNy says:

    love ur WOIL2 ending screenies!!! =]

  • thanks for the summary of WOIL2 =]

  • chibi says:

    The ending is great, possibly the best part of this series =)

  • ^^ says:

    You are my HERO for posting translations! For some reason, the last episode I was watching had no subtitles, and my Cantonese isn’t quite so good, so I really appreciated your entry!! (: Thank you!

  • MJ says:

    Anybody know the song that plays in the scene with Coco and CC? It goes something like

    Whatever it takes
    you gotta move on
    the coffee is cold
    the party is over

    Much appreciated!

  • cheesecake (: says:

    Hey , thanks so much for uploading. In the part where CC proposes to Coco, the title should be “The T-Shirt Proposal” instead of “T-shit proposal”.

  • xx says:

    Does anyone have the song that MJ is talking about aboveeee? It’s stuck in my head and it’s annoying me hahaha I want that song! Let me know!

  • kotori says:

    hi everyone, the song from the cc and coco proposal scene is called “whatever it takes” by Steve Ennever, Mike Shepstone. 🙂

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    Thanks for doing this blog, really interesting stuff.

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